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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's Dolly and Designer Day :)

So far 2014 is off to a good start for me. I'm starting my second cycle of T25, cleaning out my closet on Ebay, and I've found some pretty spectacular sale and thrifted goodies.

I've been collecting American Girl dolls with my girls for the past few years. I used to scour Craigslist for deals but these days I don't bother, it's whatever I can thrift. Yesterday I took my sister to a store I haven't been to in a while to pick up some shirts for my nephew. Got him four Ralph Lauren, Nautica and J. Crew shirts for less than $25 - and he thought they were new (they were in great shape). My most exciting find was this dolly wheelchair that I scored for less than $3. It's the TRU Journey Girls brand and not American Girl but for that price she didn't care.

Today I stopped into Salvation Army because for some reason I thought it was Wednesday, which is their family day and everything except one color is 50% off. (I get confused sometimes...everyday is Sunday when you don't work a 9-5 job.)

Well even on a Tuesday there are finds to be found :)

American Girl Julie's bed
As soon as I walked in I saw it on the floor unmarked. I grabbed it and played it cool. When I asked how much I was pretty happy with the answer. It was 8 bucks! If you're not familiar with AG, Julie's bed retails for $125 so despite missing the orange canopy, a small pillow and some of the beads are broken, it's still a pretty great deal.

After SA I headed to TJ Maxx to do a couple returns. For some reason it's impossible to walk out of there without a new purchase. They still had a few racks of yellow ticket runway stuff left and I found this beauty - a Marc Jacobs collection skirt for $99. It's a little muppet but there was just something about it. It's fun and the materials are heavy and luxe...and did I mention it fit? The cut is actually pretty slimming and I love the high waist (or at least on short-waisted ole me it's a high waist). However, I'm not sure if I got it just because of the label so I'm still thinking about this piece.


After TJ I stopped at the Nordstrom Rack because they just marked down the women's department the day before. I literally filled up my cart with gorgeous stuff. I edited down and this was my find of the day - Vera Wang black dress 70% off for $82. The more I look at it the more obsessed I become. Photos do not do it justice. It's perfect - and a size 4!!!

Close up of faux leather waist and asymmetrical hem.

I was looking for tops for my SIL and lookie what I found :)

 So I guess it's really the tag that makes it exciting...

Woohoo! Penny find!!!
I actually found a second (also in her size) also for a penny. Love me some Nordstrom Rack!

Grabbed this Monique Lhuillier grey satin dress because it was $10.49. Enough said :)

As long as I was taking pics I figured I'd share a bunch of my recent thrifted finds. When I saw this black satin dress it screamed red carpet to me. I quickly looked up the designer Alex Teih and most of his dresses are $1,500 and upward. It may not fit but a- it will and b- who cares, it's art. Did I mention it was $14.99? Score!

Close up of sculpted bodice
Top is fully boned.

That day I also took home the black braided leather Club Monaco belt for $6. It looks very Bottega Veneta :) The Donna Karan collection green and brown leather belt I picked up on a previous trip for $6 as well. It's nice to have a waist again so I can wear belts.

I'm sure there's more but I hear my kids screaming and not doing their homework so I better check on them LOL.

So lesson of the day - there are bargains in the air, so go hit the stores!

Love always,



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