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Monday, January 20, 2014

My latest obsession - little girls screwback earrings

I was four years old when I had my ears pierced. I have a crazy memory and I still remember the day I was walking down the street with my mom and we passed a jewelry store and she asked me if I wanted to pierce my ears. I was a girly girl so of course I said yes. In the olden days they used these large guns that shot earrings into your ears. Needless to say, it was painful and after the first ear, I wasn't sure I wanted to do the other but I remember thinking I already went through the pain of one ear so I might as well suck it up and do the other. So for over 35 years now, I've had these holes in my ears and I've enjoyed every day of it. They are pretty sensitive so I have a hard time with non-gold earrings but I find I can usually manage with my fake stuff for a few hours at a shot - and I can only sleep in gold or platinum earrings.

I had my girls ears pierced when they were about six months old so they wouldn't remember the pain LOL. That and if you wait even a few more months a baby will be more aware and is more likely to fuss with their new earrings. I should also mention that I hate loosing things. I'm a little obsessive about it too. When something goes missing, I will immediately tear apart my entire house until I find what I'm looking for. I've put a little of my craziness onto my DH and kids - who are now afraid of loosing anything (even a hair clip) because they know it will drive me nuts. So when my older daughter lost her first earring I went into research mode because I said never again. After loosing at least three more pairs I discovered baby screwback earrings. At that point I had a hard time finding 14k gold ones with backs that stay put. After a few eBay failures I found a City neighbor (we've both since left Manhattan) who sold them for pretty reasonable prices. Her online store is Triple Sweet - and the genius is that she sells some of her pairs in a set of three - so you have a spare if you loose one. I found that her screwback earrings stay on for at least 1.5 years without any problems but inevitably at about that point I would forget to check the backs (which obsessive me tries to do weekly) and one would fall out. I'd say my girls have been wearing Triple Sweet earring exclusively for the past 5-6 years and I've been really happy with them.

How cute are these Triple Sweet 18K screwbacks?

14K Triple Sweet dragonfly screwbacks - buy your DDs earrings with a spare!

So maybe I should really say this is my latest re-obsession. Last week my older daughter came home without an earring and I didn't have a spare set (I usually buy an extra just in case but we were already wearing the spares...) so I randomly checked Amazon (love their two day prime shipping!) and when I searched for kids gold earrings I found a seller Lovearing who had some really cute gold plated silver earrings for under $20. I selected one of the cheapest pairs as I wasn't sure if my daughter would have a reaction (never did plated before) but the reviews were pretty good and for $11 I figured why not?

14k gold plated Amethyst baby butterfly earrings from Lovearing on Amazon

When ordering them I was given specific instructions from my daughter - nothing too plain (I wanted to order CZ studs and was vetoed). I surprised her with these and she was VERY happy :)

Quick pic from the pizza shop. Pardon her toothless smile - she just lost her 8th tooth :)

I have to say - it's been over a week and so far so good. No irritation and they came in a cute turquoise box. I actually went ahead and got the white CZ studs too but I gave them to my niece who had lost one of her earrings. I do have to mention that I got the studs in a white metal and even though the Amazon description said gold plated, the card that they came on just said "silver" - so if you need gold for allergy issues be sure to order a pair in the yellow metal. Also - I tried them on and they fit me so they could work for an adult with thin lobes as well :)

Amazon description states they are Rhodium plated (14k white gold plated) but I'm not so sure. Plus it came with a brown box instead of the cute blue one.
Now that my girls are older (4 and 6) I don't mind trying the plated ones from Amazon. My younger daughter is still wearing a cute pair of 14k hearts from Triple Sweet and I hope to not have to replace them anytime soon - but if I have to, at least I have some pretty good options :)

Just my two cents...


  1. DH = Dear Husband.

  2. Was searching for my GF's blog and came across your interesting read. Came to your post about your obsession with screwback earrings for your daughter and had to laugh. I have OCD and when my 6 month lost one of her little diamond studs from her GM, I almost freaked out. Fortunately, a search turned up the earring in her crib, but no butterfly backing. I took them down to a local jewelry store and had them reset with screwbacks! Nothing lost since that cleaver move.

    I think there's nothing cuter than a baby girl with pierced ears. It all started with my friend Sara back in 2010. I took her daughter to get her ears pierced and I was hooked. Found myself actually looking for babies and little girls with earrings. I was ready at six months, but hubby wasn't on board. However, whenever I spotted a cute baby with earrings, I would tell Rick I wanted Sandi to look pretty too. I'm sort of preppy and wear pearl earrings almost everyday. One day, I saw a little baby with pearl studs and she was so precious! That was it for me and I told Rick, Sandi was going to have earrings...period. Finally, he said he would go with me if our ped approved.

    I asked our ped and she encouraged me to go ahead. She gave me a list of ideas for doing it and even recommended Piercing Pagoda due to their level of training and experience with piercing babies and little girls. She said when mommy could care for them was best.

    By this time, he knew I was on a mission and that was that. I took her the next day, had him hold her while I took pictures! She got little pearl studs, of course!

    Now every time I look at Sandi I just smile and think how pretty she looks, especially with the little pearls in each ear. I think it is a girls "right of passage" to have their ears pierced and I am extremely happy I did hers early too. It celebrates their femaleness and femininity.

    If any moms are on the fence whether or not to have their baby's ears pierced, I would be happy to share our ped's suggestions for moms having their daughter's ears pierced with them. Drop me an e-mail.

  3. Thanks for sharing :)

    My ODD's first earrings (after the gold balls she was pierced with) were triplesweet gold flowers with a pearl in the center. I agree that pearls are the perfect first baby earrings. I too loved how sweet and feminine they looked. Let's face it, babies can be a little funny looking and sometimes they need earrings to look like a girl. When she finally lost one I put it away in my jewelry box to keep as a memento. I actually ended up finding the missing one sans back but I have a feeling the post was worn down so I'm not sure another screwback will hold. Going to a jeweler is a good idea.

    I actually wanted my ped to pierce their ears but they didn't do it in their office and told me to go to Claires. I have gotten some flack for doing it to a baby - that it should be their choice but I disagree. At four was I capable of really choosing? (If you knew me as a child some would argue yes because I was born a bossy adult with a definite opinion on everything LOL). I will say that as an adult it's your choice to pierce your child...or not. It's something I wanted for my babies. I knew I would put in the time to care for them and my girls holes have never closed or been infected. Baby piercing been done for centuries - I'm hardly reinventing the wheel here. I do not regret my decision for one second. I'm happy, my girls are happy, and like most parenting decisions - you're not going to please everyone :)

  4. Loved how you save your ODD's first earrings as a keepsake. Maybe now may be a good time to go to a jeweler to see if your daughter's earring can be redone. There is not question little hair challenged babies can easily be mistaken for a boy. Couldn't agree more with about pearls are for little babies and girls. It makes them look so ingenue and in the case of little babies look if not act like little cherubs.

    When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to do it early after I dreamed seeing my baby girl with little earrings soon after birth. but hesitated until my adventure with my GF Sara. My OCD took over after seeing more and more babies and little girls with cute little earrings (especially little pearls), I became one of those mamas who became all googly-eyed over other babies who had pierced ears saying how adorable they were. Like you, I wasn't worried what other moms would think,"...I was going to be one of those moms...who pierced their baby's ears!"

    When I did it, some moms thought it cruel while most moms thought it was adorable and many stopped and asked a 100 questions. All wished they had pierced their daughters as infants too.

    Over Christmas, I went with my sister to have Summer, my niece, ears pierced at age 3. When she got in the store, she said to the clerk, "May I please get my ears pierced?" and proceeded to talk to the clerk quite constantly ;). My siter picked out mini daisy flowers. Unfortunately, when the clerk checked, they were out of those, so Summer picked her second choice, pearls "just like Mommy and Aunt Amy". Does this run in the family or what? They looked absolutely beautiful on her!

    I'm pregnant now and too early to know if it is a girl. However, if I'm having another girl, I won't wait till she is six months, but will try to hold out six days!

  5. Such a funny post! Haha! This is really swell. I can’t blame you for being obsessed with those earrings. They’re simply precious! And you won’t have to worry yourself about them getting lost because they will surely not be able to escape from your kids’ cute ears.

    Dann Hires


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