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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Target toys 70% off!

So it's the day my kids eagerly anticipate 2x a year. This morning Target marked down their clearance toys to 70% off! (Note - this is not all for my kids, I stock up for birthday gifts for my kids and their friends.) Legos and some Barbies were still 50% off but overall I made out like a bandit :)

At 7:45 AM my three kids and I hopped into the car (it's their first day of winter vacation) and off we went. At the first Target they just started to mark down so we grabbed a couple things and hit my other local Target. Jackpot! We filled a cart and then I dropped the kids off at home with DH - and I went to two more stores solo that were 20 minutes out.

I got a lot of duplicates but I tried to show one of each item so you can have an idea of what to look for. Enough talk, here's my stash:

Girly stuff

Arts and crafts

Hot Wheels
Boy stuff

Lego was only 50% off so I took it easy. The big set was $25 and the small was $10.

I've also been watching perfume since I picked up my Jimmy Choo a couple weeks ago for 50% off ($31.50) and today I got lucky and found two DKNYs for 70% off! Be sure to check your local stores perfume cases - markdowns were this past Friday but there may still be some goodies left that the employees didn't swipe. I also remember Gucci Guilty and an Estee Lauder being on markdown - I'm going to see if I can find those too :)

DKNY $11.24, My Jimmy Choo, and body spray for my niece for $2

Amidst my travels I stopped at the Rack and found this UGG care set. I've NEVER seen it marked down before. Got it half price for $12.97 :)

Box was a little beaten up but who cares?

So just a few notes - Target markdowns may have been regional so your local stores may not have marked down yet - or maybe it's tomorrow for you. Get there when they open and if they are scanning you are in luck! Important - they have to scan one of an item for you to get the markdown price so ask the person with the scanning gun to check the price - it may be lower than marked :)

Happy hunting!


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