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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How to Sit Front Row at NYFW.

Happy fall everyone! As always I'm a little behind in sharing my NYFW adventures so I figured I'd make it up to you by creating a series of tips and tricks for navigating the craziness of New York Fashion Week. This look is centered around my Zara 'Optimism as a lifestyle' sweatshirt dress that I picked up for $25.90. I can't tell you how many people stopped me to comment on its' positive message. But the key to sitting in front row (when you're not given a front row seat) is looking like you belong and having a set of really big balls.

For day one (or for my day one, because I decided to skip my first day of shows) I had a marathon of shows, events and parties so I needed to dress comfortably. I grabbed an empty tote to fill up with swag, a pair of pink flats and ran out the door. You know I can't do an all black look so I popped it with my hot pink Moschino bag and my killer Paul Andrew Chrysler heels. And not kidding about killer - they are painful AF but oh so gorgeous. My formula for front row is to collect iconic designer pieces on the cheap (scroll down to see how little I spent!) and mix it up with some fast fashion.

My partner in crime for the day was the lovely Belle, who took all my pics. She is the master of street style and literally had photogs chasing her down EVERY day. She went for color and vintage and completes every look with a smile.

From head to toe:

  • Hat: Rag & Bone, Nordstrom Rack, $18
  • Sunglasses: Jason Wu, Modo sample sale, $20
  • Earrings: Dannijo, sample sale, $20
  • Dress: Zara, $25.90 (still in store now!)
  • Bag: Moschino, Rent the Runway showroom sale, $166 - RV $1,695
  • Ring: Galtiscopo, C/O (from their fashion show swag bag!), RV $193
  • Bracelet: Dannijo, sample sale, $50 (RV $595!)
  • Heels: Paul Andrew Chrysler heels, sample sale, $125 - RV $1,395

Shop my style:

I realized I was holding my hat in every picture, probably because a hat on a windy day is not the best idea. By the end of the day it was in my tote bag too.

But now for my tips for front row. The big deal about front row is that you get better pictures/video because the lighting isn't as good anywhere else. It's also more fun to be able to reach out an touch the models - not that I recommend doing that. Ever. I love the thrill of being up close to fashion. It's a huge rush for me. Plus you're more likely to be remembered if you're sitting in the front. Fashion Week is all about seeing and being seen by brands, PR and other people in the industry. And bonus, front row always gets better swag bags. You know I love me some free stuff!

Getting invited will be a whole other post, so for now let's discuss how to score that front row seat.

Front Row 101

1. Get there early if you don't have an assigned seat. 

When you are given a ticket, it will either have a seat number, indicate priority standing or standing. If you don't have a seat number than you have to be there super early. My first event that day was for the Galtiscopo show. I was given a third row seat and I got there maybe 5 minutes before the show was set to start. Everything always starts late so I knew I'd be ok. I went right inside to find out that Belle had a standing ticket and was still on-line outside. I told her I'd save her a seat inside and sat down in my assigned seat. A couple minutes later I spotted several friends sit down in second row - and then they moved up to first. I quickly grabbed my bag and sat down next to them. The show was so overbooked that regular standing wasn't even allowed inside so sadly Belle got locked out. For any standing seat you really want to be at the front of the line or it almost doesn't pay to go.

2. If you do have an assigned seat (and it's not front row) don't get there too early. 

If you get there too early it's harder to nab front row because PR is watching and you don't want to start a scene with whoever's seat you've appropriated. But get there too late and front row has already been filled in and you've missed your opportunity. Ideally look for empty second row near empty first row seats as soon as you walk in. You have a better shot there. And do not sit too close to celebs - they're gonna notice you don't belong a whole lot quicker.

3. Look for seats near empty front row seats. 

So let's discuss what my friends did right. Turns out they were given priority standing (they didn't even have seats) and went right for primo empty seats. They didn't hesitate which is key. As soon as you walk into any show you have seconds to figure out where you are supposed to sit and where you really want to sit. I should NOT have sat in my assigned seat  - if you do a PR person may notice and then realize you don't really belong in front row. Luckily I didn't have any issues.

4. Look like you belong.

Make sure you are dressed for front row. Pull out your phone. Chat with your seat mates. And do NOT make eye contact with the PR people scurrying around.

5. Don't forget your swag bag! 

Most shows offer bags of goodies for attendees. And yes, if you see an extra left over at the end - be sure to grab it for your friend. I nabbed one for Belle as a consolation prize for getting closed out.

This year I only had one legit front row but managed to sit front row at every show other than one because I hesitated and was escorted to standing. Luckily PR noticed Belle and I and seated us in second row. It was such a crush that we were just happy to sit at that point. There also was the Philipp Plein show which was insanity - but I walked right to the front of the line and got myself in. There were thousands of people who showed up and didn't make it in. I refuse to be locked out. It really is all about confidence. And my big balls.

*Quick disclaimer, not sure this will work on top tier shows like Marc Jacobs or Ralph Lauren because I don't get invited to those...yet.

Speaking of Paul Andrew - his sample sale is back! Unfortunately it's on the upcoming holiday of Succot so I can't go. Ugh. Eddie Borgo is back too and I'll be heading there for lots of $5 damages! A whole bunch of decent sales popped up too but I'm only focusing on super cheap (and chic!)

Eddie Borgo
October 11-13
W 12-6, Th 9-7, F 10-6
204 Elizabeth Street, 2nd Fl

Paul Andrew
October 12-13, 12-7
41 West 58th Street, Suite 2A

Thanks for reading! What other aspects of NYFW would you like to hear about? I plan on doing a general tips as well as a how to get invited guide. If there are any other aspects you'd like to hear about, please comment below!

For all of you celebrating, happy Succot and as always, happy shopping!




  1. Those shoes are EVERYTHING. Still so so obsessed.

    1. They are - just wish they were a little more comfortable!

  2. those heels tho! I'd die!!!
    instagram @grace_njio

  3. Love this chic and edgy look! The logo is perfect and such a great message to share. That pop of pink bag is too cute and love the style. And can we talk about these heels?! So fab! These are excellent tips for nabbing a front row seat or getting a decent seat during the shows. Gotta just be confident and look like you know what you're doing lol. I haven't been to nyfw yet but when I do go now I know how to get great seats. Xoxo, Christine

  4. I love this look and how you mixed it with a high street statement piece! And the pop of pink just adds that perfect wow factor!
    I don’t know why fabulous heels have to be so painful to wear!
    Also your tips on how to sit in the front row is amazing! I wish I could have attended some shows with you!
    Bet they were fabulous!


    1. Thanks Britta! I have some comfortable ones but some of them are killer.

  5. This outfit is everything. Looking so fierce girl! Love all the front row seating tips. Not really sure I understand the don't make eye contact with PR peeps but that's probably cause I've never been haha. Thanks for sharing your experience!


    1. If they notice you don't belong they'll throw you out of the spot - that's why. I saw it happening to other girls - but not me :)

  6. What a chic and creative streetsyle! Love the combo, it looks great on you and that Moschino bag is the perfect complement to enhance it. I was in New York, during Fashion Week and I totally agree with your points, haha!
    You have to feel confident and wait a little bit after jumping into the front but if you have a seat, of course you are more than lucky. You will admire the show, but of course the images are better from the fron row!
    Have a nice day!

    1. I just feel like I'm a part of the experience when I'm in the front - it's so much more than just watching it. It's hard to explain :)

  7. Hey Sweetie,
    Hows you?
    Totally Obsessed with that Black Dress and with the Motto too:)
    100% agree:)
    And The Pink cute bag is so Lovely:)
    Black with Pink such a Good Combination;)
    Ps: those Heels are Killer:)
    Love Kisses
    Happy Sunday
    Open Kloset By Karina

  8. Love your outfit, babe. I try to get to the show earlier, but sometimes it is impossible. I hope I can attend next fashion week season in 2018 and see you again ;)

    1. I hear you - everything runs late. You have to prioritize and focus on your favorites! Hope to see you soon too!

  9. This look is amazing from head to toe. The heels and purse make me want to add them to my closet right now. The heels are so hot. I would love to go to NYFW. I just haven't been there yet, but I hear really great things. Since I have never been I'd love a guide on how to get started in finding shows, where to stay while in NY/ I need all the advice I can get.

    1. Thank you! I'll do a how to get invited guide soon but where to stay is harder for me because I'm local - I stay at home LOL.

  10. I actually can't believe how affordable your outfit is and that statement tee shirt dress and Moschino bag looks so amazing together. You both look so fabulous and I love how you didn't go over the top like so many of the attendees are during fashion weeks!

    Helen xx

    1. Thanks! I always mean to go over the top but I chicken out LOL.

  11. Oh my gosh girl, you do have some big balls!! I think having major confidence and act like you belong in front row is the key. I have yet to attend my first NYFW but would love to in the near future and def going to adopt some of your strategies. Your looks are so stylish for these shows!

    xo Sheree

    1. Thanks! I probably wouldn't have had the guts to try when I was younger but at 40 to adapt a what the heck mentality and just go for it :)

  12. I love this! "Fake it til you make it." I definitely don't think that I have the balls to sit front row, if I wasn't assigned there! Go you, for being able to do so! I love these tips! Especially the no eye contact part. You have this down to a science!

    P.s. I love your Day 1 look!


    1. I've been doing it for a few seasons now and it totally works!

  13. Baaaaabe!!! Those shoes are to die for!!! OMG! I literally need to follow you around to the sales you attend. Ha, ha. Nice tips on the front row nab as well. Great advice. I love how seriously you take the seating. :-)

    You are Belle are looking fab as always.

    J. x

    1. Come shop with me anytime! I like to challenge myself - so I take something small like sitting front row - and master it.

  14. That sounds so fab! NYFW is defo my next stop, because you cannot compare the European fashion and the American one! They are so different.
    Those tips are so great! Ahaha, you're right, the goodie bags are always better on a front row :) I'm always trying to get the best spot to take some really nice shots and video footage. And nothing can be better than a front row.
    Of course with a proper outfit it's way easier! I love that Moschino bag. Black and hot pink is always a great idea!

    Cheers, Eliza |

    1. So funny - Belle keeps telling me we need to hit Paris fashion week next. Not sure I'm ready. NY is so easy because it's right here.

  15. This post is so helpful! Especially if you've never gone! It's 100% accurate too. They also pulled people that looked like they should be front row and put them there because not everyone that is assigned front row seating shows up. They did this numerous times before they let in standing. Myself and the girls sitting next to me were asked to go sit at the very front of the catwalk and first row at one show. That's why dressing to impress really does matter. I'd say the tip about just going in and sitting down in the front is def key because people can notice if you've sat somewhere first! It's great to be seated period but you are so right about sitting in front in general, it's hard to see period depending on who's sitting in front of you. I love your look! Those shoes are killer! Apparently physically too! Then look phenom and I love that you are mixing fast fashion with luxury pieces! Great post!

    Manda |

    1. You don't even have to be the best dressed - you just have to look like you belong. And thanks Manda!

  16. What a fun to read post
    I've always wanted to know how to sit front row and New York fashion week would be a dream and I hope to attend one day.
    I would definitely love to read how to get invited.
    I love the shoes you're wearing and your bright pink bag and that shirt is so much fun you definitely are the queen of bargains and who doesn't love a great deal,
    Natalia k

  17. Lol I also used a few of these tricks to sit front row, even though for some of my shows, I didn't have front row seats. It's definitely a lot easier to trick people if you look confident and like you belong! Those heels you're wearing are definitely killer...and uncomfortable! I learned the hard way about uncomfortable shoes. I wore a pair of uncomfortable booties and ended up with bandaids on almost all my toes...never again!

  18. Absolutely love your look babe!!! You look amazing.
    The tips are so great since getting front row seats must be very hard. When I used t work for Ralph Lauren we only give it to magazine directors and editors. But theres so many brands and designer that are now doing their shows in big venues so you can sit many people at the front even thought its a long cat walk for the models lol


  19. Those pumps are amazing!!

    xo, Jennifer


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