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Thursday, September 28, 2017

I am a supermodel.

My niece recently got married at Marina Del Rey, which has breathtaking views of the Long Island Sound. It presented the perfect opportunity to showcase my new stunning Teri Jon lace dress and some mini wedding style. Glammed it up with my new Jimmy Choo glitter pumps and Edie Parker clutch - both 90% off NYC sample sale scores :) I have to confess I hesitated a little before posting these photos. I've been struggling with body image for most of my adult life, so today I'm sharing some tips and tricks of how I deal when I don't feel right in my own skin - and how you too can stay positive and live your best life.

I knew these shoes were a half size big when I got them but I neeeeeded them. I should probably pad them next time I wear them because my feet keep slipping forward. I know I always tell people not to buy shoes that don't fit or aren't comfortable but sometimes you have to make an exception. And they were cheap and pretty comfortable otherwise.

My dress came with a nude slip but I knew I'd look slimmer in a black slip so I hunted down the perfect knee length one from Victoria's Secret of all places. Yes, I paid retail (gasp!) but it was worth every penny. For reference, I'm wearing a size medium. It's bias cut and so flattering. You need at least one of these slips in your life!

From head to toe:

  • Earrings: AV Max, sample sale, $4 
  • Dress: Teri Jon C/O (RV $680) - I'm wearing a size 8
  • Slip: Victoria's Secret, $50 (I used a gift card that I won so it was $0 OOP)
  • Bag: Edie Parker, sample sale $180 (RV $1,800)
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo, sample sale, $100 (RV $895 - OK so almost 90%)

Recently when I shared the first pic, someone commented on my Insta that they didn't care for my beachy cover-ups, and missed my more tailored looks. Me too. I probably deleted 1,000 pictures before I settled on these full-body ones. Thing is, it's really hard for me to share these pictures because in this spectacular dress (did you see the details??!!) I can't hide the weight I've gained over the past year and a half. If I throw on a loose caftan and heels I feel comfortable, and fashionably camouflaged. I've been trying to mix it up so I'm not so one-note but I have limitations. Just because everyone has the right to wear whatever they want, doesn't always mean they should. I personally try to choose options that flatter. And fitted isn't all that flattering right now on me. I have to confess that I'm almost a little surprised nobody said anything sooner. I'm sure most people noticed I put on some weight, but I don't think most of you realized just how much.

While I'm all for body positivity, I have to be honest and say I do struggle. I think most women do. I am an emotional eater. I stress eat. Sometimes I don't even enjoy what I'm eating, I just eat it anyway. And I eat A LOT. It's actually shocking I'm not 500 lbs. considering the amount of calories I've been putting away these days. I first shared my struggle on a blog post almost two years ago. Thing is, I look at those pictures and wish I looked like that again - and at the time I felt big. For that reason I try to stay positive now. I know I can't blame anyone else - I have to be accountable for my choices. I just take it day by day.

Instead of just sitting around and complaining I decided to do something about it. Again. I recently collaborated with Orange Theory Fitness on Insta and they generously uploaded 30 workouts to my account. And even better, there is a Trader Joe's right next to the location I've been hitting. I can stock up on inexpensive healthy options so I'm not tempted by the junk my husband likes to buy "for the kids." If you haven't tried a Orange Theory workout, they offer 60 minute classes that really push you. They mix it up with interval training - with treadmills, rowers, and floor exercises. And it's different every day. In some ways it's better than the 30 minute Beachbody workouts I do at home because my competitiveness kicks in when I work out with other people. Click here to sign up for a free class - they have locations all over the US and Canada. I've been going 1x week but I think I'm almost ready to step it up 2x week. The first couple times I almost passed out. I think my body went into shock LOL. But every second on that treadmill I think about every Fashion Week look I wanted to wear but couldn't fit - and I keep pushing.

I've long accepted I will never again look as I did 20 years ago. It's just not possible. I don't have to be a 2 again or any specific size or shape for that matter. It's not about the number. It's about feeling good in my skin. I often wonder if I'll ever get there, but I'm gonna keep trying. Until then I'm gonna keep putting on my caftans, tunics and shirt dresses. SORRY NOT SORRY.

If you are struggling too, here are a few quick tips to help you get through the day:

Don't hide. Work with what you've got.

You can be ANY size and look good if you know your body. I used to be more pear shaped so I wore lots of A-line skirts and dresses. Now I'm pretty curvy all over so it's all about balance and proportion. I prefer looser designs that still show I have a shape underneath. Ergo, my summer of caftans. If I wore boxy tunic I'd look like a giant square - and I'd look even bigger. I'm finding knee-length, narrower, rectangular silhouettes work best for me right now. It's all about visually creating as many vertical lines as you can. If you haven't developed an instinct for what will work on you, just look for other style icons with your shape - and steal their style.

Show your skinny.

I like an open neck to show my collarbone (sorry Ma, I know it's not modest...) and I show lots of my skinny arms and legs. A heel or pointed toe will elongate your legs. If you got something good (and everybody has something) then flaunt it!

Find clothing.

There is no such thing as having nothing to wear. Sorry, it's 2017 and you can shop on your phone in your bed at night. H&M, Zara and ASOS all have inexpensive options that look designer. If you hit Target for cereal, just grab a dress or two. Return if it doesn't fit. Repeat as needed. You just need a few versatile go-to options in your size that you can accessorize up or down.

Try to forgive yourself.

That's the great thing about life - even if you mess up or have a bad day, you can just start again tomorrow.

Pretend you are a supermodel.

Some days I'll put on something cute, not look in the mirror, and pretend I'm a supermodel. A little confidence goes a long way. If you believe it, everyone else will too. I've been doing this one for over 20 years now. Fake it till you make it, baby!

And now on to my beautiful minis...

It started with a Nordstrom Rack run during Clear the Rack. Picked up Akiva's shirt and mustache bow tie for $20 and Ella's floral Zunie dress for $11. I tried to track down another dress for Ava but it was sold out company wide. She settled on this thrifted Zoe LTD dress ($15) which she fell in love with. It was a religious/modest affair so they both had to add sleeves with pieces from their closet. And they are both wearing shoes gifted from Nina Kids. Akiva decided last minute he wanted a suit so I paid full price in Zara ($100), but he never asks for anything so how could I say no? Akiva once again took my pictures and selflessly gave up a half hour of buffet time. Trust me, that's a big deal for him. I really have the best kids.

It was actually really bright out so it was hard to find pics where they weren't squinting badly. They complained a bunch but at this point they know how to power through like pros.

It was really the most beautiful affair. They held the ceremony outdoors during sunset at under the Gazebo - which was pretty similar to my wedding a million years ago. The difference is that mine was late October and people still complain about how chilly it was. Seriously.

And now for my weekly sample sale update. Lots going on, but nothing you really need to hit. Between Fashion Week and the Jewish Holidays I've been pretty busy anyway. Save your $$$ for the good ones that should be coming up this Fall :)

With the passing of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, I'd like to wish all of you a happy, sweet new year. May we all find the peace we seek, and may this year hold lots of exciting adventures (and crazy sales) in store for us!

If anything I've shared today struck a cord with you, please feel free to comment below. Just know you are not alone :)


PS - If you haven't already entered my Kidpik Instagram giveaway, you have till October 2nd to win a Kidpik subscription box for your little princess! You can read more about Kidpik boxes here and Kidpik basics here.



  1. l' shana tovah to you and yours! all the photos look great...and i'm a new follower, so i have nothing to compare it to. man, i'd love to be able to shop sample sales, i'm totally jealous!

    1. Thank you. I know a lot of it is in my head - but it's there. Shana tova to you too!

  2. So glad you shared these photos. You look beautiful.

  3. You look so gorgeous! This dress is very flattering on you. I am so happy that you decided to post these photos. Your honesty is inspirational, and I'm so glad that you radiate confidence the way that you do. Congrats on collaborating with Orange Theory Fitness and shopping for healthy options at Trader Joe's! I can't wait to see all that you post along this journey.

    ~xo Sheree

    1. Thanks Sheree. I tried on several until I found this one. I liked the fact that it fit now - and would fit if I lost a few...

  4. You look amazing!! I love this lace dress and I totally understand how you would make an exception for a fab pair of heels. I've totally done that too myself. Lol. I applaud you for being open about your weigh gain and struggle. I too am a lover of food and eat way more than I should and basically I workout to eat. Orange Theory Fitness is an amazing workout and I think it's fantastic that you are working on yourself. As moms our bodies have changed so much and we definitely have to accept they will never be the same because we birthed human beings for goodness sakes! But as long as we are happy with ourselves and how we feel inside that's all that matters. And I have no doubt that you feel your best right after you've run that treadmill and rowed those legs and arms! Keep up the fabulous workouts mama. Xoxo, Christine

  5. Oh my! This dress is incredibly stunning! I'm in love! I've always loved classy evening dresses, but this one is definitely a gem! And it looks so beautiful together with these shoes! Love it!
    And you're absolutely right, work with what you've got and do the best out of it. Thanks for sharing all the tips. Such an inspiring post as always! I'm always pretending I'm a supermodel, haha :) Good tip indeed! Have an amazing weekend, sweetheart!

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

    1. Thank you. And if you believe it, so will everyone else :)

  6. Such a gorgeous wedding and you looked great in you black lace dress. But I totally support you, if don't feel yourself comfortable anymore, you have to do something and change it. Thank you for the great tips and your children are so stylish, just like their mom!


  7. So beautiful! I feel like a basic black dress is one of the biggest statement pieces a woman should have. It's easy to style it many different ways to make it appropriate for any occasion. You look stunning! And I love the way that dress looks on you. Your minis are absolutely adorable. They are so stylish and beautiful just like you. That floral dress that one of your girls is wearing is so gorgeous. I'd get one for myself! Loved it!



    1. I totally agree - that's why I have several LOL. And right? Ella's dress is pretty amazing!

  8. As everyone has said, you really look beautiful in that dress and always. I've been following your blog for a while now (a few years??) and love your confidence. And that's a great quality to impart to your children. I need to ask though - how do you walk in the shoes that are too big? I did a similar thing and have a pair of heels I'm wanting to wear, but there are at least a half size too big. How do you keep your heels from popping out? I love those Choo's btw. So sparkly without being too much. xxoo

    1. Awww thank you Deborah! And I find that if you wear flats your heels lifts out - not so much in 6 inch heels because you're essentially on your tippy toes the whole time. I plan on inserting insoles to help - but if it has a closed toe my friend always stuffs the toes with cotton.

  9. Such a beautiful look and so stylish! Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Camille xo


  10. You look absolutely amazing in this beautiful black dress babe!! You look so elegant and classic. Thanks for sharing all this tips I do agree this is something we all women's do but you look amazing. I wish I look like you after having kids. You don't have to worry and couldn't agree more that pretend we are supermodels!!! :) send you the best vibes


  11. Hey love,
    Hows you?
    You Look Amazing in that Black Lace Dress, To be honest, you always look Feminine and Chic.
    If you are Happy this is what matters:)
    Your Kids looks always super Sweet:) Love how they Look, super Fashionable:)
    Happy Week
    Open Kloset By Karina

  12. I had no idea there was another Marina Del Rey in the US. I thought about the one here in California but when it said Long Island the pieces didn't go together. Just like you I struggle a lot with my body and weight, which sometimes is the reason to why I choose to not take photos of me wearing certain items because no matter how pretty the clothing are I just don't feel comfortable wearing them or showing them off, which is so sad but the truth.

    We should definitely strive to feel comfortable in our own skin but truth is you can't just say one day that your confident and love your body. There is a lot of work that goes with reaching that point.

    Much Love, Sofia. http://aloveaffairblog.com

    1. I hear you - I've found it's usually not as bad as it is in my head so I force myself to share a picture of two anyway. We're always the hardest on ourselves. And it is a lot of work - you just have to keep pushing and hope to get there one day...

  13. I just recently started reading your blog and like you I love great style on a bargain.....except in Phoenix, Arizona I primarily Thrift or hit up Last Chance, which is, for those who don't know, Norstoms clearance center....where all their clothing (past seasons, return etc) go before clothing heaven. ANYWAY....I digress! You look fantastic in everything pic I have seen of you....trust me, I have gained plenty of weight as well, but you have nothing to hide...and I find if I wear oversized items I overwhelm myself (vertically challenged here) and just end up looking bigger. All about balance....but of course you know that! Anyway, just wanted to comment on this and say love your blog!!!

    1. Thank you Joanie! And I would die to live near Last Chance! I hear it's not as good as it used to be but I'd probably be there daily if I lived nearby LOL.

    2. You are correct about that....Last Chance definitely isn't as good as it used to be. When it was relatively unknown you could score a Marc Jacobs bag for $49, or new Jimmy Choos for like $79....all kids shoes regardless of brand were $9.99.....etc etc. The resellers have invaded and essentially ruined it by pushing prices up.... shoppers there are militant and can be very aggressive! But if you can deal with all that there are still AMAZING deals to be found there!

  14. And I guess I can't spell Nordstroms!!

  15. First of all, you look absolutely STUNNING in this Teri Jon lace dress! It's so flattering on you! I'm a big fan of black and lace! I think it's so important that you are having this conversation. No matter what size you are body image issues can appear anywhere and in many different forms. We live in a society that puts SO much value on looks so it's nearly impossible to not have a negative body thought come across our minds. Especially with the industry we both work in. I love the tip of pretend you're a super model because really that mind set is so helpful! When we do have those negative thoughts we can just push it away with a fabulous thought instead! As for dressing, I feel like we should wear what ever we feel most beautiful in and if someone else doesn't prefer that way of dressing, well they can dress themselves differently. Although, I'm sure that comment wasn't meant to hurt your feelings or be negative, I think we all need to be mindfull to be gracious with our words and especially as women commenting on other women! The wedding sounds lovely and again, so glad you shared this!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

    1. Aww thanks Manda. For me the comment wasn't offensive but a wake up call. When you put yourself out there you have to have thick skin. And if that's the "worst" I'm gonna hear that's fine by me.

  16. Words to live by: pretend you are a supermodel! I can't even tell you how much I love and appreciate this post. Let me start by saying - you look INCREDIBLE! Gorgeous and confident (and hello, those Jimmy Choo heels!!!!). We all have our body issues but it's so refreshing to read an article that's REAL! You're amazing, girl. Sending you love and good vibes!

    xx Madison

    1. Thanks! It really is a mindset. And I choose to believe :)

  17. Thank you for sharing this! I personally think you look amazing! And as you said, it isn't about the number, but how you feel inside! I loved reading your tips! I have a narrow waist and wider hips, so I like to wear high waisted jeans or belts to accentuate this area. I am no longer my high school size, and also realize that I will probably never be there again.
    On another note, this dress is so beautiful and your minis are the cutest!


  18. Loved all the tips! It's definitely about feeling good inside! I try to not focus on the number but it's not always easy. This is probably hands down my favorite outfit you've worn. You look absolutely stunning

  19. Hello Michelle,

    Oh these Jimmy Choo glitter pumps are just outstanding. I definitely have to buy some for my next warm season.
    Oh gosh I so relate to the topic of struggling and body confidence. Thank you for these useful tips. I must remember all of them !!!


  20. You are literally such an inspiration. First of all, you look amazing!! And to be worried about full length shots is crazy. You are so right about owning what you have - sometimes it's hard but it's just a state of mind.

    I absolutely love you dress. It looks amazing on you. And you can't go wrong with glitter Jimmy Choo heels. Perfection.

    Thanks for sharing.

    J. x


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