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Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Local Gal's Guide to Navigating New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week from a local's perspective is completely different than that of an out-of towner's. I don't have to deal with booking hotels because my biggest expense is the subway. But that also means I have to wear one look for the entire day because I can't just pop in to my hotel room to change between shows. I always make sure my look is weather appropriate before I step out the door and I'm wearing comfortable shoes - or I have my favorite Crocs flip flops with me (my secret weapon!) This year was Ella's first NYFW - so we're gonna share our mommy and me style.

Honestly in retrospect I wish I punched up this look with a red beret or some plaid ankle socks but that's what happens when you dress in 5 minutes. Don't be surprised if you see this look again with those. (Read my previous post about the Art of the Fashion Repeat here.) Ella styled herself first so I wanted to coordinate by picking up on the red. I added the heels, fingerless gloves and lipstick and ran out the door. I didn't even bother with jewelry. It was probably enough but for NYFW you really want to do more.

Every morning before I leave for the day I mentally go through my checklist, although sometimes I physically write it out to make sure I don't forget.

So basically this is a what's in my bag, NYFW edition. 

Tote. This is key. When sample sale shopping I always have at least one blue IKEA tote bag stuffed in my bag but for NYFW a regular tote works just fine. I actually picked one up at Trader Joe's for 50 cents. I gave Belle one too LOL. It makes it so much easier to carry your heels and all your front row swag. (Check out my front row tutorial here.)

Metrocard. Until the day I'm a car to door girl, the fastest way to navigate NYC traffic is subway or by foot. Way cheaper and faster than an Uber. If it's your first time using the subway make sure to connect with a local or you may get lost. It took me a couple years to really learn the subway system and it can be very confusing to a newbie.

Comfortable shoes. If you can wear sneakers or flats all day, good for you. But I'm only 5'5" and it's pretty hard for me to stand out in a sea of models without my heels. My trick is to pack my heels and wear my Crocs Sexi Flips between shows. Before you cringe at the word Crocs, check them out. They are super chic and so comfortable. Unlike other flips flops they won't fall off your feet because they have a back (great for driving too!) and won't turn your feet black because they are made of rubber (other materials always discolor my feet). And because they are so lightweight, you can fold them right into your purse. You better believe I had my Crocs with me that day because I can only do those red heels for 3-4 hours tops.

Cash. I never leave my house with less than $20 in my wallet. In NYC it's so easy to grab a quick snack at a food truck or buy a cute pair of sunglasses on the street - but most vendors are cash only.

Lipstick and Sunglasses. I don't like dragging a whole makeup case around with me so as long as I have my lippie to reapply and my sunglasses (in case my eye makeup wears off - or it's really sunny) then I'm good to go. There are so many free lounges for hair and makeup for touch-ups - not to mention a Sephora at almost every corner.

Camera. Any day I want to shoot I make sure to take it with me - that way I can hand it to a friend or friendly stranger. Thank you to Belle for my pictures this round - I took all of Ella's. Maybe one day I'll work with a photographer, but until then I'll be editing my own stuff. Just make sure you have your battery and SD card - trust me when I say you need to double check. Last week I dragged my camera into the City to find I left my battery charging at home. Ugh.

Charger. Especially for all you iPhone girls whose phones die in about an hour. My old phone cracked so my brother gave me his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it's kinda amazing. Better photos and video than an iPhone and the batteries last forever - it's also half the price. I can sometimes go 2 days without having to recharge. It's life changing. I really want to upgrade to an 8+ (I hear the camera is even better!) but I'm gonna wait to see what pops up on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Water/Snack. Sometimes shows are back to back and you don't have the time to grab a proper meal. I usually toss a small water and protein bar or small apple in my bag because you can't always count on free food at the show venues.

From head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Jason Wu, Modo sample sale, $20
  • Cape:  Make Me Chic, C/O (sold out but linked similar below)
  • Dress: ASOS, $33.50 (I'm wearing an XS - they run huge!)
  • Gloves: Carolina Amato, sample sale $10
  • Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim medium Pashli, Nordstrom Rack, $160 after using some Nordstrom Notes (retail $895)
  • Heels: Tamara Mellon, sample sale, $50

You can shop my style here:

Mini me's look started with this super cute Zara kids sweatshirt dress. We wanted something bold and bright - and sure to catch the photographers eyes. It was less than $30 and you can probably still find it in store. A statement like the Girl#power on the back is always a bonus. She layered it over Ava's Kidpik lace skirt and plaid Justice top. She swiped my Mini Rockie and Perverse sunglasses (they're a little too small for me anyway) and she borrowed my grandmother's Chanel pin. My fashion gene was passed down from her to me, to Ella, so we were honored to take a piece of my 94 year old Grandma with us to NYFW.

I actually linked Ella's bag and shoes above should you or your mini need them too.

Stay tuned for my last New York Fashion Week look and guide to getting invited to NYFW! This week I'll be hitting one of my all time favorite sample sales, Rebecca Minkoff! Oscar de la Renta is this week too! New to my radar is Rebecca Taylor who is teaming up with a couple other brands and well as Zadig and Voltaire. Unfortunately Zadig will be at 260, not in their showroom, so I doubt the prices will be as good.

Rebecca Minkoff
October 23-29
M 11-8, T-F 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-4
260 Fifth Avenue

Oscar de la Renta
October 24-29
T 10-8, W-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-4
151 Wooster Street

Frances Valentine, Rebecca Taylor, & White + Warren 
October 25-27, 8-6
80 West 40th Street, Suite 80, 8th Fl

Zadig & Voltaire
October 31- Nov 5
T 9-8, W-Th 10-8, F-Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5
260 Fifth Avenue

Happy shopping!




  1. These are seriously all essentials that I need to carry my bag on a daily basis and not just for fashion week. I think the key thing would be to have comfortable walking shoes to change into between shows because nothing kills your day more then having sore, blistered feet!!

    Your looks are both so amazing and loveeeee your little mini me's style - seriously taking after her momma!

    Helen xx

    1. Thanks Helen! And yes, it's all about that second pair of shoes LOL

  2. Like momma, like daughter! Love these shots!


  3. I love his New Yorker’s guide to NYFW because it definitely is different than someone who doesn’t live there and stays in the city in a hotel. I love that using the subway is faster and your tips for carrying cash and having a big bag to tote all the swag and comfy shoes. I think it’s so adorable that your daughter went to NYFW with you. Your coordinating looks are so fab! Love the chic scalloped edge coat of yours and the pops of red with the gloves and heels are so on trend. As for your cutie daughter, the hooded oversized sweater with flannel and the vintage Chanel pin is so streetstyle cool! Love her edginess! Great tips and incredible looks! Xoxo, Christine

    1. Thanks! The pin was my add otherwise Ella totally styled herself. She's got such a flair that she impresses me every day!

  4. awww you guys look amazing!!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  5. Wow, you girls definitely complete each other. I can understand this struggle with all that fashion week mess. That's why I love travelling abroad than visiting a local fashion week. However, I do have a pair of runners with me, just in case, haha :)
    Thanks for sharing all these amazing tips, I'll definitely bookmark this post for later, coz I'm planning to visit NYFW next year! And hopefully we can meet :)

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

    1. Thanks - I always try to coordinate with her but not match. She hates that LOL. Hope to see you at next NYFW!

  6. Your little girl is so following mama's footsteps and I can see soon she will surpasses you in terms of blogging =) Such a stylish little girl and I love the over sized hoodie on her! Fashion week can be so hectic sometimes, and I'm glad someone is writing a local guide on it! Thanks for sharing.

    xx, Jessie

    1. As a mom - I hope all her fashion dreams come true! And thanks Jessie!

  7. OMG! You and your mini are so cute! I love that you did fashion week together! It's so convenient being close enough to NYFW to commute. The hotel expenses are the worst! Thanks for sharing what you carry with you! You really have to be prepared when you can't hop in an out of your hotel!I always have water and lip gloss on me!


    1. Thanks! NY hotels are terrible and rarely collab so it's super expensive. Being local is so helpful. Water and lipgloss are total necessities!

  8. You girls look so adorable and love both of your looks!!! I see how your daughter is so natural on camera like you!!! I have to say either is FW or not carrying comfy shoes in NY is a must lol Really love your red shoes and how classic and elegant you look!


    1. Thank you Marcy! You really have to go feet first with a NYFW look because those days are long!

  9. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    Loved this post, Fashion weeks are always So exciting and Definitely Your Local Guide is so helpful:)
    I am amazed with you and your Daughter sooo Fashionable Duo:)
    She looks so Stylish like her Mommy:)
    Loved her Style and Your Coat and Heels so Gorgeous:) Need Both:)
    Happy Week
    Love Kisses Karina

  10. Hey beautiful,
    So in love with this. Fashion week is my absolute favorite event of the year. Going there for the first time was like a dream come true. Love that cote you're wearing. Perfect for the occasion and the unexpected NY weather. Your girl is the cutest. I love her style and overall the entire outfit. Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Vanessa


    1. Thank you Vanessa! It was actually hot but I wanted to look more fall - ergo the cape. The weather has been crazy over here!

  11. Loving these photos! So jealous of your time at NYFW!! I am dying to go next year! Your daughter is absolutely adorable as well!

    Katherine | www.oneswainkycouple.com

  12. Ladies, you look amazing! I am loving this look from head to toe on both of you. I can't believe you two both did fashion week. How awesome and such great memories. Girl power is so right and I think she wore the best look to fashion week. I remember having that metro card with me all the time. When I lived in New York City it was my my best friend.

    1. It really is! I was never a cab/uber gal. Metrocards are the way to go!

  13. Your mini-me is serious style goals! I mean, I can literally see that girl ruling the streets of fashion weeks all over the world! The hoodie with the Chanel brooch looks so chic, I can definitely tell style runs in the family!

  14. You're lucky to live so close and not having to drag your entire wardrobe to FW (read: I do, haha). As for the sneaker issue I have no problem with that and although I'm short, there aren't many options for me unfortunately. And regarding the camera issue... I was at one FW where I was supposed to cover for a magazine and to my great devastation I noticed my camera had magically turned itself on in my bag and drained the battery... What did I do? Well, I sent in crappy iPhone pictures instead. I didn't work for that magazine any other times, haha. As for your looks I love the me and mini-me taking over the streets and Ella's choice of blue is just wonderful! I hope you had a great time together!
    Thomas xx

    1. I really am so lucky in so many ways. It's nice to have the home court advantage for this one :) And yeah, I have to get a spare battery for my camera already...

  15. Great essentials for NYFW and as a New Yorker I would say these would be useful for just visiting NYC too. Comfortable shoes for NYC is a must and during Fashion week, you are running around from one show to the other therefore I would agree with you on that! Charger for my phone is a great item too to carry with you all the time. Ok , now lets talk about your mini me! She is such too darn cute! I love her with that Chanel pin on her sweat shirt dress! Definitely styling and stylish like her mama! xx Shalini

  16. Aaah! You two are so cute! Love these photos.

    X Merel


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