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Friday, September 15, 2017

Goodbye Summer?

I picked up this adorable tie dye beach cover-up at Burlington for about $15 and lived in it all summer-long! I initially planned on styling it with my Sophia Webster Lacey sandals (seen here) but decided to switch it up. Plus I love the pop of color from my Chiara wings. I struggled with what bag to wear until I looked in the back of my closet and found my $50 Rebecca Minkoff (sample sale!) bucket bag that I haven't worn all season. Added my penny Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and I was good to go! I'm a little sad to have to say goodbye to caftan season. Luckily the warm weather is allowing me to hold on for a few more weeks.

From head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Nordstrom Rack, $0.01!
  • Caftan: Burlington, $14.99 (Yes I have two, see the other one here)
  • Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, sample sale, $50
  • Shoes: Sophia Webster, Nordstrom Rack, $107 (RV $575)

If I did this look again I'd probably add a few accessories but as always I put it on as I ran out the door to a L'occitane event by their Flatiron store (thank you to Christine, Madame Ostrich for the invite!) and I didn't want to be late. Honestly, there are so many bold colors that it didn't even need the extras.

You can shop my style here:

Until you shoot in the middle of a busy street, you can't really consider yourself a NYC blogger. We had a few close calls but managed to walk away unscathed.

Thank you to the adorable Belle @littlefashionstylist for risking your life and taking this round of photos. It was just our one-year friendaversary - we met at a Fashion Week party last fall. I actually shared a little more about it on my Insta this week (here). As most of you know, it's pretty hard to make new friends as an adult, and so rare to meet genuine souls who are kindred spirits. She's as colorful and kookie as me, despite our 18 year age difference.

Good news! Sample sale season is picking up! This week is Rent the Runway - I would suggest going these last days for deep discounts. Some years they slash prices in the last hours but last time they marked down in the morning (of the last day) so you had to get there early for the best selection of the leftovers. As always, look closely for damages. Charlotte Olympia is next week and I've got my fingers crossed for $100 kitty flats again! There are a ton of sales going on and popping up - for a complete listing I would check sale sites like Chicmi who IMO has the most comprehensive listings in town.

Rent the Runway
September 15-17
Fri 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5
260 Fifth Avenue

Charlotte Olympia
September 19-20
Tues 11-7, Weds 8:30-7*
The Roosevelt Hotel, 45 E 45th St, Vanderbilt Suite
* last year they pretty much ran out of goods after the first day. Hopefully it will be better stocked this time. 

This week I had an incident at the La Perla sample sale that I ranted about on my Insta stories and a few people have asked what happened. First I wanted to say that the sale was not run by La Perla or I would have tagged them or contacted them directly. So often people come in and buy out lots of goods from designers and run a sample sale. Some are more professional than others.

I was sent an email inviting me to help promote the sale - they sent a price list with promises of $20 panties and $30 shoes so Belle and I ran over to the preview post fashion show this week. When we arrived it was pretty chaotic and organizers were quickly restocking. I was disappointed that prices were higher than listed in the email and shoes had not yet arrived. At the sale the posted price list indicated that nothing topped $100 - yet for several pieces we were told $150-300. We found a cute belt and were quoted $40, $50 and $100 for that item by different people - even though the email said accessories would be $15. After getting frustrated with their pricing games, Belle took a pair of panties to the front - and the credit card machine was down. I pulled out $25 (because Belle rarely has cash LOL) and then were told they were $40. And that was the final straw. We walked out and were then accosted by an older organizer as we were picking up our bags from coat check - and he asked me why we didn't buy anything. I said that the prices kept changing and it was totally unprofessional. Then he asked to look in my bag. WHAT? So I opened my small Jimmy Choo crossbody that I had worn inside the sale to show him there was nothing there. He then asked to see my checked tote - so I said it was in the coat check for the sale. I held that up for him too. In retrospect, Belle thinks he assumed we stole stuff because we didn't buy anything. It was insane. Totally disrespectful and unprofessional. I told him "that's not how you run a sale" and we left. Worst. Sale. Ever.

So that's why I never shared the details of that sale with you. I try to only share sales with the best deals - or at least those run by people with integrity. No designer bag for even a penny is worth the mistreatment we were subjected to. Over the years I've walked away from several situations asking myself what had just happened, but this was by far the worst. So if you want cheap La Perla, just head to Century 21 and you can find some cute stuff for pretty much the same pricing and keep your self respect and dignity in tact.

On a happy note, I had a really great fashion week. I had my first assigned front row seat ever which was pretty epic for me. I'm so lucky to be doing what I love with people I love - and thank you to all for your support and encouragement. Just a few years ago I turned 40 and decided there was more to life than just being a mommy. I went back to my fashion roots and found my voice again. And every day it just gets better.

Have a great weekend!




  1. Agree with you about La Perla - shopping is about having fun while looking for good deals. I'd also walk away if I'm treated like that! What's the point of spending money if I don't good about it at the end!!!

    by the way, would love to read a write up from you with tips / advise tricks on how to get into Fashion week!!!

    1. It was totally insane! And good idea - do you think I should write it now or wait till before the next one?

    2. Would love to read something now!!! and perhaps right before the next one, you can publish a "refresher"??? or an "additional tips and advices" kind of supplement?

  2. Holy crap, of course he was checking to see if you stole- EW. Honestly that makes me so so angry. Moving onnnn though so glad you had a good FW and glad I got to hang out with you!

    1. We were in total shock. So confusing. And ditto - I don't see enough of you anymore.

  3. I love this fab tie dye dress and the shoes are perfect with it! The colors all go so well together. OMG, I cannot believe the La Perla sample sale! That is outrageous and totally unscrupulous of them. What an awful experience and I can see why you left upset. I am so happy that you had a great time at NYFW though and scored some front row seats. That is MAJOR mama! xoxo, Christine

    1. Thanks! And so insane! But I just gotta focus on the positive and move forward :)

  4. I aspire to be more lke you :)

  5. Such a great post babe!


  6. Omg, I am so sorry about your experience with the sale, I would be definitely angry and contact pr agent to say how unprofessional the people they hired. They thought that you stole something WTF! what if you didn't like anything? It is ridiculous! At least, you got to seat at Front Row. I wish, I was at NYFW.

    1. Like I said, they were not hired. Anyone can run a sample sale - they just purchase product from the company and sell. I would have totally tagged them had they even had a hand in it.

  7. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    Can't believe that summer is over... here in Portugal still kind of good weather but I do feel that autumn is coming...
    Loved your Blue Dress and those heels are my favorite since I saw on you the first time:)))
    Love Kisses Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  8. I loved all of your beautiful and colorful styles this summer and what a great way to say goodbye to it than this fabulous tie-dye dress with matching water colored bag. You look so good and poised even thought it is in the middle of busy NYC streets, I feel nervous for you shooting this, but you nailed it girl.

    xo Sheree

    1. LOL thanks! I think Belle was more afraid of getting hit that I was.

  9. Your shoes just made my day! I want a pair so bad!! I feel like you should offer shopping services to us Aussies who can't be in NYC for the sample sales. Your eye for a bargain is amazing! Also Belle's shoes are fab!

    Thanks for sharing and happy shopping!!

    J. x

    1. There are a few people who offer shopping services but most don't do international because there is too much risk. I did it for a while but it's hard to be on the phone at a sale - and people wanted things for the prices I got them and didn't want to pay for my time and expertise LOL. You just need a best friend in NYC :)

  10. I really love your Caftan from Burlington! I can see why you wore it all Summer long! The Sophia Webster heels you paired with it are gorgeous. The back details are stunning.
    I cannot believe that Summer is coming to an end. I am very excited for Fall though. I love bundling up.


    1. Thanks! I wish it wasn't so delicate because it's already starting to tear. Ugh. I do love my coat collection but I still prefer warmer weather.

  11. Hey Michelle,

    How adorable is this blue caftan! Again, I can’t believe that is costs $15. Sophia Webster shoes are absolutely outstanding! Blue and orange combination is the best ever!

    Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear about this bad incident at La Perla, but happy to know that your FW was awesome!


  12. I'm shocked and blown away that you found these glasses for .01! I mean is that even real life!? Love the entire look and especially your heels! Isn't it sweet to have friends that will risk their lives for a photo!? Blogger friends totally get it and I think it's incredible you've developed such a sweet friendship! Most of my friends are 15-25 years older than me actually! I'm pretty sure I was sitting across from you and your daughter at one of the shows? I don't even remember which one! Everything was such a blur! Hopefully the longer I attend the less deer in head lights I'll be! Lol

    Manda |

  13. I know girl, sadly summer is over and the Fall is officially here! I love your entire look, your dress is so chic and beautiful. and totally appropriate for the warm weather during NYFW. Your bag is beyond perfect, the perfect complement to add a nice touch to your entire combo. I was in NY too and I met Belle there, I was sitting next to her during one show. She is so sweet! Now, we follow each other on Instagram!
    Have a nice day!


  14. I tried to get some pics on the busy NY streets, but my photographer was too chicken, or she missed the perfect shot haha. I've never been to a sample sale, so I can't even imagine what stress you went through at this event. I would have certainly been angry. On a positive note, I love how you styled that beach cover up with heels. Just gorgeous!

  15. OMG I love this tie dye kaftan! So cute! I can't believe fall is already here. At least it is where I'm at. It's been raining all week and the leaves are changing which is AMAZING! Enjoy the last few days of summer while you can! Loving what you styled it with too. You're always dressed so colorful!

  16. Such a beautiful kaftan look babe!! I actually never wear tie dyed piece and thinking about it I don't think I have a single piece with this print but would love to have something very similar like yours in navy since it looks so classic and not too much. I have to say I'm a big fan of Sophia Webster shoes they are so cool and fun to wear. Thanks for sharing your beautiful style!!


  17. I love that beautiful caftan and those shoes Are just so Eye catching & amazing I can't get over them
    It's sad that summer is over for you we have just started spring and I can't wait for summer !I'm not one for the cold weather .
    You're definitely good with getting bargains! There is more opportunities in the US for bargains than what we have here as I've noticed from travelling over there.
    I'm sad that you had that run in at the Sample sale its so rude when people act like that and it's very unprofessional.
    Natalia k


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