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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wynwood Walls

Despite running camp mom for my three kids this summer, I've been sneaking in some me-time (work and shopping!) where I can. I FINALLY got around to editing more of my pictures from my Miami trip. One of my biggest blogger problems is that I always overshoot so I end up with thousands of pictures - and it takes me hours (sometimes days) to edit through them. My photos from my trip to Wynwood Walls was particularly difficult because there were so many beautiful, colorful walls. It's literally an Instagramer's dream. I also made a rookie mistake and only had the one bargainista look I was wearing. Ella on the other hand had just picked up a few pieces at Goodwill for $.99 so she put together a second look in the car. The apprentice surpasses the master LOL.

We got there in the afternoon so I had to choose my walls based on the lighting. If you plan a trip there be sure to go for several hours so you can get all the walls! You can see a mini-tour on Ella's Insta here.

Everything in this look is head to toe favorites, all on repeat:
  • Sunglasses: Moschino, Century 21, free after rewards (they were selling them for $59.99), RV $295
  • Dress: Shein (sold out), RV $22, gifted
  • Bag Strap: Rebecca Minkoff, sample sale, $10 - see other scores here!
  • Bag: Chanel, Neiman Marcus, 75% off - read about it here.
  • Bracelet: Eddie Borgo, sample sale, $10 (closure was damaged so they discounted it)
  • Shoes: Sophia Webster Lacey heels, sample sale, $95 - read about that epic sale here.

You can shop my style here:

We had done some thrift shopping in Florida and Ava was particularly excited about her two new Baby Alive dolls. She's a little obsessed and has a collection of about 15 right now. She can watch those YouTube videos of grown women pretending to be kids playing with dolls all day. I told her to just make her own videos already. She's wearing a thrifted Lilly Pulitzer dress that's a hand me down from Ella. I thrift Lilly left and right for the girls - even used, their colors hold up beautifully.

Ella is the queen of handstands and cartwheels so you know this shot was coming. There's a reason she always has a pair of biker shorts under her dresses.

And now a quick shout out to my super talented 12 year old son, Akiva, my photographer. He found these walls in the streets and insisted on a picture. When he was little I used to dress him to the nines. These days he has a basic formula of tee + shorts = outfit.

As a Justice, Girls With Heart brand ambassador, Ella was toting around Charlie the Dog for most of that trip LOL. Truthfully she didn't wear a lot of Justice until she signed on because so much of her wardrobe is thrifted and penny finds, but lately we've been hitting the Justice sale rack and doing pretty well. Her fringed bag here is Justice and was around $4. Her striped dress was a TJ Maxx $3 yellow sticker find. Anyone else looking forward to the next yellow sticker sale?

It seems in Florida, Goodwill only charges $1.99 for kids items so Ella loaded up her cart. In the NY/NJ area kids stuff starts at $4.99 which is insane for used kids stuff so I don't even bother stepping in to local Goodwills anymore. She snapped up this cute Lilly for Target top and paired it with this colorful pleated skirt. Her sunglasses were $1 Dollar Tree finds - she picked them up on the trip because the ones she brought with her broke. When we got to Wynwood she rifled through her bag which was in the car and put this look together. She did swipe my Jimmy Choo clutch (scored for just $25 at the sample sale a while back!!) which I had in the car as a backup for my Chanel.

As they say in Yiddish, I was totally shepping nachas (loosely translated as taking pleasure) when I was looking these over. I know I'm biased but my kids are pretty awesome.

It's been a while since I shared sample sale picks but the summer tends to be pretty quiet. This week is Altuzarra and I confess I splurged and got myself a birthday bag. Stay tuned for my new pretty. My only other pick is Adam Lippes next week just because I like his stuff but I'm not sure about pricing. I also popped in to Century yesterday to check out the status of the sale and it's terrible. I checked out the sale bags and even with a second cut, most bags were over $1,000 and overpriced. I'm currently waiting for Zara to have another cut before I hit that sale hard. So for now I'm in holding, waiting for the good stuff to start already!

July 19-21, 8:30-7
233 Broadway, 14th Fl

* I shared pics in my Insta stories that may still be up. Bags were $300-750, runway shoes (Sz 39,40) were $100, most clothing was under $200. No samples this round.

Adam Lippes
July 25-27, 8:30-7
1133 Broadway, Suite 426

Happy shopping!




  1. Oh, man, your kids are too freaking cool - & this wall is gorgeous!

  2. You might be partial, however I'm objective and must say you have a pretty amazing family, kids and you included. :) I think both your kids have their own fashion sense and Akiva going with the tee and shorts is his statement whereas Ella likes to play around with fashion a bit more and nothing wrong with either choices. :) The Wynwood Walls seem to be a lovely place for a trip and like you said, an Instagramers paradise for sure. Loved all the color and vibrant patterns.
    Thomas xx

    1. Aww thanks Thomas. I used to take the time to perfectly coordinate my kids in their little getups - but these days I just let them do their thing. I want them to learn to express themselves :)

  3. Wynwood is so much fun! Your kids are so freakin stylish, clearly taking after their mamma!


    1. Right? I'm so ready for a return trip. And thanks Shira :)

  4. I have been there but had no chance to take outfit pictures due big crowd. But I love this bright colorful and fun photos of your kids. I wish sometimes, I was living in Miami and make my insta feed more colorful. I have same problems lately, because of the travels. No time to edit anything. ;(


    1. Oh no! It's always busy over there I suspect - but most people moved out of the way when they see you're shooting - they just wait their turn to shoot too. They're so lucky because their walls are all in one place. In NYC you have to go all over the place. And wishing I had your travel problems LOL.

  5. Wow wall game strong here Michelle! Love all the fun shots with those colourful graffiti walls & I wish Singapore has that many pretty walls to take photos with too!

    xx Aldora

  6. Your kids are too cute with that fun wall! Loving your shoes too! Adorable post!

    xo, Jennifer

  7. How cute are the kids!! This wall is so fun and colorful it is perfect for them to take photos. Nice Chanel bag girlie!!

    xo Sheree

  8. Aww, I know exactly that feeling, when you have lots of amazing spots for shooting but very few outfits to rock. And it's so true, Miami is literally an Instagrammer's dream, haha!
    I think this dress covered with different funny stickers is a perfect choice. And how gorgeous your Sophia Webster heels are! I love them!

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

    1. I packed pretty light figuring I would go shopping - and then I didn't have the time. And thanks!

  9. Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    You Look Amazing, Love the Shirt Dress and the Sunnies,,,, wow:)
    The Heels are super Unique too:)
    Your Kids are so Sweet:)
    Happy Week
    Kisses Open Kloset By Karina

  10. What a fun trip! I'm from Florida but started blogging up here in South Carolina so I never got to experience all of these fun walls! I absolutely LOVE your shoes and your sunglasses! We are just getting to the stage where my oldest is getting on kicks of toys she's really into and TY stuffed animals and I can't really blame her seeing as how I was beanie baby obsessed at her age! LOL! I love all of your littles ones outfits and truly they are such amazing finds. Your son seems very natural behind the camera! What a cool kid! I cannot get over your daughters last outfit! absolutely stunning in LP!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  11. Overshooting is so much better than not having enough photos! Like that's so awesome that you do that. Love this bold outfit you're wearing. The snakeskin with a shirt dress make the perfect combo for summer. The kids look so cute too!

    1. So true! I'm always worried the light will be off or they will be blurry...And thanks. It's actually not snakeskin- just a black and white print. So good, right?

  12. Yeah, I used to always hire photographers because I hate going through pictures and I also hate editing them. Now my fiancé takes my pics since we've moved and my feelings about that haven't changed haha. Wynwood is such a great place to shoot for bloggers! When I went to Miami, my photographer made sure to get photos of me there and I loved them all. I love how trendy your daughter is :)


    1. It's so time consuming! Ugh. And I'm so obsessed with Wynwood. Wish it was closer!


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