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Monday, September 26, 2016

Backstage and Broken Heels; Day 2 NYFW Recap

Last year I was lucky enough to go backstage with Elizabeth Arden for the Dennis Basso show, so I was super excited when I got a few invites for backstage this year. I was given full access to check out beauty and the fashion - it was amazing! Unfortunately the only backstage that worked into my schedule this year was to go backstage with Aveda for the TOME show.

When arrived I was a little disappointed to be given an Aveda wristband for beauty only instead of a full access pass. I decided to make the best of it until I was told it was too crowded so instead of staying for 2 hours, I could only stay for 20 minutes. Again, I made the best of it by chatting up the stylists and taking lots of pics. I was also treated to a hand massage and a hair styling - but with this super short hair of mine, all they could do was a small braid. I loved that they were doing individual styling for the models who were all shapes, sizes and colors. They did all get a unique brushstroke on their face which was so fresh - totally obsessed!

When my time was up I was told I could go into the other beauty area of Tata Harper who was doing the skincare for the model. She was so sweet and demonstrated several of the products on all of us, bloggers and models alike. Her little girls danced around backstage - they were so darling and totally stole the show. They did have a table of swag but the models totally hoarded the goods before I could get my hands on any. Too bad.

And then my heel fell off. I was shocked. It was the first time I wore these Rebecca Taylor booties and I was a little disappointed. I scooped up the heel and limped out of there.

Then I had my niece meet me outside to shoot my look - sans heel. You do what you gotta do sometimes.

This is one of the dresses I pulled out of the $10 damage bin a while back at the Rebecca Taylor sample sale. It was torn but my seamstress mended it for me. I actually got two of these - a size 2 (they run big) and a 12. I packed on a few pounds so instead of even trying the 2 (which did fit me when I got it) I grabbed the 12 knowing it would be large. It probably bulked me up a bit so I regret not squeezing into the smaller. When you get heavy your first impulse is to wear loose clothing to cover up - but you really need to resist and wear clothing that fits or you can look even larger.

From head to toe:

  • Sunglasses: Lumete eyewear, Nordstrom Rack (unsure but had to be cheap - probably $0.01 LOL, RV about $200)
  • Necklace: Nanette Lepore, sample sale, $5 (It's actually a belt!)
  • Dress: Rebecca Taylor, sample sale, $10 (RV $550)
  • Bracelet: Dannijo Lacey cuff, sample sale, $25 (RV approx. $350)
  • Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Jumbo Love, sample sale, $50 (RV $355) - may have had a press discount so actually $35 :)
  • Boots: Rebecca Taylor, sample sale, $25 (RV $395)
So about $100 for a $1,800+ look. Not bad!

You can shop my look here:

I still owe you my last day of NYFW (you can read my first day here) and I'm super behind on sharing some amazing deals and pieces that have shown up in my mailbox.

Some super exciting news that I shared on an Insta story last week is that Ella has been selected to be a brand ambassador for Justice! A huge box of goodies, including a phone and a $100 gift card came and we've been shopping to put together some super cute looks for her!

My parents have finally closed on their house today so I'm done driving 45 minutes each way to spend all day cleaning and emptying their house...when I should be cleaning mine LOL. Half of their stuff has magically shown up in my house (including my youngest brother) so it's gonna take me a while to get my home settled. At this point I'm going to have to cut back on shopping but I'll be sure to still hit the really good ones.

As for this week's sales you can check out Lazar Shopping for a full list but The Rent the Runway sample sale started tonight at 260 Sample Sale (260 5th Ave.) and is on thru Sunday. I doubt it will be good as the NJ sales they used to have. You can read about those glory days here and here. Lionette is another fave of mine this week but I'm not sure I can make it in - you can read some of my past reports here and here.

Wishing you all a great week!




  1. I can't believe the heel came off- is it repairable? They're such a great bootie- well, if it had the heel lol. Love that dress but just cannot pull it off at 5"1 and 1/3. Oh well!

    1. I know! Just fell off. I can have it repaired but it's still annoying! And the dress isn't that flattering even at 5'5" but for $10...

  2. What a fun week and what great bargains! I was born in NY and now live just outside of DC and I have to say sometimes I long to see color in clothing instead of the black, gray, navy suits :-)I love your dress, sorry about the bootie!

    1. Thanks Sheila! I love how anything goes here in NY! I hope you're having fun with color on the weekends to make up for all the neutrals all week :)

  3. You look stunning girl! How cute is that braid. You totally pull off the no heel look too. I wouldn't even have noticed. Plus that photo of your niece is adorable.


    1. Thanks so much! My niece was always behind the camera - that little girl was Tata Harper's daughter :)

  4. This is absolutely amazing! You look so gorgeous! Love the backstage photos as well!

    Manda |

  5. I love how you didn't let a broken heel ruin you whole day. You took some great pics and thanks for the heads up on the sample sale! Oh and congrats on your daughter becoming a Justice brand ambassador! So exciting!

    1. Aww thanks Brittiny - you just can't sweat the small stuff. Ella is super excited and we can't wait to start sharing pics!

  6. That's a lovely dress and the silver boots are equally amazing.

    Inez | My Small World

    1. Thanks - the Rebecca Taylor sample sales are amazing! For $35 I now have $945 worth of her stuff :)

  7. Oh no to your shoe :-/ You definitely made the best out of your 20 minutes, great pics as usual and your braid looks so cute! Congrats to Ella, that's perfect for her :)



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