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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Yet Another Rebecca Taylor Sample Sale.

Yes, Rebecca Taylor is having another sample sale - even though they just hosted one in their showroom last month. This is usually one of my favorite sample sales but unless you're a die hard fan and used to paying retail, wait for markdowns later in the week. Samples were priced at just $40. Sounds good, right? Wrong. Not the most impressive selection and not a single special piece. Trust me, I was first in line for the VIP preview held last night at 260 Sample Sale.

That being said, let's take a look inside...

If you like here more basic styles, I'm sure you can find a piece or two in the samples. They were mostly sized 2 but they had a few other sizes mixed in. Lots of great pieces to wear to work if you have an office job. As a SAHM & blogger, the playground is my runway so I can wear whatever I want LOL. I look for crazy, special pieces that the other mommies aren't wearing.

This time all samples are $40 across the board. (They were $30-150 at the showroom sale last month and $25-150 at the last 260 sale.) I'm guessing they were cheaper because they knew they didn't have much to look at. I always start with dresses and coats. They had a few wool coats that got snapped up but weren't anything special. The only sample dress I ended up getting was one I already in owned - except in blue. You can see me wearing it in black last year here.

After looking at the samples for 5 minutes I headed for the long dresses. This rack was all of them.

This open shouldered dress (in the center) was on my wishlist but the pleating at the hips wasn't so flattering. Dresses were $129 and black tie was $179 - which is a little steep for me. Had it been on the sample rack I would have sucked it up and made it work.

I liked this dress but of course they only had one - in size zero :(

Another pretty only size zero dress.

This crochet lace number was lovely - but they only had it in 8 & 10. It retails for $875 and is currently in stores.

These are the same exact shoes we've seen at the last 260 sale and showroom sale. Here they're priced at $49. At the showroom sale last month they were bargain priced at $20 for all Rebecca Taylor shoes and $40 for Loeffler Randalls. Ironically they are only priced $1 less than the previous 260 sale LOL.

I tried on those purple heels at the showroom sale LOL. Those black and metallic booties in the back - I just got them for $20 each.

All I saw for accessories was pretty much a sad display of belts.

Now for the rest of the stock. It was all arranged by size from 0-12. Prices ranged from $59 for knit tops, $89 for blouses shorts and skirts, $99 for jumpsuits, pants and sweaters, dresses for $129,jackets for $169, black tie for $170, to $250 for leathers.

Just got this blue dress for $10 in the damage bin at the showroom LOL.

Another dress I really wanted but had the unflattering pleats.

They had a handful of blazers, leather jackets and outerwear - priced $169-$250.

This is the $250 Shibori tie dye leather moto I shared on Insta last night. I forgot to check the retail but I know the yellow leather in the above pic was over $1,100. Drool. I only saw a handful so get there early if you need it. Leather was only $150 at the showroom sale but this wasn't there.

How cute is this ruffle top? Just too steep for me at $89 :(

A handful of leather skirts in the mix.

I'm linking up a bunch of the pieces I saw inside :)

Bottom line, there were a handful of special pieces but stock was pretty pricey. ($89 for a top???) They also didn't have a lot of merchandise. It's possible they'll get another shipment but who knows. My recommendation is to wait for later in the week in hopes of either more merchandise or markdowns.

Rebecca Taylor
260 Fifth Avenue
Tue 9am-8pm, Wed-Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-7pm

Last chance to enter to win a pair of these $128 Rebecca Minkoff earrings - enter the rafflecopter here. I just wore mine to my niece's Bat Mitzvah on Sunday.

Good luck!




  1. Finally. A sale where I don't have FOMO :-)

  2. I love that size 0 dress and the cool leather. I'm sure I would've liked a stock piece or two but since buying my chanel I'm broke until my next paycheck anyway.

    1. So excited for your Chanel - can't wait to see you style it :)

  3. Thanks you saved me a trip! I was debating checking this out during my lunch break, but now I think I'll wait. I'll probably hit Splendid/Ella Moss instead as I read it is quite inexpensive with lots of samples.

    1. Ye, waiting is the way to go. My friends went to Splendid/Ella Moss and weren't excited.

  4. The clothes are seriously so pretty! Will need to be on the look-out next time I go shopping :)

    1. There were lots of pretties in the mix but too expensive. Fingers crossed they'll turn up at the Rack for less :)

  5. Gorgeous pieses. Love the shoes.

  6. I agree with you about the prices being a bit high, geez you cold find a RT top for way less at some TJM stores! Still fun to see everything, that size zero pink floral dress was sooo pretty.


    1. Yeah - I had to go just in case but this sale was seriously lacking :(


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