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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sample Sale Marathon. Five sales in one day...Parker, Shoshanna, Yosca, AV Max & Modo :)

I actually planned on hitting eight total but I ran out of time so I only checked out five sales today.

Started at Parker (day 2 of their sale) because they opened at 9 am. I saw the Racked pics and wasn't impressed but I am so glad I stopped by. Most samples are just $40 (except beaded and leather) and a size small. I didn't think I would fit their stuff but I did and it was so good. I don't want to even think about what I missed yesterday. Fall/Winter clothing seems to be your best bet in sample land. I saw tons of knit dresses, winter coats and blazers - all for $40!

Wish this coat was more flattering!

Leather dress $100

I can't really wear their beaded stuff (runs narrow) but I admired this $80 beaded and feather skirt and dress. Gorgeous.

Beaded dress $100

I was slightly obsessed with this beaded leather crop top but I didn't want to spend the $80.

Lots of beaded stuff - all priced $80-100.

The did have a nice selection of stock but I really didn't bother because samples were so plentiful.

I took home this bandage gown - it reminded me of a Herve Leger I liked last season. And it was $40 :) The zipper is broken but that's an easy fix. I was actually surprised that the samples were overall in good condition. Of course, not the dress I wanted LOL -  and they said no discounts for damaged goods.

There is a makeshift dressing room with a large mirror and they take cash or credit cards. You do not need to check your bags for this one. Note to self, get there for day one next time.

234 W 39th St (Btwn 7th & 8th), 3rd Floor
Th 9am-6pm

Right next door was the Shoshanna sale so I had to stop by. Typically their stuff isn't my style but a friend went to VIP the day before and picked up a few cute pieces so I was intrigued. The sale is in their tiny showroom and you had to get buzzed in and check your bag. It was so packed in there that let's just say I had a hard time taking pics that didn't show half-naked women undressing.

As always, let's start with the samples.  I didn't see any coats - just lots of dresses, some skirts and a few pairs of pants. Looking around I wasn't too impressed. Sample dresses are $50 and her styles are a little too basic for me. Sample size is around a 4/6 and fit me - but nothing was special enough for my already pretty impressive closet.

$35 (leather?) skirt

$50 sample dress

$50 sample dress

Stock (size 0-12) was arranged by size and indicated by colored dots.

They did have some great deals on ladies swimwear. They had girls $20 swim too. Stock swimwear is $15 per piece but the best deals were the samples for $10 a piece, or sets for $20. Unfortunately you can't try any swim on so I didn't bother because I don't know how she fits me.

Bottom line, if you love her stuff (especially her swimwear) it's worth the trip.

231 W 39th St (Btwn 7th/8th)
Th 10am-5pm

I swore I wasn't going to Yosca this year but I'm a junkie and I needed my fix.

They didn't allow photography so I'm just gonna share what I got. This time around I only got a few pairs of their $3 earrings that they do for Banana Republic.

They had tons of $3-10 items and their collection pieces started at $20 and usually go to $100+ but honestly I didn't even look at the high end stuff this time. A reseller always gets there when they open and clears out a lot of the better cheap stuff so I was happy to get what I got because I got there late because I had so much fun at Parker. I'm just so happy to be able to buy sample clothing that accessories aren't as big of a priority anymore.

BTW, you have to check your bag and it's cash only.

Gerard Yosca
246 W. 38 St., 7th fl (between 7th & 8th)
Th 10am-6pm

AV Max is my secret sale that for some reason doesn't appear on the bigger sample sale websites. I almost don't want word to get out LOL. As soon as you walk in to their cheerful, light filled showroom you are greeted by a large couch (so nice to sit!) and cocktails. After finding a AV Max cuff at the Rent the Runway sale I googled them and patiently waited for their next sample sale. Last time I scored tons of $5-10 cuffs but this time I hoarded earrings. Earrings are priced $5 each or 5 pairs for $20.  From the cards I'm guessing they do jewelry for Neiman Marcus as well as Anthropology.

These were my picks - I tried to be good and get 5 pairs but I needed 6 so I just went for 10 LOL.

I also picked up this cute open cuff for $10 and rings were all $5 each - how cute if this tiny stone one?

Took lots of pics from their mini displays. Everything was $5-25, and all prices were marked by colored dots. They were filling in the whole time I was there. Everyone was so nice - most pleasant sample sale ever.

$5 rings

$10 leather belts

Embellished cuffs

Tomorrow is the last day so be sure to head over for for a drink and some cheap bling.

AV Max
39 W 38th st., 10th fl
Th 12-7pm

It was at this point that I had to prioritize so I skipped the Tocca, Tuleste and Alice & Olivia sales and headed straight to the Modo sale where all eyewear was just $20. They have sunglasses and optical frames, stock and samples.  Brands include 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Derek Lam and more! They didn't have too much when I got there but it's totally worth a look if you're nearby :) I probably should have gone to Tuleste instead but I had enough jewelry for the day.

Note - this sale is cash only so hit the ATM first.

Modo Eyewear
594 Broadway, Suite 801 (by Houston)
Th 11am-7pm

I wore one of my cute Tracy Reese $25 sample dresses today but I'll share my look in the next post - I think that's enough for today LOL.




  1. ALL THE HEART EYES. So jealous <3 btw, are you going to Alexis Bittar? I think I will drop by after I get back.

    1. Unsure - trying to be good and I doubt it's super cheap. And thanks - wish u were here!

  2. Big price cuts at Parker today. Samples are $25 and beaded samples are $60. Stock dresses/tops are $70, silk bottoms are $60, knit tops and dresses are $50 down from $80, knit bottoms are $40, etc. And they have a ton of stuff.

    1. Thanks for the heads up - wish I could have gone today!

  3. Do you think its worth it to make the Yosca sale tomorrow? 6/12?

    1. Not worth a special trip IMO - bu if you're in the area it's totally worth popping in!


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