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Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm on a roll!

I went back to the designer event at the Rack this past Friday just in case anything good turned up. When I got there they told me all they got was Valentino. I wasn't holding my breath but I figured I might as well look...

95% off Valentino!

Yep, the perfect Valentino (not even the cheaper RED line!) $1,990 dress for just $99.90!!!!!! It's a size too small but it has stretch so it zips! This is my new "goal" dress. I'm hoping to be able to wear this in the next two months. We shall see...

I watched the Oscars last night and I wasn't too inspired. So I'm not going to bother weighing in on the fashion. Plus I know you guys really just want to see my deals anyway LOL.

Today I headed into the City for my appointment at Bumble and Bumble. I'm a hair model there (all it means is that they cut my hair for free) and I was scheduled for a 'current cut' this morning. My first stop was the Rack in Union Square - typically I don't bother going on a Monday as that's the one day they don't get shipments, but I haven't been there in a while. I go right for the bags and they told me they had a huge designer shipment before the weekend but it's pretty much all gone. Oh well. I didn't have much time so I skimmed the shoes (nada) and took a quick peek at the dresses. And there it was. Two points if you recognize it :)

It's the "perfect" $348 Ted Baker dress I blogged about on 11/4/13 - and I found it for $119.97! I could not believe I found it - and that the only one they had was a size 6. Good news is that it fits. Bad news is that I had to pay tax (NJ has spoiled me) and that if I loose more weight it will be too big. I took it anyway. I was so excited that I ended up loosing my bracelet in the dressing room. Luckily they found it but I had to walk all the way back (from 10th Ave) for it after my haircut.

I tried on a cute leather dress but I passed because even at $80 I decided I didn't need it considering all of my recent designer finds. I also found this cute Ted Baker size 6 dress for less than $20 - it had some pilling as if it was worn but I would have taken it if it was a better cut for me. It's really not for a pair shaped girl. Too bad, the shoulder detail is amazing and I love a red dress. It's still there if anyone wants it...



Ted Baker 2 = US 6. You can see the pilling in this pic.

When I got to the lobby of Bumble and Bumble the doorman asked if I was there for the casting. I was confused and told him I was there for a cut. Then I looked around and I saw a tall pretty model and in the elevator she told me she was there for the casting - and I had great hair which is probably why the doorman asked. It seems he thought I was a model too. I think that was the best moment of my day. It's been a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long time since anyone mistook me for any kind of model. Last time that happened some crazy tourist followed me around Times Square and kept pointing at a Kate Moss billboard and insisted I was her (I was pretty tiny back in the day...) Honestly I'm just glad I don't look pregnant anymore. I was so fat that people would give me their seats on the subway even though I hadn't had a kid in over 3-4 years. My youngest turns five next month and I'm so grateful to be done with that chapter of my life.

I can't show my hair yet - they always put too much product in so there isn't anything to see until I wash it all out. So far it looks like she put some pretty face framing pieces in and that's really all I need :)

This week is off to a great start - can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store (pun!) for me!


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