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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Catching up :)

I bought a lottery ticket last week and I didn't win. I did win a free coffee on Facebook this week so maybe my lucky streak isn't quite over yet - too bad I don't really drink coffee LOL. My sister and I got lotto tickets again today just in case my luck holds out.

My daughter E's 7th birthday was on Monday and we had a party for her on Sunday at my house. My mom came the week before to help me clean and organize - lucky me, it's in my genes :) It was an all-girls daytime slumber party so we did arts and crafts, I painted glitter tattoos on all the girls and we chowed down on pizza bagels, fries and popcorn while watching my daughters latest obsession, Frozen. I had salad and veggie platters too but they didn't go over as well LOL. My older brother's birthday is the day after my daughter's so we had a party for him right after hers. He drove all the way from Baltimore for the day with his family so we could all celebrate together. I initially had a mermaid theme planned but my daughter changed her mind at the last minute. Good thing my younger daughter's birthday is next month so guess who will be having a mermaid party...

My shopping hasn't been too exciting this week. I headed into the City on Tuesday and it was the perfect 60 degree day. Too bad it's freezing again. Last week when I was getting a free cut at Bumble and Bumble I signed up for a styling class. My first stop was at the Rack (nada) and then I headed west to Bumble. I'd never done a styling class there before but you earn reward points and free products for signing up. Did I mention it was totally free and you're not supposed to tip? If you have the time I highly recommend signing up for BBU Model Project here and please use my name (Michelle Blashka) so we can both get a $10 product credit.

My double french twist. When she was done she poofed up the front for me and gave me a very punk-rock look. I got to be Miley for the day. It looked pretty neat with my leather jacket and sunglasses :)

After Bumble I headed out and hit a couple thrift stores. Housing Works was totally overpriced so I headed across the street to Angel Street Thrift. They always have fun cheap accessories so I got this patent leather cuff for $5. It has a Gucci feel but more importantly it matches my new bag. Most of my accessories are gold and of course my new bag has silver hardware.

$5 bracelet. Pretty much my only purchase of the day.

Then I headed to Goodwill and Crossroads and I struck out there as well. My most important mission was to head to the Garment District to look at chains for my bag. I found these at Toho Shoji. They vary from $10-20 a foot. I also stopped at Pacific Trimming but they had a poor selection and the spools weren't secured so they fell on my head. They did have "O" rings so I purchased a couple to secure the chain.

These are my three choices from Toho - I still can't decide. What would you choose?

I decided to try my hand at finding another sale bag (and to research what Chanel chains should look like to make an educated decision) I headed to Saks, Bergdorf and Bloomies but no luck. That's ok, I really like mine :)

I walked by FAO Schwarz on the way to Bloomies and I took a couple of Lego pics for my son. I promised him I'd post them here LOL. If you watched the Lego Movie with your kids you'd understand how awesome this is...

It was a great day even if I only got a bracelet. I really miss wandering around Manhattan on a daily basis.

I should mention that I slept in my do and wore it around town for another day. What's funny is that women kept complementing me but my husband just thought I looked weird. I always take it as a good sign when my husband doesn't get it LOL. I think he liked me better fat and boring. IMO fashion is all about taking risks and going outside your comfort zone and trying new things. The only downside was that it took nearly an hour to take it down and wash it out because there were so many pins and literally a couple bottles of product holding it in place.


Despite some markdowns at the Rack this week it's been pretty disappointing over there. I finally had a free moment today so I headed to my thrift store. I found a few things to sell on Ebay ($5 Marc Jacobs pumps, $10 Blahniks...) and some goodies for my kids but nothing for me. Again, I have my bag so I'm good for a while :)

I just noticed this American Girl Jill's Steals and Deals offer - while supplies last you can get a Bitty Baby or Pet set for 60% off. Click here as there are still several sets left! Use code JILLMAR14 to get the discounted price. The terms state "Offer good through 8:30 a.m. Central Time on 03/14/14, or while supplies last. One collection per customer."

Bitty Baby™ Deluxe Collection, now $72 plus ship

Pet set, now $16 plus ship

And that's almost everything - there's more but we can talk about it later :) If you have a Chanel (or even if you don't) I'd love to get your opinions on the chains. PLMK what you think!

Happy shopping!


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