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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back to Basics :) TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack & Target finds (Peter Pilotto for 80% off!)

I just wanted to let you guys know that I finally created a Shoppinggal page on Facebook so please like me and follow me there as I'll be posting all my deals there first!  Also - a reader named Rachel messaged me about the Herve Leger dress from my blog sale. Rachel it's still available so if you're interested message me on Facebook ASAP!

It's been a while since I went Target hunting so yesterday I decided to try my hand at finding a cheap Dyson and see where the Peter Pilotto collaboration was holding. No luck on the Dyson front (and I checked 4 stores) but the collaboration is now 30-70% off (depends on the piece) but your best bet is online returns which are approx. 80% off :) The trick is to find a find an item that scans item not found and then bring it to customer service where they can print you a red price tag.

Here are my best Peter Pilotto scores:

Red tote - found another one of these today!

Just $7.06 - it retailed for $39.99! And to think I was happy to find the neon green and white tote 50% off for $20 LOL.

Cute skirt, right?

Even cuter for $6.16!

Yesterday I also found these goodies:

My favorite hangers :)  This color was 50% off!
Just $4.48 for 10 so I got 100 hangers :)

Random office supplies 70% off

Sports organizer 50% off for my son - $20. It's HUGE! ETA: It got marked down to $13 so I re-bought it and returned the $20 one :)

I headed back to Target today and grabbed these :)

70% off star pinata (I also saw a football helmet) for my daughter's party $4.55 - it's a little beat up so I may return...

More party goods and office supplies for 70% off!


And if you think I didn't hit the Rack this week...then you really don't know me LOL.

I've been looking for a leather skirt (I can't find my old one in the basement - I used to wear it with this amazing leather bustier that I lent to my former coworker Tara for Halloween and she never returned it. Tara, if you're out there, I want my bustier back already!!!) so when I saw this Burberry one for 85% off I got really excited :)

Burberry London high waist leather skirt, retail $1595

I also found this faux leather A-line skirt but I'm on the fence as it's a little plastic looking but the cut is really flattering. Then again it was only $26...

I also scored this cute cotton tank dress for $5.98 that reminded me of Missoni. I'm thinking about putting it away for Fall. I'm having a hard time shopping for Spring when it's still pretty cold outside.

On one of my online boards someone posted they found a burgundy Michael Kors leather jacket for $50 so I had to check in my Rack and guess what I found in my size?

It was still there because the tag read $100 - but I knew better!

And if you haven't been to the Rack in a while it's worth the trip because A. they had lots of markdowns last week and B. they are offering triple points for all Nordstrom card holders thru the 23rd :)


Next to one of my favorite out of the way Targets is a TJ Maxx runway store so I couldn't not pop in. They had these cute Blahnik flats for $200 in my size but I passed as I was feeling thrifty.

I did grab these amazing studded navy blue Schutz heels for $60 - I'm a little obsessed with them at the moment. And yes, I can walk in them.

And that's all folks - have a great weekend! Don't forget to find me on Facebook!


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