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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Should Seriously Go Buy a Lottery Ticket...My First Chanel Sale Bag!

When I said I was on a roll I wasn't kidding.

Today I didn't have anything too exciting planned. I've been meaning to thrift for a while so I decided to hit my thrift shop to look for some goodies. First I had a quick shopping date with a friend who recently became obsessed with Herve Leger. At the Rack designer sale last week she found a couple but nothing worked out. If anyone is an XS contact me - I have a really cheap one that I plan on returning.

I had a few minutes so I stopped at Target and literally found exactly what I was looking for. I read that Peter Pilotto got a first markdown (30% off) so I grabbed the last tote as it's probably not going to make it to 50% off. I looked at some of the clothing too but I'm waiting for 70% off :)

Perfect tote for the beach - if warm weather ever comes...

$27.98 from $39.99

And then I headed for bedding. Last week the heated blankets went to 70% off. I picked up a queen for around $24 but that store was out of twin size. Today, lo and behold, on the shelf is a single unmarked twin heated blanket - it was around $10.50. Score! I got three heated blankets last year on sale and they are amazing. I've been watching them for months to get a couple more. There is nothing like crawling into a toasty warm bed :)

Anyway, I headed to Garden State Plaza to meet my friend at the Herve Leger store to see a few full-price dresses that she had on hold. She got there a little late so I stopped in to Neiman Marcus. Wanna guess what I found?

My first stop in Neiman Marcus was the mini-Chanel boutique and the saleswoman was helping another woman with several bags. She had a gold and a silver flap bag - I told her the silver looked better. She said "Oh no, I'm getting both." She proceeded to grab a third patent leather quilted flap. She got that too. Then she mentioned that she had a bunch of others already. I hated to interrupt the party but I had to ask.

Me - Do you have any Chanel sale returns?
Her - Why yes, I have a bag.
Me - I'll take it.

Funny thing is the super Chanel girl had never heard of Chanel having sale bags LOL. I suppose when you can afford to drop $2,000 - 5,000 x3 in a visit, I guess it really doesn't matter.

The saleswoman went into the back and pulled out this black classic flap bag with a brown leather strap. I barely looked it over as I knew it was coming home with me no matter what :) Would it have been my first choice? Probably not. It's pretty close. I wanted a flap in a darker color (check) with big CCs on the front (check) - only thing missing is the chain strap. But it was way under my budget as it was second cut (meaning second markdown) and it's a great neutral. I can't believe I found one - I've been hunting for a sale bag for over a year.

Before you ask for me to get one for you too - it's not gonna happen. This late in the game its nearly impossible to find one of the seasonal bags that were marked down. And if found another bag, I might keep it too. I nearly cried when I found it. Happy 40th birthday to me!

And no, I didn't have time to thrift today. I didn't want to leave my new baby all alone in the car so I went straight home to sell a few things to pay for her.

I just can't believe I've completed my fashion trifecta of holy grails. My friend asked me what I was going to do now that I found everything on my list. This year I found the Pedro Garcia shoes I'd hunted for, my Ted Baker dress and now my sale Chanel bag. My husband teased "What about a Birkin?" I've wanted one since I was a teen. Probably not in my lifetime, but never say never...

So yeah, I'll be buying a couple lotto tickets tomorrow. Maybe I'll get my Birkin after all :)



  1. Interesting story lol. I know how it feels to want something from a particular brand but settling for whatever you get in a sale...happened to me recently - I got 2 MK watches for the price of one. Wasn't what I had in mind but they were still cute!


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