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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shoppinggal goes to Fashion Week :)

I haven't been to Fashion Week in almost 15 years. Last time I went was when I worked for Psycho Jeanine and she gave me her ticket to the BCBG show. She was a well-connected crazy woman who worked out of her tiny all-white apartment and she worked every assistant to the bone. Like Carrie Bradshaw she used her oven for storage but that's where any comparisons between her and SJP end. At first I was in her favor but as all the underlings ran away, her insanity was turned in my direction. And when I say ran away, I'm not kidding. I remember when one assistant literally stopped answering her phone and left a note by the door stating "I quit, I can't take it anymore." I'm still a little pissed that when one of the companies she worked with asked me to do some beauty modeling for their website she told them I was too busy. She was very jealous and liked to think of herself as the brunette Barbie - and yeah, she put that in her press kit.

I worked my butt-off for months with the promise of Fashion Week and in the end she kept all the good shows for herself and threw a single ticket my way. I don't remember anything about the fashion that day but I still remember that the free gift on my seat was some weird string bracelet thing. A few publishing jobs later (and further away from where I wanted to be professionally) I "retired" to have kids and I totally lost myself. I threw myself into mommyland where there was no me, just them. I got fat, wore shapeless knit dresses and Uggs, but I dressed my kids really cute. I used to spend hours perfectly accessorizing them - often in coordinating outfits. It's been about two years now since I decided to reclaim myself and started my journey with the Jillian Michaels 90 Day Revolution, then several rounds of T25, and now 50 lbs lighter I've started to dress like me and start to look in the mirror again.

Fast forward to last week when a new blogger friend Kyrzayda told me I could have her ticket to the Mongol show. I dropped everything and started planning my outfit. Then I saw the weather report and had to rethink my look. When you're popping out of the office and taking an Uber to Lincoln Center you can dress stupid, not when you're commuting via public transportation from NJ.

My husband snapped a few pics of me before I left - I wanted to do something crazy but like I said I needed to be warm (and he told me not to be stupid LOL) so I had to work around my coat. I was hoping the bold color would be enough to catch some photographers eye.

Hat: Eugenia Kim, Eugenia pop pom beret, sample sale, $30
Sunglasses: House of Harlow, Century 21 90% off, $15
Lipstick, MAC, Miley Cyrus Viva Glam (free with my Nordstrom Notes)
Coat: No label, vintage, thrifted $15
Belt: BE &D, thrifted $10 (retail $495!)
Bag: Chanel, Neiman Marcus, 75% off
Bracelets: AV Max leather cuffs, sample sale, $10 each
Gloves: 75% off Century 21, $10
Dress: Tracy Reese leather and tweed sheath, Nordstrom Rack, $40 (retail $355!)
Tights: Hanes shaper tights, Target, $6 (50% off)
Boots:  Sergio Rossi, Nordstrom Rack, $199 plus tax

When I got off the subway I went across the street to Bed Bath and Beyond to put myself together and then I went for it. I was greeted by a swarm of photographers and one really took an interest in me and shot every detail of my look. He asked if I was a designer so I said I was a blogger and he asked for my card. Note to self - make some business cards already. I was so nervous that I didn't ask for his card or even his name and I'm guessing my look wasn't important enough that I can't seem to find any pics of me anywhere. Sigh, I'll get 'em next time.

I had read that TRESemme was doing free hairstyling so as soon as they scanned me in I made a beeline right for their booth. It was around 9:20 and I took the earliest appointment which was at 11 so I had to go to my 10AM show with my hat hair. I circled around but when I saw people already lining up for the Mongol show I jumped in-line as well. I had a standing ticket but luckily it was pretty empty so they let us sit. I moved up to the 3rd row but I probably could have gotten into the 2nd row. The lighting was so bright that it was really hard to get any decent pics with my phone, camera or iPad so unfortunately I don't have to much to share.

I took a couple of videos of the live opening performance and the finale walk. Yes, I really need a DSLR already...

The show was a collection of bright colors but it felt more artistic than fashion. These were the only passable runway shots I could get.

In the last pic you may recognize some of the front row people. I know DJ Alex Merrell is one of them. A few celebs actually took turns taking pics in those seats to the right before the show. In this pre-show shot, checkout Eva Chen and some guy from Big Time Rush playing with their phones. I have no idea who the guy is but I offered to take a pic for the blogger girl sitting next to me who was starstruck :)

Luckily the show ended just before 11 so I went right to my hair appointment. The TRESemme lounge is two floors so I had a great view of the scene :)

I said great view, not a great pic LOL

Pictured is when my stylist just started to brush out my hair...

And here is my after :) Note why I take my camera with me everywhere - cell phones really don't work as well.

I told my stylist to have fun and this is what he came up with. It seems that bouncy, shiny hair is over, and textured, matted, 70s hair is on trend. Who knew?

I spent the next few hours hanging out in the tents (do they even call it that anymore now that the shows aren't in Bryant Park?) because once you have a ticket in you can stay all day :) I spent the time chatting with other bloggers and getting free stuff (oh yeah!) and even watched them tape Fashion Police. I ran over to take a pic with Kelly Osborne on her way to set but her handlers dragged her away :(

I watched the episode last night and if you look closely you can see me (look for the crazy hair) behind Giuliana a couple times in the first 5 minutes.

Like Cinderella at midnight I had to race the clock and get home before sundown for the Sabbath but that didn't stop me from checking in at Century 21 next door (nada) and leaving just enough time to get home to grab my stuff and get a Clear the Rack 25% off price adjustment at Nordstrom Rack :)

Took a pic of my swag bag on the bus home :) Tide had a booth (weird, right?) so I dragged home a package of pods, a bunch of TRESemme products (they had a machine dispensing full size products!), Pandora compact mirrors and some SmartWaters.

Speaking of Century, 90% off hit yesterday with ladies shoes and should be going department by department all week. Don't worry, I'll share my finds on the next post. I'll also save more Psycho Jeanine stories for another day and hopefully in the near future I'll have more Fashion Week stories to share :)



  1. I'm living vicariously through you. Wish I could go thrifting and bargain stalking as much as you do. Loving all your finds :)

  2. I rather loved reading this little bit of your backstory. I rather envy where you live! Love that coat with the studded belt. swooning!

    1. Thanks - I've had some pretty crazy, only in NY stories over the years. Another blogger told me I should make my posts shorter (I'm trying) but so much of what I do is storytelling - so it's really nice to hear people are actually reading, not just looking at my Insta pics. And I'm obsessed with that belt. I got it last year and it finally fits so I keep wearing it :)

  3. Great post ! How and when did you get Chanel 75% off at nemians ???

    1. Thanks! Go back and read my older posts when I got my sale bag and bracelets :)


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