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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fashion Week Recap; Part 1

One of my fashion dreams has always been to participate at NYFW. Last season I wrote hundreds of emails to designers and their mothers to let me in. You can read my recaps here, here, here, here, here and here. I went to almost every show I was invited to and it was exhausting. This season I took a less aggressive approach and pretty much relied on whatever came my way. The good news is that little by little I'm getting on PR lists and being including. I also only attended three days of festivities as that's all my schedule allowed.

When I looked at the forecast that morning I saw 90+ degree heat and knew I was in trouble. I have an amazing wardrobe. But most of it is too small right now as I've packed on 20 lbs. So not only did my planned outfits not quite fit, it was just too darn hot to wear them all day. Plus I had just chopped all my hair off the day before and it was not as successfully as I would have liked. So I choked. I totally chickened out and wore the H&M dress I've been wearing all summer. Everyone else was in all black or insanely dressed in winter clothing LOL. 

From head to toe:
*This are the first time I'm sharing these on the blog. As I move away from sample sale reports to more personal style and monthly sale recaps, I'll be sharing my behind the scene deals on my Insta stories - be sure to be following so you don't miss a sale! I'm considering posting this info on my Facebook page too so it doesn't disappear after 24 hours. What do you think?

I had back to back shows for most of the day, and of course none of them were in the same location. If you're Anna Wintour or a high level influencer you get shuttled around town by Lexus or Uber on the house. I purchased an unlimited 7-day subway card for about $30. Nothing is faster thru rush hour traffic. Nothing. And you can't beat the price. 

My schedule was too tightly packed so I had some decisions to make. I was going to skip my 12:30 show to do a 10:30 show then a 11:30 backstage (both at different venues of course) until I heard The Double Take Girls were going to be at the 12:30 and I wanted to finally meet them in person. So I skipped my backstage and went directly to my 10:30 and then on to my 12:30.

My 10:30 show was Jeans for Refugees and I ended up in second row. Problem is, it's impossible to get a good picture in second row. I did get a goodie bag but only took out a hair band and a hair product. This year I did not want to tote around giant gift bags all day so I selectively took goods out of them and put them in my Balenciaga. 

After the show I bumped into a photographer I had met the previous fashion week (she was the one who took my pic above). We took the subway to the next venue together the the Supima Design Competition show and I finally met the twins. I dragged them to better seats but we were too late to get a front row seat. It's a pity because I came home with a tee shirt and a Brooks Brothers leather card holder - front row got a full set of plush towels. 

Personally I was a fan of the gold leaf designs by Duston Jasso but it was Jeffrey Taylor who took the $10,000 prize. Olivia Culpo hosted the event. 

Then I headed back to 33rd street for the Michael Costello show. This time I was determined to sit front row...so I did. I sat right near the celebs - right next to some of the WAGS (I watch a lot of reality TV LOL) and across from Paris Hilton who pretty much ran out right after the show. 

It was a great show, chock full of red carpet looks. 

Everyone cheered and pulled out their phones when Tyson came out :)

After the show I had some time to walk around and explore. Tresemme once again had their free hair salon set up but I have no hair left to style so I went inside and scored a few samples. The lounge was sponsored by Jimmy Choo but this year I wasn't able to find any connections to let me in the lounge. 

Aquafina and Papyrus sponsored the snack area and handed out free waters, candy and cards. 

An airline sponsored free leather luggage tags that were stamped with your initials. I asked nicely and got two :) I'll have to take a pic of all my swag for my next roundup post. 

I didn't have another show until evening so I went across the street to the hotel lobby to sit, upload a few pics and charge my phone. I decided to head to the Style Watch party downtown solo. I got there super early but they let me in anyway. I got my hair braided (not much to braid) and met a luckily bunch of friendly bloggers. I was so beat that I didn't even bother to put my heels on - I wore my Crocs the whole time and then went home after (skipping 2 other parties and a show).

I figured that three shows, a party, freebies, and several new friends was a successful day and I was more than happy to call it a night. 

It was a LONG day! Stay tuned for more of my NYFW adventures! If you attended, what was your favorite show?


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Floral Dreams.

I picked up this floral embroidered dress at the Teri Jon sample sale a few months back for my brother's wedding. When they changed the color to navy a couple weeks before, I had to scramble to find another look - seen here. Luckily a week after his wedding I had another family affair so I finally got to wear my amazing dress.

This confection is a one-of-a-kind sample and was never produced. It makes me feel like I just walked out of a Dolce & Gabbana dream. I matched up the shrug at the sale and it honestly looks like it came together. I love sample sales for pieces just like this. Special. Unique. And it's the closest I'm gonna get to couture.

When I got the dress I immediately matched up my Kotur clutch from the Net a Porter sale. For some reason I don't seem to have a black satin evening shoe (go figure?!) so I matched up my patent leather Charlotte Olympia sample sale heels.

Head to toe:
  • Earrings: A.V. Max, sample sale, $4 (approx RV $40)
  • Dress & Shrug: Teri Jon, sample sale, $70 (est. retail $800)
  • Ring: Lionette double Ashley ring, sample sale, $20 (RV $135)
  • Bag: Kotur Fitzgerald perspex with dragon and tassel clutch, Net a Porter sale, $100 (RV $895)
  • Shoes: Charlotte Olympia x Agent Provocateur Bellatrix, sample sale, $150 (RV $895)
So retail value $2,765, and I spent $344. Not bad :)

You can shop my look here:

Thank you to my photographers. My husband got a little grumpy after 10 minutes of shooting (it's hard to tear him away from a smorgasbord) so I enlisted my SIL who was a good sport but took lots of blurry photos. I also grabbed a cousin who took the wall pics. It takes a village, people. I can't always take my trained Insta kids with me :)

So fashion week has begun. I hit several shows last week and I have a bunch this week too. Be sure to follow my Insta stories for a peek inside my adventures!


Monday, September 5, 2016

Wedding Wear and Wonder Woman.

Last weekend my brother got married.

Most fashion bloggers write a couple of lines and show lots of pics. I do the opposite. I like to share my story. Blogging is cheaper than therapy and I've always had a knack for writing.

My brother insisted we dress modestly so I needed something more covered up than usual. I ordered this Tadashi Shoji dress from Lord and Taylor with one day shipping and it arrived the day before the wedding. They only had a 4 and 8 and of course I need a 6. The 8 hung on me so I grabbed my shapewear and squeezed into the 4. Plus I figured that I could still wear it when I drop a few pounds.

From head to toe:
  • Earrings: AV Max Delicate Spike Ear Jacket (gifted, thanks guys!), RV $55
  • Dress: Tadashi Shoji, Lord and Taylor, $143.63 (plus $18 express shipping), RV $399 - but my mom paid so it was free for me :)
  • Bracelets: Vera Wang, sample sale, $20 each, RV $295 each
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo Crown, Nordstrom Rack, $172.48 (RV $695)

I also had a fascinator that I wore to the ceremony as well as my Rafe clutch that I forgot to shoot. Oh well.

I love my cuffs. I have a huge collection and often buy them in sets of two. It's a look inspired by my old boss that I affectionately called Psycho Jeanine (or not so affectionately LOL). She had these two clear Lucite Chanel cuffs that were amazing. I also like wearing bracelets in pairs because they make me feel like a modern day Wonder Woman. #accessorypower

All of my pieces (other than the earrings - still available on their website) are now sold out so I linked similar for you to shop my look :)

The wedding was held at Park East Synagogue on the Upper East Side. It's a lovely venue - but small for a Jewish wedding. I had over 550 people at my wedding as my husband is also one of seven kids and we both have lots of family. This wedding was only around 200 people so it was far more intimate than mine.

We arrived early as requested but there wasn't anywhere for us to get ready. My hair and makeup was done at home at 6am and luckily managed to hold up without a touchup. The bathrooms had dim lighting and I had to stand in the coat closet to steam out our clothing. As I was steaming the photographer arrived. He greeted me and started asking where everyone was. I said hello and told him I'd point everyone out. And then he asked if I was the mother of the groom.

F@#$%^&&*k you dude. I would have to have delivered my brother at the age of 5.

Thank you to my super talented son (who hopefully won't be a groom for another 15 years or so) who sweated with me in the heat and stood in the street to take most of my pictures.

Ella also shot a few pics but my little princess couldn't handle the heat LOL.

The bride and groom relented and ultimately invited some family kids to the wedding. They asked my girls and two of my cousin's kids to be flower girls just days before. Thank goodness for Amazon. My cousin's wife had selected these sleeveless dresses with the bride but by the time my girls were asked, they were sold out in sizing. Both of my girls are wearing a size 8 because that's all that was left. So even thou Ella is a head taller than Ava we made them work. Thank you to my cousin for supplying us with the long sleeve shirts (my brother insisted they wear long sleeves). They had tried ordering the Sophia Webster shoes for the girls but didn't get the right sizes and were short a pair, so we just wore our new Zelia shoes (thanks Nina Kids!) We added the socks post ceremony because it was the first time they were wearing them and I didn't want them to get blisters.

This shot was post wedding when they were shooting in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I learned the hard way that water can blur your photos - if you have a DSLR what setting do you use with running water?

I pulled off her long sleeve shirt so she'd be more comfortable. This leafy wreath was actually whipped up at the last minute when the florist screwed up and only brought floral crowns for half the flower girls. I actually think this one suits her. Ava got a much uglier wreath that we had to give back after because it was made for another part of the ceremony. My girls were so happy to be included in the wedding that they just went with it. My other brother's daughter moped the whole wedding because she wasn't asked to be a flower girl.

And now for the bride and groom. She's wearing a 2017 Tony Ward Couture gown that was customized at Kleinfeld, a Jennifer Behr headpiece, David Yurman earrings and Rene Caovilla heels, and he's wearing a navy Brunello Cucinelli tux and Louis Vuitton shoes. Her gown had an amazing train that took me almost an hour to bustle.

As one of seven kids, sometimes family relationships can get tricky. That's not to say I don't love all my siblings, but sometimes I may want to ring their necks. As the oldest girl (I'm #2 out of 7) I often took care of my brothers and sisters growing up. My youngest brothers like to joke I'm their mom, but mostly as a way of calling me old. On a stress meter, this wedding was a doozy. I typically like to eat my feelings so I managed to pack on a few extra pounds. That and a few other challenges hurled at me...let's just say I'm grateful it's over.

And now on to Fashion Week. I got a little lazy this year and depended on invites that showed up in my inbox. I was feeling a little insecure so I wasn't as aggressive as I was last season when I sent out over 100 emails. As always, not sure what I'll be wearing until I head out the door so stay tuned...

BTW, this weekend is Clear the Rack at Nordstrom Rack so if you have some time head to the Rack to score some goodies! All red and blue clearance tags are an extra 25% off thru September 5th. I skipped shopping on Friday to head to a waterfall with the family and yesterday we headed to a local free carnival with my nieces. Kids are back in school on Tuesday thank goodness.

Looking forward to a little freedom and kid-free shopping! Hope you're having a great weekend too :)


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