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Sunday, December 17, 2017

90's Vibes & Glitter Combat Boots

I'm not sure what's going on this year but it's cold AF here in NYC this fall. It's not even winter yet and we've had several rounds of snow and sub-freezing temperatures. This is when it's not even about what I'm wearing under my coat, it's all about my coats, hats, gloves, and shoes. I've been feeling lots of 90's vibes of late, which is funny because I lived it 20 years ago. I'm thinking my inspo has been from my new combat glitter boots which have quickly become seasonal favorites. Piling it on for the bitter cold it's so easy to look like Yeti - which is why I went for a little sparkle on my feet. For me, it's all about balance and proportion - and tons of fun, colorful pieces to make you stand out in the icy streets of New York City.

Rule #1: Don't be stupid. 

When it's cold out make sure you are fully covered. No matter how stupid you look. This H&M oversized coat is huge so I wanted to balance it with leggings and a bit of skin so you could see there was a person under all that material. Big mistake. Next time I'll be wearing taller socks or longer leggings. And don't worry, I only took my gloves off for the pic.

Rule #2: Invest in lots of cute coats and accessories. 

You don't have to look stupid to dress warm. The second you move to a colder climate make sure you fill your closet with colorful wool socks and hats, cashmere lined leather gloves, and lots of fur. I have some nieces and a nephew who just moved to NY for college that are learning that the hard way. I know some people consider fur a dirty word but repeat after me - faux fur is not warm. I typically buy thrifted second-hand fur or sample sale steals so I don't feel like I'm supporting the fur industry directly. I'm just giving it another life. Oh, and UGGs are your best friend when it's zero degrees out. I typically just wear mine as slippers around my house but when the temps drop, the UGGS go on. I found a metallic gold pair a few seasons back on sale at Neiman Marcus and they're actually pretty cute. As for coats, I always thrift mine or shop end of season, Last year I found a $100 camel coat for $3 at H&M on the sale rack and you wouldn't believe all the $20 coats I grabbed at Zara. Don't worry, those sales are coming soon...

Rule #3: Layers are your friend. 

Don't be afraid to pile it on. The other day I wore 2 coats layered and I almost wish I had a third. If you don't have a heavy duty down coat you can easily layer up a light puffer under a pretty wool coat. This season's oversized coats totally accommodate several layers. Plus layering is good because while it's freezing outside, it's usually super hot inside. Like tank-top hot. Seriously, what's up with that?

From head to toe:

  • Hat: H&M, $1 (sale rack!)
  • Sunglasses: Jason Wu, sample sale, $20
  • Coat: H&M, $30 (on sale from $199!)
  • Dress: Zara, $22.90
  • Bag: Balenciaga, Nordstrom Rack (75% off)
  • Leggings: Spanx, Kohls c/o
  • Shoes: LF/ Life, c/o

Last week I had the craziest day in NYC. It was the morning that a bomb went off in the Port Authority bus terminal - and of course I was headed to 42nd street for a little sample sale action. Luckily the photo shoot on the Upper West Side that I was styling (scroll down to read more about it!) got moved up so I hitched a ride into the City with them and by the time I headed down most of the mess downtown had cleared up. After a few sales (including Stella McCartney!) I got to meet Drew Barrymore at her Dear Drew pop up. She actually asked me what was on my shirt and I hadn't a clue LOL. I honestly picked up this sweatshirt dress in Zara because I liked the shape. I already have a similar Zara one in black (seen here) that I wore to Fashion Week that gets me so many complements. I'm actually exhausted because I've been so busy, but I realize it's a blessing and just keep pushing.

You can shop my style - and some fun colorful (and warm!) winter accessories here:

Photos this week are by the amazing Eitan Bernath. Eitan is celeb chef that I've been styling for red carpets and events and he just got featured by Instagram on their page TODAY. And did I mention he's just 15 years old??!! Check out his Instagram feature here and his page here. A couple weeks back I got an excited phone call that Instagram called him to interview him and feature him on their page and stories. We had just a couple days to pull together a few looks to shoot for his feature, so one quick shopping trip and a couple hours in his closet (which I've been building with him) and we were ready. Here's a quick behinds the scenes of his NYC shoot. These were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I love my phone and can't wait to upgrade - I hear the 9 is coming out soon! FYI, with this phone you really have to buy the phone specific to your carrier or you could have issues.

The tee shirt is his own but all the jackets and sweater are Zara and the jeans are Forever 21, Sneakers are of course $50 Jimmy Choo sample sale finds. I stocked him up big time on Choos. Check out these loafers he wore to an event not too long ago. That was actually the first look we worked on together. I wish my shoe closet was that good at 15.

Post shoot he took a few pics of me and then I turned the camera around and took a few of him in front of a graffitied truck that was parked right next to us.

You can actually see that truck driving away from us in this one. And don't let his smile fool you. It was insanely cold out.

Be sure to head to his Insta and/or his Insta feature to show him some love!

I have another busy weeks ahead - lots of holiday events that I can't wait to share - and a few more sample sales on my radar. Last week I stocked up on my favorite gloves at the Carolina Amato sample sale. Her sale is the only one worth mentioning right now and is on thru Tuesday so you can still pop by and see what's left. This time of year the pre-holiday sample sales sales are mostly giftables (think cashmere, candles, makeup and jewelry) but every so often something good pops up out of nowhere. When that happens I always share on my Insta stories so be sure you are following along so you don't miss a sale!

Amato New York
December 18-19, 9-5:30
270 West 38th Street, Suite 902

Happy shopping!




  1. I wish I can wear layers! but Miami is always too hot for that. Great styling and colors. I adore your sunnies and the bag. The prices for both an incredibly amazing. Thank you for sharing! xx. Gina

    Happy Week Ahead!

  2. Wow! You can certainly wear layers like no one else I’ve seen! Love the entire look so much and it was definitely needed after this extremely cold weekend! I always enjoy seeing you out and about in your city and really love this dress and cap so much!!!! Omg ! Can’t believe the cap was $1!!! Also enjoyed being introduced to the fabulous Eitan! Thank you so much!

  3. I can't imagine how cold it must be over there right now! I actually would suck at dressing for such cold weather but definitely agree with not being stupid when dressing for such drastic weather changes! Layering with oversized coats is always a favourite of mine - not that it ever gets cold enough here in Sydney haha!

    H x

    1. I can't imagine living where it never snows. So jelly right now...

  4. This is such a cute look! I especially love your glitter boots and beanie! :)

    xo, Chloe // https://funinthecloset.com/reviving-clothing/

  5. LOVE this look you really nailed with the layers. I love wearing layers and actually this was the first time in years I was able to experience winter-cold weather so I could mix and match my layers- its very fun. BTW so obsess with those glitter combat boots:)


    1. Cold weather is fun for a while - but you get sick of it quickly LOL

  6. I like this hip and cool street style look. We haven't had the weather opportunity to layer here in LA but it would def be my style of choice when I head out in the evening. I love your photoshot with Eitan, I can't believe he was wearing short sleeve tee in this freezing weather!!

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

    1. Thanks! And he was a good sport - it was actually his idea to strip down too. Anything for the gram!

  7. I wish, I knew how to layer my outfit to look chic. But i am so bad at layering. Winter is definitely time when you can show all your coats and accessories. I am glad that where I live right now, it is not that cold. And I can easily keep shooting my sweater outfits.


    1. You're so lucky! As for layering my belief is to not try so hard. Just pile it on until it looks right LOL.

  8. Did I tell you already, how much I adore your style, girl! And this outfit is no exception! Always so stylish and a bit grungy! I've noticed so many references the 90's recently too! This oversized coat looks so good together with the glitter boots! Totally my style! :)

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

    1. Aww thanks! I'm not sure why but I've been feeling the 90s again. I think it's all the oversized silhouettes...

  9. Hey Darling:)
    How are you?
    Obsessed with your Look:)
    How Cute and Pretty:)
    That boots are just Amazing with the Full Look:)
    Wish you Happy Holidays
    Love Kisses Karina

  10. I think I followed your step 2 a little too much. I recently bought 10 new coats, during Black Friday to be exact. Also glad you avoided the mess at Port Authority; sounds like a pretty scary situation. Eitan did such a great job with these photos too, btw! I love kids who are multitalented. So cool he’s a chef!


  11. Your tips or rules are always good advices. About layering we need w la lot here in Italy is very cold and I’m always cold and get flu on the winter.Like a subscription:) the layering isn’t definitely the best way. Your sale shoppings are always the bests :)
    Wishva good luck to Eltan nice shoot

  12. I wasn't sure about the comeback of the 90's, but I'm really diggin this trend now.

    The boots are a great statement and will look amazing all year long, love it!



  13. Totally stand by these rules still! Hope you're keeping warm!

    xo, Jennifer

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