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Thursday, December 21, 2017

10 Things Fashion Girls Need From Amazon RIGHT NOW.

I'm sure by now you've read a bajillion gift guides by people telling you what you need. So I'm just gonna share what this fashion girl loves and swears by that's available on Amazon.com right now - most for $30 or less! And bonus if you order today you can get most of these delivered to you (or your loved one) in 2 days or less. While most of these are more practical gifts, they are all super useful, and thoughtful nonetheless.

Some of the links in my post are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and purchase that item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Thank you for supporting my shoe habit.

1. Collonil Waterstop

If you're a designer bag or shoe hoarder like myself, you need to take care of your goods to maximize their lifetime. When I invest (be it on the cheap), I want my leathers to last for a good 20+ years. Some people buy a Gucci and expect to wear it for a year and pass it along. I'm a collector and I want to still wear that Gucci in 20 years and then be able to pass it along to my girls. Fashion is cyclical and everything comes back. And if something is quality it's gonna last if you take care of it. Once a year I pull out my favorite bags and shoes that need a little loving and treat them as needed. My #1 product in my leather care arsenal is Collonil Waterstop. For about 11 bucks you have piece of mind that your bag will be protected if you get caught in the rain - and it helps protect from dirt too. The second I get a new bag I spray on a couple light coats. Be sure to do it outside so you don't have to breathe it in. It's not for all materials but it works for most leathers. It says it's for smooth leathers only but it's fine on most suede and nubuk too. If you're really paranoid you can always order the special Nubuck & Velours version here. I've used several brands over the years but this in my favorite for my high end bags and shoes.

2. Leather Honey

I use Leather Honey to condition my leather jackets, shoes or bags that look a little dry. Every thrifter needs a bottle. A little goes a long way - you just rub it on lightly with a soft cloth and let it dry.

3. Sunglasses Organizer

I just purchased my third one of these and I LOVE them. If it's sold out (they keep selling out and restocking) you can try this similar one too. I shared my new one on my Insta stories recently and you guys went gaga for it. I wear a lot of sunglasses and it's annoying to store them in their oddly shaped boxes. This one stores 18 pairs which is probably enough storage for most people. Just not me LOL. I just grab a case and choose a pair before I head out the door every morning. For about $20 it's a no-brainer of a gift.

4. Velvet Hangers

When I'm organizing someone's closet, the first thing I do is buy them new hangers. I used to be brand loyal to one brand but since they started breaking too - I no longer discriminate. They're all gonna break at some point, so just look for ones with better reviews or ones that don't feel flimsy. What I love about these is that your clothing does not slide off, plus they are super thin so you can fit a ton in your closet. Price-wise, I look for hangers that are about $.50 or less. I usually just get black and silver so they always match but these pink ones are calling my name. If you do buy a color buy a ton so they match. Otherwise be prepared to mix colors in your closet.

5. Korres Mascara

I first got hooked on Korres mascaras after finding it in Sephora. And for almost 10 years now it's the only brand I'll wear. They have several varieties but honestly I love them all. I have super sensitive eyes and I love that it's more natural and non irritating. But most importantly, it gives my lashes a long fanned out, non-clumpy look in just a stroke or two. I honestly don't know why more people don't use it. As a beauty blogger I've tried so many high end mascaras and I have yet to find one that even comes close. I wear the black but it also comes in brown. They don't really sell it in the US and very few places sell it online. Buy one and thank me later. Your welcome.

6. Glittery Phone Cases

So I must be in the 1% of bloggers who does not have an iPhone. I get offers from companies for free cases daily, but of course they're all for iPhones. I'm so jelly of everyone with multiple cute cases. Don't get me wrong, I love my industrial black one that keeps my phone super-safe, but sometimes a girl needs to switch it up. Problem is, my giant phone has a hard time fitting into tiny bags, especially with a heavy duty case. I just ordered this glittery one for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It's not hard plastic so it won't crack (it's rubbery) and you know I love me some glitter.

7. Ring Light

I'm literally about to pull the trigger on a ring light and maybe a tripod. I've been thinking of getting into YouTube and need a few supplies first. There are a couple brands (Diva and Neewer) I keep hearing about but this one is the cheaper one - and has pretty good reviews. If you have one please let me know which one you have - and why you love/hate it.

8. Camera Lenses

I recently ordered a 24mm lens for my Canon DSLR because I love prime lenses. If your camera comes with a lens kit you basically need to toss it. I'm really a novice when it comes to my camera (I still shoot on auto) but I do know that the lens makes a difference. The lenses I really want are all over $1,000 but a 50mm or a 40mm will give you great photos for a little over $100 - sometimes less if you can find one used or refurb. I know everyone talks about the 'nifty fifty' but I personally prefer my 40mm. With the 24mm you loose some of the depth of the 40mm but it's great for group shots or landscapes. What's great about these pancake lenses is that while you can't zoom in or out, you get a great lightweight lens that's easy to put on your camera and toss in your bag. My camera fits right in my Chanel so it's easy for when I'm on the go.

9. Blistex Lip Medex

Blistex Lip Medex is the only cure for dry winter lips. I'm not kidding. I love the menthol and I sometimes put it on or under my nose when I'm feeling sick or stuffy - totally helps me breathe. After just a treatment or two your lips will be super soft and healed. These little blue tubs are magic. Recently I ran out and couldn't find it in Target and was happy to find it online....until my husband found some in the dollar store LOL. All I can say is stock up, it's gonna be a long winter.

10. Sexi Flips

I've raved about these so many times and I don't know why everyone doesn't have a pair or two in their closet yet. These Sexi Flip Crocs are genius. They are super light and comfortable and can easily be popped into your bag when you're on the go. I often wear these into the City and bring my heels in a tote. I'm headed to Miami soon for winter break with the kids so I'll probably be ordering a new pair pretty soon. Like any Crocs the soles do wear out and they stretch so you have to replace them every 6 months (depending on how often you wear them). If mine stretch out and still have some life left in them, I usually pass them along to my niece who's a size larger than me. Despite their thin straps, I've never had a pair break on me. The closed back keeps them on your feet and make them super comfortable for driving too. Love!

What are your favorite things to order on Amazon? Honestly I don't know how we managed before free 2-day shipping.

So this layered look is pretty much head to toe repeats other than my new Target boots. Read all about my rules of layering for winter in my last post, here. I've been looking for something cute and comfortable to wear in the rain and snow, as most of my boots are velvet or suede - or too delicate for extreme weather. And while I typically hate dupes (I'd rather wait to get the real thing on sale...or not get it at all), I practically stole these from Target on sale for $25. They're sold out online but you can buy online and pick up in-store if you can locate them near you. I drove 25 minutes out just to pick up mine. Right now they're full price which is still under $40 - and worth every penny.

Photos by @littlefashionstylist who stood in the freezing cold with me (without gloves!) to take my pics. Now that's friendship.

Nothing amazing on the sample sale front. Department store sales are heating up and I actually did really well at H&M the other day. I scored a $199 coat for $30 and a few other goodies. I suggest you take a peek at your local stores.

Happy holidays! Feel free to comment below with any questions about my faves - or if you need any tips to treat your leather goods I'm happy to share :)




  1. I love this post for two reasons - I'm obsessed with Amazon Prime and how fast the shipment comes because I am a slacker when it comes to gifts and I love this post because everything is super affordable! These are great gift ideas and never thought about how you should coat your bags or your leather jackets. I have those velvet hangers for myself and the kids and love them to death bc your clothes don't slide off! Not sure I am into those Sexi Flips but I can see how you need light and easy Flips for the city. Ohhh I'm tempted to get that ring light...let me know how you light it when you get it! Thanks for sharing all these amazing gift ideas! xoxo, Christine

    1. Amazon is the best! And yes - always protect your stuff! Will LYK which ring light I get!

  2. crocs! i consider myself a croc advocate (among many other things) and i have these and love them. my crocs have been all over the world, and none have ever broken. i literally just ordered two more pairs this morning with codes and deals, and no one ever believes such cute shoes are crocs. also, definitely looking into this mascara, thanks!

    1. LOL I won't do most Crocs but these are so insanely chic. I do have some crocs that have broken but luckily never this style.

  3. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    First you look sooo Adorable in that Beanie and Coat:)
    Love the Winter Style photos sooo much:)
    The Gift ideas really Perfect, I would have some nice from your List for sure:)
    Happy Holidays:)
    Love, Kisses Karina

  4. I love those velvet hangers-they're my favorite! I need to try the leather honey!


    1. Right? And yes - get some leather honey asap! Make sure to get the spray too!

  5. YESSS!! I have been looking for a sunglass holder for ages now!! I actually really want a cabinet because I have close to 100 pairs and my drawers are just over-filling now!! Also those ring lights are a dream when you need to video anything inside!!

    Helen xx

    1. Until I have the space for a cabinet I'll just keep getting these - and you can't beat the price!

  6. OMG I need that sunglasses organizer!!! I have like 50 pairs laying randomly in a draw and I can never find which one is in which box!! Such a great buy! and I want that Sexi Flips too!! Thanks for sharing girl !

    xx, Jessie

    1. You do! Get a few organizers! There is nothing worse than scratched up sunnies!

  7. Great Gift Ideas, I really like sunglasses organizer. Because I own over 20 sunglasses and put them in one box and they ended up being scratches. Shame on me, I am not very careful gal. But this organizer is a must-have! I am gonna order it when we move to our new home ;)


    1. Thanks! And oh no - scratches are the worst! Get one ASAP!

  8. Love all of your selection , girl! All of them are perfect gifts and I personally love the sunglasses organizer. I will definitely check it ou because I was looking for one. I also love the ring lamp, it's perfect for Youtube or any kind of videos.
    Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!


  9. Wow, girl! Those things are so simple yet so necessary! As a YouTuber, I would say that the Ring Light is a must-have! I have the one from Neewer and I'm so happy with it. The most useful thing ever! As for the camera lenses, you can't have too many of them, haha! :) Thanks for sharing all of it! And dare I say, that you look so lovely in this coat! Such a classy look, babe!

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

  10. So.... I'm in love with this list and bought MANY of these items for myself this season! lol. They were needs right?! I have a new lens on the way from Amazon and I also purchased a small cannon powershot for vlogging. The leather protecter is always a must have! If there was a lady that every needed a sunglass holder.... I just FINALLY got mine organized! So excited for that! It's the little things! I need to check out the ring though! I've put off investing in one because I haven't been doing much Youtube stuff but will be doing more soon so thanks for the recommendation.

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

    1. Yes! It's all about the little things! And I want to hear about your powershot. I was thinking I'd just use my DSLR...

  11. Its been a long time since my last shopping in Amazon and reading your article now I think I have an excuse to shop again!! Love that ring light, the glitter case and that sunglasses organiser!! Definitely need to check these out. Thanks for the recommendations.


  12. These things all sound so good. The hangers are useful for sure.

  13. I always forget about amazon for stuff like this. I have never been so sick of buying hangers in my life. I am one of those people who have mix matched colors haha. Lately my lips have been super dry and nothing has been working! I am so excited to try Blistex Lip Medex next :)


  14. Amazon is my danger zone!! I can literally spend HOURS just browsing at everything, for myself, the home, the kids. I love finding deals on camera lenses and looking for designer dupe bags hahaha. Great post!

    xo Sheree

  15. I loved these post and the items you shared! Especially the first two you shared, soo important!
    Happy holidays!

  16. Welcome this post. Such a paractical items yes I need some of them. Especially the sunglasses holder, the round lamp, the leather honey ( never heard before) but I bought the water stop spray ;)
    Whish You a great 2018

  17. Wow i didn’t realize there were so many amazing things on amazon. I definitely want another cool lens so I’ll have to look into that when I’m ready. Loving the Korres mascara. I’ve never tried it but now i feel like i have to!

  18. I've been actually looking for something to protect my handbags and also something to clean them. I have a white Gucci bag and it's an absolute nightmare to wear it with any other color that isn't white because it gets stained.

    The sunglasses organizer is also something I've been missing in my dressing room.

    Happy 2018!

  19. What Amazing products you have shared in this post!
    Hello sunglasses storage i didn’t even know there was one ,I hate all my boxes piling up,great idea.
    I really should spray my bags shoes with a protection spray too.
    Happy new year.
    Natalia k


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