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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Extended Winter Blues

Today I spent the day editing the last of my winter looks - though thanks to this unseasonably chilly weather I could have taken my pretty little time because I could have worn this look today had I wanted to. I lived in this blue plaid shirtdress from Target ALL WINTER (as seen previously here). It was seriously the best $11 bucks I spent all season.

Of my final winter looks I wanted to share this one first as a reminder that the Phillip Lim sample sale is just around the bend. I scored my adorable Pashli Mini Messenger for just $200 a few sales ago (read about it here). Scroll down for sale deets - with my other NYC sample sale picks for the week :)

From head to toe:
  • Hat: BeMine NYC, Macy's Backstage, $12.99 but used gift card they gifted me
  • Sunglasses: Moschino, Century 21, free with rewards (Century price $60, RV $295)
  • Necklace: AV Max NYC, sample sale, $10 (RV $70)
  • Dress: Merona, Target, $11 (on sale!)
  • Vest: Coalition LA, gifted
  • Coat: H&M, $30, on sale from $199
  • Gloves: Carolina Amato, sample sale, $15
  • Bag: Pashli Mini Messenger, 3.1 Phillip Lim sample sale, $200 (RV $825)
  • Pom Pom: Adrienne Landau, Century 21, $20
  • Boots: Sergio Rossi Rockstar Boots, sample sale, $25!!! (RV $1,260)

My formula this season has pretty much been a shirtdress + coat + hat + designer shoes and/or bag. I've been covering up more as my weight increases - and not for modesty sake. When the weight comes off, so do the clothes LOL. I gained another 8 lbs. this Passover and I'm having a hard time getting my eating under control. My sister and SIL cooked up a storm for the holiday and I just had to try everything. I'm now 186 - which really is the biggest I've ever been. To put it in perspective I got married at 123 and maybe I was a little too skinny then. I know I still look good - with a little confidence and the right clothing I think anyone could look good at any weight. I just don't feel right at this weight. I'm really flexible but I had a hard time painting my toe nails last week. And my energy is gone. I think I'm just in a funk and waiting for the sun to come out already. I have a closet full of gorgeous stuff that doesn't fit and I still can't seem to get motivated. I know what I'm supposed to do. I've lost the weight before - but it's all back and then some. What do you do to snap out of a funk?

You can shop my style below:

Once again, thanks to my super talented 12 year old son (it was just his birthday on the 15th) for this round of photos.

Right now we have a HUGE problem. There are just so many darn good sample sales. I try to pick my faves and not go to all of them anymore because it's so easy to blow money on things you don't really need when you get caught up in all the excitement. That said, I do get FOMO when I miss a good one when I'm trying to be good. Tomorrow I'm heading in for a few so we'll see if I can behave.

Karen Millen went stupid cheap and tomorrow is their last day. Manolo Blahnik also popped up for a one day sale and Edie Parker also opens tomorrow. Balenciaga has a private sale that I'll be checking on and I'll also be attending the Nina Shoes preview with my girls - so be sure to check my Insta stories tomorrow for my adventure.

Also on my radar is Rebecca Minkoff coming next month (yay!) but as always stay tuned for updates!

Manolo Blahnik
April 27, 11-3
Warwick New York Hotel, 65 W 54th St

Karen Millen
April 27, 11-7
Clothingline, 261 West 36th Street, 2nd Fl

Edie Parker
April 27-28
Th 9-8, F 9-5
Bryant Park Hotel, 40 West 40th Street, 24th Floor Terrace Loft

Oscar de la Renta April 25-30
T 10-7, W-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-4
260 Sample Sale, 151 Wooster Street

3.1 Phillip Lim
May 2-7
T 11-8, W 9-8, Th 10-8, F-Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5
260 Sample Sale, 150 Greene Street

Rebecca Minkoff
May 8-14
M 11-8, T-F 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 11-4
260 Sample Sale, 260 Fifth Avenue

Happy shopping!

Michelle the Overwhelmed Shopper



  1. Cute outfit! Didn't end up doing any shopping on my trip, just eating/touristy things, but that just means I'll need to come back! Can't wait to see what you score at the sales :)
    I know what you mean about being in a funk...I think I'll gonna try to get outside more and spend time w friends. Hopefully the sun comes out for you soon!

    1. Thanks May! No shopping? Really? Guess you're just gonna have to come back :)

  2. I love this outfit so much! you look great!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read, maybe we can follow each other's blogs and social media?


    Deepti xx

  3. You look amazing babe! And thanks for being so real. I think all girls go through this.
    I'm definitely an emotional eater and for the past 3 years I've been gaining some weight here and there, and now that I think about it we are talking about 20 pounds, which is crazy!
    Anyway, I just started the gym again and I'm trying to get back on track. My advice is for you to take baby steps and live one day at a time! You don't look bad at all, but I understand what is like not to feel your best!
    Anyway, you look gorgeous as usual babe! Def let's set up a shopping date when I'm in NY!

    1. Thanks Aimara. It just need to click for me and then I'll get back on track.

  4. Love the bag with the pom pom- so cute! Also, I highly recommend the "Intuitive Eating" book. $7 on amazon prime and their philosophy is great.


    1. Thanks Shira. I think you mentioned that book to me a while back - and I grabbed it at the library. Not sure if I actually read it LOL.

  5. I can't believe your son took all these great photos! He def knows how to capture you and this fun and creative look! This look is def a high-low mix of Target, Philip Lim and $25 Sergio Rossi!! I love the pom poms and even the gloves have fur details. So many fun sample sales, I can't wait to see what you scored.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

    1. Thanks Sheree. And I think the only thing I purchased for myself was a pair of earrings. The girls got a bunch of stuff thou :)

  6. I've noticed that you have such an extensive collection of coats! I love them all. You looked so stunning in those photos!

    xx, Jessie

    1. I do - I get them cheap and they totally make an outfit :) Thanks Jessie!

  7. This is such a chic look; I really love your winter outfit combo. You always have the perfect mix of branded and high street pieces in your looks. And I love how you score such amazing deals. You look absolutely perfect to me, but only we as individuals know how much weight we have really gained. But trust me, you style your looks so well, no one would ever know :). And these pictures are gorgeous, it's so amazing that your son took these shots, he is so talented.


    1. Thanks Sarah. I do love my high-low mix. But I just want to fit my stuff.

  8. Love that bag and these layers!

    xo, Jennifer

  9. Hey Beautiful Michele,
    Your Son is sooo Good Photographer:)
    Loved the Blue Shades of the Dress and the Print too:)
    You Make always sooo Good Looks and that Bag...to die for:)
    Can't wait to see your Spring Looks:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Tuesday

    1. Thanks Karina. He is getting pretty good. It's easier to have him shoot me than a stranger at this point because he knows what I'm looking for LOL

  10. First of all, you look FIERCE. I'm always amazed by the deals you manage to snag. Thanks for sharing the sample sales also, too bad I read this too late because I would have loved to go to the Manolo sale. How was it?! And as for getting out of a funk, and getting back in shape, one thing that always gets me back in the groove is to hire a personal trainer or fitness coach. Group classes really bring out my competitive spirit too. Once you start and see results it will become addictive :)
    xo Lani | www.withlovefromlani.com

    1. Thank you Lani. You didn't miss much at Manolo because resellers tend to hoard and prices aren't even that amazing. Wait for Jimmy Choo which is coming this month! I'm pretty competitive so maybe it's time to try classes again...

  11. I love it! Shirt dresses are seriously my absolute fave! A Manolo sale sounds like seriously a dream! I feel like even if it starts to get warm you can still wear this out with gladiators or ankle booties! You really can wear this through the beginning of summer!

    1. I actually just wore it the other day but it is flannel so it's kinda heavy and thick so it really needs to get put away already LOL

  12. Love the chill factor (no pun intended!) of the shirtdress and the boots! You look so chic! xo, Jessica

  13. These Sergio Rossi boots are so gorgeous! They add a bold twist to the look! Loving it! And I must say, for the 12 year old boy, your son did an amazing job! Literally, can't believe it! Well done!

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

  14. Thanks for sharing with us your sorry state of mind as much because the extra pounds are tremendous when increasing and its very important to send them away , fatigue is that I put careful not to put so many more and react in time. Advice I can give you is to seek a nutritionist and go running in the morning or make physical activity an hour before breakfast so you changes the metabolism and speeds up everything. Best wishes for your little son.❤️

    1. Like I said, I know what to do it's just getting into that state of mind. But a nutritionist is a good idea - I've never worked with one before - maybe it's time...

  15. Super cute outfit! I'm always inspired by your finds! I like to think that I'm good at finding designer for 60-70% off but then I see the savings like you got on your boots and I know you are the queen! Love your bag too! Another lust worthy steel! I so get where you are coming from. I've gained 10 in two weeks.... I think a lot of it is my salt and sugar intake. I always get motivated when I start feeling tired or over all un well. That's not to say I'm motivated enough to work out lol usually I just get serious about eating better. I feel like it used to be easier to be motivated before getting married and having kids. If I'm being honest... I just don't care as much now. lol Happy early birthday to your son! That is so awesome that he takes your pics!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

    1. Thanks! I used to be happy with 60-70 off until I realized I could do 90% or better LOL.

  16. Once again a huge shout out and happy birthday to your star photographer to be son as he did an amazing job capturing this look. On another note, if you hadn't told your current weight I wouldn't even have paid it any attention as you look perfect, but just like you stated, with the right amount of self confidence you can pull anything off, even some extra weight, haha. In my eyes you look amazing no matter what!


    1. Thanks Thomas. It's funny because I've really only "done" social media bigger - so you guys don't know how tiny I was - which is why this is really hard for me. There's a reason I didn't get behind a camera for 10 years. I'm trying to make my peace but every so often I get a little frustrated.

  17. You really are a vision dear! I always love looking at your blog and see what's your latest finds. you look amazing babe and what do you mean about your current weight? I think you look fabulous but I also totally feel you about this case. i am going thru the same situation. more gym i guess hahaha

    1. Thanks Darlene. Like I said I'm over 180 lbs which is a lot for my height. I'm great at hiding it but I don't want to have to hide so much anymore. And I'm not one of those girls who's gonna just let it all hang out. But yeah, more gym would probably help...I just need a few more hours in the day LOL

  18. OMg, I really want to move to NY just for sample sales haha. Anyway, I love how you layered your outfit. Hard to believe that you gained more weight. To be honest, I cant imagine you different. I like how you look! My friend actually signed for some kind of program to exercise every day while watching what your trainer tells you to do, she got abs already after a month. I wish I get this motivation, I'm lazy too haha


    1. They are amazing. I keep looking for a leather jacket for you. Rebecca Minkoff is next week - LMK if you want me to grab you one from there. And abs in a month sounds amazing. Don't know if I could do that post-kids thou...

  19. I just have to start with this: no matter what your weight, you are always killing it with your looks! I think what's important more than anything else is knowing *how* to dress for your body shape and height, and you hit the nail on the head everytime. I've lived in shirtdresses all winter long as well, so I completely feel you on that. Also, how in the world did you get those boots for $25??? Seriously in awe! And I'm sorry to hear you're in a funk. I bet it's just seasonal though and once the sun comes out and warms everything up, you'll be in higher spirits :) If nothing else, our upcoming event together will definitely help ;) Also will you be doing a review on any of your recent sample sale finds? I'm dying to see what you got at the Balenciaga sale! I'm trying to be good this spring and purchasing less items, so I need to live vicariously through others lol!

    xo Soo | www.BrownEyedToast.com

    1. Thanks Soo. The boots were from a Sergio Rossi sample sale a while back. The last day they blew out shoes starting at $25 - so I grabbed everything in my size LOL. Didn't buy anything at Bal - resellers hoarded and the selection wasn't as good as last year anyway. Saving my money for Choo and Minkoff this month!


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