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Thursday, February 9, 2017

LookBooker x LeHoarder

I'm all about efficiency. As a mom of three who's always on the go, I'm always looking for life hacks to make things easier. When LookBooker reached out to me to check out their app I was all over it. LookBooker is a great way to discover and book new salons and spas near you, and pay thru your phone - tipping too! I downloaded the app, signed in and booked a mani-pedi at Allure Day Spa and Hair Design in NYC. Easy peasy. Sign up here to get $10 off your first appointment! It was so nice to take the time to pamper myself, which is something I rarely do.

After my morning at the Spa I did a little 5th Ave window shopping. When I'm on the go I put on comfortable shoes and bundle up. It's cold out there! Decided to take my $685 Stuart Weitzman boots for a spin. Did I mention I found them for a penny (yes, $0.01) at Nordstrom Rack last year?

From head to toe:
  • Hat: Maniere Zccessories, Zulily, $0.99 (I had $25 in credit, RV $50)
  • Sunglasses: Moschino, Century 21, free with rewards (Century price $60, RV $295)
  • Dress: Merona, Target, $11 (on sale!)
  • Coat: H&M, $30, on sale from $199
  • Gloves: Carolina Amato, sample sale, $15
  • Bag: Jimmy Choo Blare tote, sample sale, $250 (RV $3,050)
  • Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Nordstrom Rack, $0.01 (RV $685)

You can shop my look here:

My photos were taken by the adorable @littlefashionstylist Belle, so I in turn, took hers. Just looking at her outfit, she's wearing stuff from 4 different sample sales that I dragged her to. (Two points if you can name them!) I love hanging out with her because she keeps me young and I think it's funny that I'm 42 and she's 24. It was last Fashion Week when I was at a party all by myself when she marched up to me and said hello - and we've been fast friends ever since :)

I'm not sure how she escaped frostbite that day. It was COLD.

So it's NYFW and there's a snowstorm out there. I decided to play hooky and take the morning to blog and catch up. I'm still considering running in to party tonight but we shall see...

It's been a while since I shared my blogger mail. I had a pretty big stack waiting for me when I got back from Florida.

Popsugar sent me their Must Have Box to try. In January's box there were lots of goodies to give you a fresh start for 2017. You can take $5 off your first box with the code SHOP5. Click here to check it out!

Influenster sent me this VoxBox and I feel like I've been demoted. After a few good ones, they sent me another box of random stuff. What I hate about it, is that for each item/brand they give you a to do list of several tasks to accomplish to earn badges and more VoxBoxes. There are seven brands in this box - so multiply that and it's like 20+ different tasks. It's not gonna happen. So I'm gonna share this one pic and say thank you. It's too much work for a few inexpensive free samples. Send me the good stuff Influenster!

On the Nordstrom Rack front, it's pretty dead. I went in because I got an email that they were getting designer shipments but they didn't have anything when I got there. I did find these socks for a penny each last week. I've been stalking those Smart Wool socks. I like to layer them with my tights when it's freezing out.

As for Century 21 - 90% off has hit. I reported it on my Instastories but you should also be following my @shoppinggalscloset Insta page where I post more of my deals. Head to the downtown NYC location for the best deals. And don't bother online for this sale. I didn't find anything but I'm a little spoiled by the good ole days and nothing impressed me.

In sample sale land it's also pretty slow. There are always sales, just not many of note. Wait for the Spring for them to start up again. For now head to Century to see what you can find!

This post has been sponsored by LookBooker and Popsugar - thanks guys!

Michelle the Busy Momma



  1. Our mutual friend Daphne P. is the BEST person I know at finding penny Rack treasures, but it never seems to work for me. Maybe because I'm not in a major-market city?! Sighhh. Either way, totally jealous - & totally agree about Influenster!

    1. Hahaha I totally got her hooked on it - she is really good at it! Without the app it's so much harder to hunt but after a while you develop an eye for it. All you really need is a store with lazy employees thou LOL.

    2. I love when worlds collide :)

      <3 you both!

  2. I've been hearing so much about this LookBooker app and must look into it! I love that you found your Stuart Weiztman boots for a penny! Seriously?! What I also love is your honesty about the Influenster box...you are hilarious! Thanks for the candid reviews on those boxes. xoxo, Christine

    1. You should - and $10 off is almost a free mani :) And thanks - I don't penny hunt much anymore but it was a good run while it lasted...

  3. Never heard of the app before, but will definitely give it a go! Can't believe you always find things for such a low price #goals. And that influenster box, haha. You go girl! Say what you stand for :-) XO

    1. Yeah - I'm so disappointed with influenster. Nobody has time for that...

  4. that sounds like such a great app! Honestly I dont think i even know what's around me half the time and I've been living in this the same for the place 7 years haha! Just wondering does this app work for places outside the US? Because I currently live in Canada!
    Also wow all the goodies in that box!! It's like christmas every time you receive a package hehe


  5. First time that I hear about this app and it sounds so amazing. I would definitely love to try it out!!! thanks for sharing :))

    Happy weekend, xx Gina

  6. Nice app never hear before. Lovely pic and outfits.
    About Influenster great truth anyway we're not here to work for free ;)
    sending love from Italy

  7. Both these looks ultra fab! Also, thanks for sharing with us about this app. I actually never heard of it before so I'll definitely need to check it out.


  8. Your friend is so stylish!! You guys are quite the pair! I love finding handy new apps like this, such a useful idea!
    xx Jenelle

  9. Belle is such a babe in her outfit! Sorry I can't name the pieces she's wearing, but thats awesome most of them were bought at sample sales!

  10. I think lookbooker is just for the States right? It's a pity as we'd need something similar over here too.
    Regarding Influenster... that was a whole lotta crap for 20 something tasks?!? I mean jeez, get real. Not gonna happen, just like you said.
    Your photo shoots were both very beautiful (despite being cold) and I hope you ended up at NYFW to catch at least some of the festivities :)


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hey Darling
    How are you?
    Really Love your Outfit, Blue is my Color and that Dress is so Chic:) Looks super Comfortable:) Your Friend is Beautiful;)
    Love Kisses
    Happy Weekend
    Open Kloset By Karina

  13. I so enjoy your post every week! I think I heard about this app about a month ago and since my schedule is so tight as a mother too it's certainly a great tool! Both of your outfits are seriously gorgeous and PLEASE TAKE ME TO A SAMPLE SALE TOO! lol. Stay warm beauty and have a great weekend!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  14. Such an amazing post.

  15. This is one app I have never heard of, but it seems as if I need to get it downloaded asap. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


  16. Wow ! Can you believe I never heard of this app? I definitely need it and I'm just so overwhelmed by your entire outfit ! That bag is a total must have and the blue and black colors on you are outstanding!

  17. Love that leopard bag and your layered look! Oh my gosh, I stopped doing Influenser too, who has time for all of that for a few not so great samples, not moi either! That App sounds amazing and I'm with everything else, never heard of it, thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to next weekend with some big sales to shop hopefully :)


  18. Wow! This sounds like a perfect app to find something worthy! I love your style, it's very chic and elegant, and these photos of your friends, they're just adorable! I'm also do everything on the go, so it's very important for me to be aware of all the events and sales going on. Great post!
    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

  19. I have been wanting to try the lookbooker app and I finally got to read this post. I will for sure be using it now. Thank you for sharing the $10 off coupon. Also, I cannot believe you got those SW boots for a penny. That is so cool. Adore your friends booties and socks as well. xo shalini www.styledevotee.com

  20. Your boots look too amazing to cost $0.01. It's so unbelievable how did you manage to scout for pretty pieces and pay so much lesser for them! Thanks for sharing ;)

  21. You style is fabulous and I am loving this checkered black and blue look. So fashionable.

  22. I can't wait to try out Lookbooker! I'm in need of a bit of self-pampering. Have you gotten your mani-pedi yet? Would love to know how it goes!

    xo, Jo

  23. OMG the APP sounds amazing, never heard of it before until now but will definitely check it out!!!

    I love the black boots in your first outfit, it goes so well with your black coat, and the golden zip details make them look so chic. You suit the shirt dress so much, Wish i could also pull it off like that !!!!!


  24. The app sounds amazing and super easy to use. I definitely need one, but often times, I usually yelp a place instead. (Even though I hate the politics of Yelp.)

    BTW I can't believe you found those Stuart Weitzman boots for a penny!!! EEEP! How is that possible?

    Maggie S.

  25. woah you are one hell of an amazing shopper to be able to score those boots for a penny!

    xoxo, Cinddie

  26. Wow this App sounds wonderful, I am always looking for pampering services. So I totally download it and try it out. And I am loving both of your outfits, they are so chic. I can't believe the bargains you find, I seriously hope to shop with you one day. Thanks for sharing this post.




  27. How did you get them for a penny?! And you are so lucky to find a random and unexpected friendship. Beautiful! I also want to check out look booker now!
    Xx lani

  28. That app sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Adi xx

  29. OMG I really need to look in to Lookbooker bc I'm always looking for new salons!! I love how you and Belle took photos of each other. I really like her style!

  30. I've never heard of this app before, but it sounds great. I would love to check it out.

    xo, Maryam

  31. Booking for salons and spas appt and paying through an app is amazing. Nowadays everyone is on their phone and this just made it so much more convenient. Could you stop, I cannot believe you got those boots for a penny. How did you manage that?
    Also I love coming from a trip to find blogger packages. It is so much fun, I love all the boxes that you got! Btw, your friend is fabulous, I adore her cute dress!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  32. I love reading your blog and your candid reviews!! I feel the same about Influencer, although I have yet to work with them, I've already been asked to write a million reviews and a dozen more to even get on the shortlist for VoxBox. So we'll see what they send me. I am a mom of 2 so Lookbooker is def something I need to look into as well.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  33. I love the 2 coats - they both are so pretty and stunning! I'm so in love with both of the outfits !!!

    Xx Jessie

  34. Love both looks! So unique and own! Well done :-)




  35. I will have to check out the LookBooker since it sounds really handy! Loved the outfit you used for your pampering session, and I can't believe you fond those boots for a penny! I'm in shock :o. Have a lovely day! x


  36. I've never heard of LookBooker before but it definitely sounds like something I need. Your outfits are SO on point per usual babe!! Xx

  37. How do you find these amazing bargains- I mean 1 cent boots- WHAAAAT?! This app sounds super useful. You look fantastic and I like how you've mixed the checks and leopard prints

    Rachel xx

  38. Wow such fabulous outfits, and so many goodies.
    xoxo, Rachel

  39. I wish there was a Lookbooker where I am. I haven't used it in ages! Such good deals!

  40. OMG designer shoes for penny's, I hope you are kidding! Lol. Also, she is adorable, love how she styled socks with her outfit! Best thing about FW is to meet people


  41. Oh yes, same here! I'm all about efficiency too. I loved how you styled everything. SO cute. Thanks for sharing!

  42. OMG! I love going to your blog hearing all about your shopping score. I die inside of jealousy!

  43. That second outfit is my absolutely favorite! I love how you styled it!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com


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