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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Momma's got a brand new bag (and new style!)

Everyone say hello to my brand new Alexander Wang large Rockie in Tangerine. OBSESSED. I love a pop of color but the pale gold hardware sealed the deal. Yes, that's my boxy $30 Stella McCartney dress - once again, it's really not working for me.

I saw this T in Forever 21 and thought it fit it here LOL.

But I digress, let's get back to the good stuff :) Scored my new Rockie at Nordstrom Rack. As soon as I walked thru the door I spotted it and assumed it must be a knockoff because it had been so long since they had anything good there. Did I mention the best part? It was only $310 (Retail $925)! Score! I wanted a Rockie for a while but was afraid it was too heavy (My major complaint for the Chloe Marcie as well) but it's really not so bad. Before you ask I already did a search and send and they are completely sold out company wide. Sorry.

I finally pulled out my $10 Red Valentino sparkly bow sandals (also from the Rack). Got these a while ago when they used to price things super cheap. I miss the days of their $5 & $10 shoes :(

Check out my new Forever 21 sunnies ($5.90) and AV Max mismatched statement earrings (on Amazon right now for $71.36 and I paid $4 at the sample sale). Necklace is by Gorjana, from Rocksbox. I really need to re-shoot these earrings because this was the best my 9 year old niece could do. (By now you know that I usually have a small child taking most of the pictures of me.)

Enamel cuff is House of Harlow 1960 from Rocksbox. I love Rocksbox - for $19 a month they send you 3 pieces of jewelry to "borrow" until you get bored and send them back for another set. If you fall in love with a piece you can purchase it at a discount (plus they give you $10 Shine Spend every month to use towards your purchases). You can get your first month free with code SHOPPINGGALXOXO - and who doesn't love free?

And last but not new do! I've been keeping it from you because I had a bunch of pics with my old hair that I wanted to share first. I love it but for some reason my girls (and sister) don't. I think they just like long hair on me. I think this looks so much fresher and younger. The salesgirl at H&M the other day called me "sweetie" instead of ma'am-ing me. I'll take that any day :)

While I did like my old Bumble & Bumble cut, I hated the KMS Goldwell color. When they used words like beige and taupe I should have known something was gonna be wrong. Especially because I asked for pale, beachy blonde. I always use words like "lemony" when describing my ideal color. As a hair model you are usually at their mercy but some programs are better than others. For color, my favorite is L'Oreal Professionnel and I was lucky enough to snag a spot as a demo model for their Balayage class. The instructors had their way with me and made sure I walked out happy. At L'Oreal they really listen and deliver.

When I walked in I sat down for a consultation and told them I had a haircut scheduled for next month, but I was desperate for color. They didn't want me to get colored and then chop it all off so they offered me a haircut on the spot. Perfect! I wanted to take my graduated lob up a notch so I went for it. I loved having long hair but after the texture changed and half my hair fell out after childbirth, I needed a change. This cut really works with my natural texture and totally pops with my new color. I'm a fan of Balayage color (vs foil application) because it grows out more naturally and you don't get that line by the roots that foil leaves you with. A huge shout out to the amazing Jennifer Luszczak & Jennie Latona for my color and cut. Jennifer is also a makeup artist so she gave me the prefect cat-eye to go with my new look. Thanks guys!

If you have time, like free (and aren't super OCD) you can give L'Oreal a call to get more info on free NYC color and styling. Like all bargains, you have to be open - or you should just pay full price.

L'oreal Professionnel Soho Academy
435 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014
(917) 606-9565

For more info on modeling at Bumble and Bumble (they give a great cut but I hate their blond so I skip them for color) head to their website, What I love about both of those programs that they are pretty consistent and totally free! No tipping either!



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