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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#LILLYhunt 2015

So I may have been wrong. I figured the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collab would be like all the others. In the past, I was able to pick up all my favorites for 50-90% from all the recent collaborations - even Missoni. This morning I decided to finally take a peek in Target and see what all this Hullabaloo was all about.

Pulled out my brand new $795 (you know I only paid $50, right?) Rebecca Minkoff Collection side-saddle bag that was a Saks exclusive a few years back. I love everything about it except the weird buckles. The leather is lush and buttery and it's not that heavy for a studded Minkoff. Note that it perfectly coordinates with my 90% off Alberto Fermani $16 boots from Century. The lipstick is Matchmaker (it's a glossy, sheer cantaloupe - wears as a beautiful pinky nude) from Sephora - just picked it up over the weekend for $5 (less 10%!) with my new Flash subscription. The super cute necklace is House of Harlow Aura Collar Necklace in Turquoise from Rocksbox - it's not too late to sign up for your first month free! Use code shoppinggalxoxo here.

So the only Lilly anything in the entire store was this size XXL swimtop. I even asked at Customer Service if there were any returns. Nada. And all I really wanted was my starfish cuff and a lipstick. Good grief.

Not to be dissuaded, I headed to another local store to see what was up. It was there that I had a little more luck :) I went straight to accessories and they didn't have anything in sight. I spied a return cart and I dug through. Nothing. I headed to shoes and could not find a single espadrille or flip flop. I found three carts of items to restock and I dug around until I pulled out...

Eureka! The charm bracelet! I dug a little more and found...

No starfish cuff but at least I was not empty handed. If anyone wants to trade a charm bracelet for a starfish cuff LMK!

I also picked up these (non-Lilly) 10k gold earring for 70% off - just $7.48.

I headed to housewares and all I found on the display was the hammock stand.

Next I headed to the dressing room that was right next to women's. I asked if they had any rejects and all they had was a yellow XXL romper and some toddler pieces. They also had a couple carts so I dug around and pulled out...

The beach blanket! For some reason I thought it only came in white.

After a quick stop at the Rack (lots of markdowns...) I headed out to thrift. My best find of the day was this "real" Lilly coverup for just $15! That's even cheaper than any of the Target pieces LOL.

I googled it and it retailed for about $270. Score! I may need to track down the matching girl's tunics too :)

And that's how my hunt began! How have you made out in your #lillyhunt?



  1. That coverup is adorable- who needs Target Lily hahah!

    1. Thanks! I know - that's why I was initially resisting the Target stuff because I knew I could find the real deal for less. All I really wanted was the cuff and some lipstick LOL.

  2. Amazing! Love that you ended up with a real Lily

    1. Thanks - I've been collecting "real" Lilly for years in thrift stores but it's so funny b/c as I was shopping I thought to myself - I bet they are going to start charging more for Lilly now that more people have heard of it...and then I found the $15 coverup LOL.

  3. Great hunting! Check Target again closer to May 3 (the 14 day return period ends). I have a feeling there will be a lot of returns!

    1. Thanks! I've been Target stalking daily and I saw a bunch of home stuff today (nothing good) but you bet I'm gonna keep checking!


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