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Friday, April 24, 2015

BLOG SALE! Lots of Lilly, Minkoff and more...

You asked for it, you got it- it's blog sale time!

Here are my rules:
  • All prices are shipped so there are no surprises. Prices will be cheaper for local (Bergen County, NJ) pickup.
  • US shipping only (sorry, International gals).
  • First come, first serve. A few pieces are being held for clients but feel free to get in line. 
  •  To buy an item comment below here (not by text, not on Facebook, not on Instagram) "Sold" and your zipcode & Paypal address so I can invoice you.
  • I will combine shipping for multiple items.  
I'm going to start with my Lilly stash. I'm just adding a small personal shopping fee in addition to actual price + (approximated) shipping + paypal fees.

These are all $29 each shipped.
1. Top, pink and green
2. Middle, multi color
3. Bottom, green & white SOLD

4. Charm bracelet - I have two but one is being held for a trade. $30 shipped each. BOTH SOLD
5. Seahorse necklace, $33 shipped

6. SOLD Lilly beach blanket. (I already have a beach blanket I like...) It's heavy but I think I can re-roll it and get it in a flat rate padded envelope. $43 US shipped.

And now it's time for Minkoff! Just a reminder that I'm selling these for a profit. You are welcome to go and fight the masses if you don't like my prices. My prices are fair and WAY below ebay pricing. Note - some of these have tags and dustbags and some don't. They all have some light marks, I will be sure to mention or show if there is anything serious.

My client D asked me to pickup a backpack for her. Feel free to post for it in case she passes.

SOLD 7. $295 Julian backpack. It's actually pretty light. $100 US shipped.

SOLD 8. This $295 quilted affair (it's the regular one, not the mini or large) is also being held for my client R - I thought it would be the perfect date bag for her. Again, feel free to post for it in case she passes. My daughter actually begged to keep it but I told her to go take one of my old mini MACs instead. $100 US shipped.

SOLD 9. This $850 Luxe Hypno Stud MAB - I believe it's from a Saks exclusive collection. There is a faint mark on the top otherwise it's in great shape. It's also very heavy and this style did not come with a cross-body strap. Get this really special bag for just $160 US shipped. One of my regulars saw this bag in my pics at the sale and inquired about it - so I'm putting her first in line.

SOLD 10. NWT $295 blue MAC clutch crossbody. A few light marks, nothing serious. $100 US shipped.

SOLD 11. I got one for me and one for you :) $795 Nikki hypno stud snake print hobo bag. Someone is selling one on ebay for around $300 - get this one for $160 shipped :)

12. NWT Rebecca Minkoff collection woven gray MAC clutch, $100 US shipped. Very pretty - I remember admiring a MAB in this fabric.

13. NWT calf hair houndstooth MAB - it's huge and so luxe. Not sure of the retail but it's from her collection so I'm guessing it's in the $700-800 range. Asking $160 shipped.

That ends the the Minkoff portion of the sale but I have a few random Rack pieces that I'm going to share for close to cost. I wanted to add more but it's getting late and I'm getting anxious messages from you guys on Insta by the minute LOL.

14. NWT size US 6 Burberry London Leather Trim Taffeta Jacket, retail $1050 - asking $395 US shipped. I was gonna keep it but it's a little snug (thanks to all the stupid Matzah on Passover) so I'll just wait for another (cheaper) one. You can look at stock photos and description here.

SOLD 15. Gorgeous NWT $348 Tracy Reese silk dress size 2. There is a tiny imperfection at the bottom of the zipper (stress on the fabric from someone who tried it on who probably shouldn't have). $42 US shipped. You can look at description and stock photos here.

I have to go cook for the weekend so I gotta stop now! I'll review responses and send out invoices on Sunday.

Good luck and happy shopping!


  1. 9 and 11 sold
    how dies the dress run? wondering if it will fit. i love it!

    1. 9 & 11 are yours! I didn't try on the dress b/cI don't want to tear it LOL. I take a 4/6 in Tracy Reese so this may work for you.

  2. you think? I am normally a 4 so I thought with your recent weight loss we would be the same

    1. I carry more weight in the hips/butt than you - I still think you are a size smaller. I'll take measurements for you Sat. night.

  3. Replies
    1. I just tried it on and it actually has some stretch so I can get it on but it's tight. I think it would have fit me before Passover but now not so much. I think it may work for you. I'd say it fits like a small size 4. It's a smidge smaller than the black and purple dress you got from me but not much. LMK!

    2. LOL - all yours :) I'll send you an invoice tonight or tmrw :) If it was a 4 I would have kept it - it's so beautiful.

  4. Please delete if this is a repeat comment. I thought I posted earlier but I don't see it. I'd like the backpack if it's still available! I'm also interested in figuring out local pickup. Thanks!!

    1. My client is taking the backpack so it's sold. Sorry.

  5. No. 8 please. And just in case, NIL on no. 11.

    1. 8 is pending as is 11 but I happen to have another 11 that I was holding for a friend. If you want it please post sold with your paypal address :)

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, 6 is available :) If you're interested mark sold with your paypal address so I can invoice you.

    2. Great. Sold. PayPal address
      Zip: 80112

  7. 10 please. 94080 for pay pal. But normal email is and I will still be trading starfish cuff

  8. Any more bags going for sale after today?

    1. No more - this is it other than the few I already have on my Insta shopping account @shoppinggalscloset

  9. Back pack if not sold

  10. Middle wristlet! 32707

    1. Keep an eye out for great summer dress shoes for me, M. Stylish but have support. I thought maybe we could actually go shopping together /I can tag along on one of your outings.

    2. Oriana did you get my invoice? If I don't hear from you by tonight I'm going to cancel the invoice. LMK!

  11. Is the back pack still pending? I would really like to purchase it


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