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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's online (and on my radar) right now :)

It's been a while since I did any online shopping posts so I figured it was time to share what I have my eye on right now.

I'm currently OBSESSED with BCBG's runway collection but it's all ridiculously out of budget. Pastels and 70s are 2 huge trends and perfectly combined in these looks. I need the Emina dress, which is #2 (second from the left). Unfortunately it's a whopping $798. I wonder if BCBG has sample sales...

I also think this $798 baby blue Arlyn dress is gorgeous - but again, that price tag isn't going to work for me.

I did dig out a silk Tibi dress with a similar feel that I thrifted last year for around $10 (I'll take pictures soon) but I decided to check out H&M to see if they were showing anything similar.

They had this long dress for $49.95 but it's not even in the same stratosphere. I was so disappointed that I didn't even try it on.

I really wanted to love this asymmetric dress for $19.95 but the cut was NOT flattering for a curvier girl. There was too much volume thru the hip (makes you look hipp-ier) and the bust was tight - it just made me look lumpy. I would not recommend it unless you are very narrow.


I really like the color/pattern of this $29.95 patterned dress too but I have not found it in store yet to try it on. I have a feeling it won't work for me but I'm stalking it for now.

This $59.95 patterned dress looked interesting but more Fall - not really what I'm looking for right now. I looked at it in store yesterday but decided to wait for a markdown before I even try it on.

I'm not sure what's up with H&M and all their Fall dresses but this one was also not for right now. This $59.95 dress with circle skirt had a heavier weight fabric but the cut was promising. I'm filing it away for later :)

Is it just me or is H&M right now a total bust?

In my hunt for the perfect Spring dress I took a peek over at Asos.com and didn't see anything I needed. Boo. Me thinks I'll be starting to thrift again because I'm just not finding what I want at retail.

Lilly Pulitzer has a 250 piece collaboration coming to Target next Sunday :) Price ranges from $2-150, with lots of cute beauty, home goods, little girls and womens (even plus size!) pieces all in their colorful pastel signature prints. As always, I'll try to wait until 70% off but I may cave this time...

I need this $20 starfish cuff. There are a few pieces of jewelry that tempt me but this is a must have for me.

And those clutches! How are they only $24 each??? At first I thought I needed that gold embroidered one until I saw the pink Nosie Posey pattern...now I may need both.

I typically skip the shoes from the Target collabs because they look cheap and are made of plastic but how can you go wrong with $24 espadrilles?

And these even have matching ones for my girls for $20!

The dresses and beach wear are all super cute but I have to admit that I typically thrift that stuff for under $10 a piece - so I'm be waiting for markdowns to scoop up some mommy and me cuteness.

I do know that my girls would flip for any of their adorable coordinating accessories.




I also happen to think that the kids version of the tote is cuter than the adult version. I wonder what the difference in size is? I like the rope detail VS the cheap gold straps on most of the adult bags.
The kid's version is also $3 more but worth it IMO.

Kids, $18

Adult, $15

These days I'm doing pretty well in the shoe department but I still think of the ones that got away when I missed the first day of the Sophia Webster sample sale. The best I'm finding is a bunch for 50-58% off at theoutnet.com and you know that's just not going to work for me. Here's to hoping these $795 (now $349.80) Brandy studded leather sandals get a few more markdowns...

And last but not least - just found out the Rebecca Minkoff NYC sample sale is coming! Guess who's gonna be first in line :)

Hope your Spring shopping has been more successful than mine! What are you thinking about for this season?


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