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Friday, March 20, 2015

Rack Attack!

I took a mini break from Nordstrom Rack but I decided it was time to come back after I heard some other penny hunters were clearing out my stores. You had your fun, now it's time for me to pick up where I left off...

This week I scored one of my best penny hauls in a long time, all thanks to the tiny purple sandals seen below. I recognized them from a few markdowns ago so I figured I'd take another look and found...

Lots of Keds, Sperry & Twinkle Toes! This isn't my biggest haul by far, but it's probably one of my most useful. I think my girls are set for the next couple years. Although, that's not going to stop me from looking for more :)

One day I found a few socks...

And on another day, I hoarded kids cowboy boots. Here's Ava modeling her new penny boots. She's also wearing her new $1.95 thrifted dress on her 70% off Target bedding. I meant to do a flipogram with these but I never got around to it.

For me, the Rack isn't just about their penny deals. They have killer designer deals that first hooked me. The pennies are just the icing on the cake.

After selling a whole bunch my blog sale I decided to treat myself...and with the Rack's triple point promotion right now it was a no brainer. This Marc Jacobs small Gotham bag retailed for $1295 - and I got it for $259 (80% off)! The more I look at it, the more I obsess over it. I love the golden cabochons and heavy chain details. Yes, it's heavy but it's so special. I haven't loved a MJ bag so much since the Venetia.

Couldn't find a mod shot in black...

SOLD I need another pair of shoes like a hole in the head but when someone pointed out these refurb Manolo Blahniks BBs in size 40 I snapped them up. I had every intention of keeping them but I think I need to go up a half size in these. Or maybe my feet aren't as narrow as I thought :(

Other than the painted soles these babies look perfect. Retail $595, asking $275 US shipped (cheaper for local pickup). SOLD


I also grabbed these refurb bags this week and teased them on Instagram :)

This Michael Kors collection black leather Lexi large satchel has gold hardware is currently retailing of $895 - get mine for $400 US shipped (cheaper for local pickup). It's in great shape - just a few light marks, nothing serious. This is not the cheaper Michael by Michael Kors - this is the real deal! Very luxe, not too heavy and the perfect black bag. I already have a Gucci, Chanel and Balenciaga in black so someone please snap this up before I reconsider.
  • Double handles, detachable shoulder strap
  • Zip closure, magnetic snap closure; lined
  • Exterior back slip pocket, interior zip pocket, two slip pockets
  • 19"L x 6.25"W x 10.5"H; 7.75" handle drop, 20" strap drop

I also found this Rebecca Minkoff Love bag in opal, currently retailing for $325. Just a few light marks which are hard to see with the iridescence.  Perfect bag for Spring! Asking $180 US shipped (cheaper for local pickup).

  • 10"W x 6"H x 3"D
  • 22 ½" crossbody strap drop

Not this color - just to get an idea of size.

Last but certainly not least, I also keep forgetting to share this Dries Van Norten top that I purchased at the last Clear the Rack. Love their random assorted tags - they marked it $69.97 so it was around $52 after the discount. Pretty sure it's a $1500+ piece. It's currently discounted on Yoox for $683 :) I haven't a clue what to do with it but when things are that cheap I can't leave it.

And that's my latest Rack roundup. Have a great weekend and happy shopping!


  1. Noo the browser ate my comment.

    Ah well. I was just saying that I am excited to have kids but also nervous of all the changes. Not just the obvious ones, like my body, but also the expenses. You keep them down with your amazing clearance/penny/thrifiting finds, though. You are totally my role model.

    I'm apprehensive because I'll have to learn to shop in whole new departments where I've never shopped before, like toys, kids clothes/shoes, etc. (lol I have 2 advanced degrees, lord knows why I find this so terrifying.) Maybe I should start practicing now.

    First step, though....move back near my parents for the free babysitting.

    Anyway, your daughters are darling and they're going to grow up to be real beauties, too. They have exquisite bone structure, looks like they got it from you!

    1. I hate when that happens! Kids are expensive but if you're resourceful you figure things out :) I used to get free formula from the pediatrician and I stockpiled $1 diapers when they had some fluke clearance at Kmart. I followed baby boards for baby deals and Craigslist & thrift stores (for buying and selling) are your best bet for gear :)

      And thanks. My ODD is my mini-me (with some of DH mixed in) but I have no idea where YDD comes from LOL. Both sides think she looks like the other.

  2. How do you find all of your penny deals? do you keep track of the age or does your store have a scanner? living in Orange County California my local stores are always SO CROWDED so it is hard to spend a lot of time hunting. I would love a post on some tips to find penny deals ( you don't have to give away all your secrets)

    1. There's a penny mafia who frowns upon us finders talking about it because big brother is watching KWIM. If you go back and read some of my older Rack posts you'll find some pointers :) I will say that it's all about frequency and timing. I just look for older pieces and usually get lucky.

  3. Incredible finds, as always! If you decide to let that Dries Van Noten dress go, please let me know. It's phenomenal (though I didn't see a size)! I'm still in love with the Alexander Wang first and foremost so I should save my pennies for that. I might brave this weather and my upset stomach to make a go at the Rack this afternoon1

    1. Thanks - it's actually a top and it says sz 40 which is a 6/8 I think. You probably can wear it as a dress but it will show your butt so you'd need leggings or a mini with it. I'm still figuring out how to style it. LMK about the Wang :)

  4. Wow!! I can never get over all of your amazing scores! Your shoe haul looked like an ad, lol. Love the MJ bag, it's a gorgeous bag, I remember when it was full price sitting pretty on display :)


    1. Hahahah. Thanks :) it's funny MJ has been off my radar for so long but there was something about this one.


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