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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Best T.J. Maxx deal EVER!

I may have sworn off Alexis Bittar (or at least buying from their website) after the Gilt City voucher fiasco a little while back but sometimes you gotta just suck it up. Especially when the bargain gods smile in your favor :)

After the wedding on Sunday, Ella and I took a wrong turn and ended up near a TJ Maxx. I figured it was fate and decided to check out the jewelry as I've been looking for a replacement anniversary band after I lost mine on the beach in Miami. Yet again, nothing in my size, so for now I will remain ringless. However you can imagine my shock when I spied these $7 earrings outside the jewelry case in a display box of marked down jewelry.

At first glance I was like, NO WAY. Then I flipped them over and saw the Alexis Bittar stamp on the back. The first price sticker (under the pile of marked down stickers LOL) reads $149.99. I tried googling them and I couldn't find the original retail but I'm guessing they easily sold for at least $250.

TJ Maxx actually has a decent selection of Alexis Bittar online right now - all for 40-60% off retail. Unfortunately you can't search by designer on their website but it's worth scrolling thru their jewelry section.

I had Ella take a quick pic in the bathroom before we left because I was so excited.

I'm not exactly sure what type of stone it is - from my google search I'm guessing it's pyrite. I've been searching 'gunmetal pyrite pave drop stud' to no avail. At first I thought maybe it was a hematite but this stone is more green/gold like a pyrite. If anyone has these - or has seen them PLMK! I always like to know just how good of a deal I got.

 These are hematite:

 These are pyrite - I think mine look like these, right?

The sales girl was in shock when she rung me up. I still can't believe these pretties made it thru so many markdowns!

My husband isn't so good about buying me jewelry (or gifts in general LOL). Luckily, for these prices I can buy my own :)


And BTW - if you haven't already paid for your blog sale purchase by tonight, I'll be cancelling your invoice and letting your stuff go to the next in line. And depending on my mood I may block you from future sales. So please pay!


  1. Ohhh they are so pretty and what an AMAZING deal! TJ Maxx pricing starts out higher than Nordstrom, especially on things like shoes and bags, but if the item you want can make it through markdowns you can get a really great deal!

    1. Thanks! They had Fossil earring right next to it priced higher LOL. While I love my Rack penny finds - I'm happy to pay a few bucks for an insane deal like this :)

  2. those are so gorgeous! lucky you! and by the way, your cheekbones are amazing! lucky girl!

  3. My TJ has the hematite studs. Gorgeous but no markdown yet :(
    Yours are beautiful!

  4. Always amazed at the stuff you find.

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