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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ombre Walls and Too Much Pink?

How much pink is too much pink? In my opinion, there's no such thing. Gimmie all the pink! My latest pink obsession started with this Johnny Was cover-up that I picked up at TJ Maxx for $70. I was on a caftan hunt and was hoping for cute ones for about 20 bucks and of course I had to stop in the designer department and spot this pink perfection. Belle and I have been hunting down colorful walls so we headed to Brooklyn to shoot this amazing ombre one. I'm not sure why we haven't headed to DUMBO before - it's gorgeous over there!

It was love at first sight for this dress. The cut is insanely flattering because it's cut a little longer and narrower than most caftans. I hate when they are super short and boxy and turn you into a square. Once I tried it on I felt a whole lot better about the price - plus it was selling online at Neiman Marcus for way more. Plus with cost per wear this summer - it came out to pennies a day LOL.

Because of the cut-outs (and the fact that it's a sheer-ish beach cover-up) I added my new favorite Victoria's Secret slip. It's knee length and bias cut - so good. I haven't shopped VS in years but I needed a slip for my new Teri Jon dress that I wore for my niece's wedding seen here. It came with a nude slip and I really wanted a black one. I tore through dozens of stores until I found it. It was $50 (though I used a $50 Visa giftcard that I won) but if it ever goes on sale I'll grab more.

The pouch was also a TJ Maxx score but at $12.99 it was a no-brainer. With all the color going on I decided to wear with my favorite black and white Sophia Webster Lacey heels that I scored at the sample sale for $95. I'm starting to wear them down so they are getting a little unbalanced. It's gonna really hurt when I  have to retire them.

From head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Posey bifocal sun reader,, C/O (RV $17.95)
  • Earrings: AV Max, sample sale, $4 (RV $55)
  • Caftan: Johnny Was, TJ Maxx, $70 (RV $279) - I'm wearing an XS so they run big
  • Slip: Victoria's Secret satin midi slip, $50 - I'm wearing a M
  • Bracelet: AV Max, sample sale, $10
  • Bag: TJ Maxx, $12.99
  • Shoes: Sophia Webster Lacey heels, sample sale, $95 - read about that epic sale here.

You can shop my style here:

After Belle shot me, I snapped a few of her as well :) I actually typically shoot her first because I like to test the lighting and see if the shot will work for me. I really need to go back to shoot the blue part of the wall with a different look. I just liked how my pink dress popped against the yellow and orange. I'm learning that where you shoot is almost as important as what you shoot. I love the contrast of a beach-y look in a more urban setting. And color is always good. A lot of the walls I find are pretty busy so I can't always shoot them because my looks tend to be pretty busy too.

I've taken a mini break from sample sales but not much is going on anyway. With Fashion Week around the bend I need to take a breather to start setting up my schedule. Kids have about a week left before they start school so I'm also scrambling to pick up all the odds and ends we are missing from their school supply list. Seriously, why do my kids need 20 glue sticks each? Good grief.

The Zara clearance sale is pretty much over and I didn't really get much this year. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have been yellow stickering for a couple weeks but I didn't find the designer steals like my $99 Rockrunners that I scored last year. I did find a slightly beat up Rag and Bone straw hat for $5 and a bunch of kid things for $0.50-$3. I popped in my Century in NJ but never made it to the downtown location. From my intel it was better downtown, as it always is, but I miss the days of 90% off when you could take home a huge bag of designer stuff for less than $100.

My only sample sale pick for the week is the Clothingline blowout. Can be a hit or miss but you usually walk always with something. If you go, get there early and watch out for the hoarders - they can get pretty aggressive.

Clothingline Blowout Sale
September 6, 11-7
261 West 36th Street, 2nd Fl

Also heads up, Clear the Rack at Nordstrom Rack starts tomorrow and runs September 1-5. I peeked in this week but didn't really see anything I need to go back for, even with the extra 25% off. But you never know so I'll probably pop in...

There is still one more day left for my Tory Burch bag, Apple watch and Kate Spade sunglasses giveaway - click here and scroll down to enter!

Good luck and happy shopping!



  1. For me, ANY pink is too much pink, but I LOVE it on you - & these walls are so cool!

    1. Hahahaha I get that some people have an aversion to pink. I have a lot of black in my closet but I'm just not into neutrals - the louder the better!

  2. Too much pink?! You can never have too much pink, Michelle! I love the color on you -- so vibrant and pretty! You look great!

    xo, Jennifer

  3. You look very stunning with this vibrant outfit! I love wearing bright colors especially here in Miami. Those heels are so pretty as well as the earrings and sunnies! The artsy walls are super awesome they remind me of Miami Wynwood Art Distric.

    xx. Gina

  4. What a great and vibrant look. A perfect way to say goodbye to summer! I totally love the way you styled your pieces, this entire combo looks so gorgeous and chic at the same time. This post reflects a happy girl with a great sense of style. The location is perfect, those walls are an art.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks! Colors make me happy - I spent my twenties in black and neutrals so decided to switch it up for my 40s :)

  5. After reading your title I was gonna say "heck no!!", but only a few lines into the post you clarified that we're on the same page regarding pink. There can never be too much of it, especially if it comes in a voluminous and beautiful creation like this. I love that you shot it against a contrast wall at Dumbo which really makes the shot colorful, but even better, brings out the best of the pink. As for your bargains, I can't say more than what I always say: You're a genius!
    Thomas xx

    1. Hahahaha. I knew we were kindred spirits! And thanks Thomas!

  6. I love that you shot against this wall. So perfect for this bold outfit. You're ending summer with a bang. I'm not a huge fan of pink or color for that matter haha. So I probably wouldn't be one to wear a lot of pink but you rock it girl. Love the Johnny Was cover up.

    1. I think everyone can wear pink - you just have to find the right one for you :) And thanks!

  7. It actually suits you well, you both look amazing

  8. Michelle, I really truly enjoy reading your blog because you're not the typical fashion blogger that only wears designer brands, but you share your most amazing finds all the time and you style them in your own unique way. I love how you always list the prices because it's a great reminder that we don't always have to pay full price for great pieces. The magenta caftan looks great on you and I'm soooooo jealous you scored those Sophia Webster heels for such a deal. I've been checking Ebay religiously and still haven't found anything good. Thanks for sharing!

    Maggie S.

  9. A girl can never have enough pink! This Caftan looks so good on you girl! Love the style and the color!
    What a deal for only $70! I need to visit TJMaxx more often because I'm also loving that fun bag!
    Thanks for sharing gorgeous lady!

  10. Too much pink??? Say what??? :) And can we talk about that star skirt- omg! Dumbo is the absolute best- glad you went!

  11. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Pink looks sooo Awesome on you and to be honest not too much that all:)
    Love the Earrings so much :)
    Super sweet look:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  12. I'm loving that pink caftan perfect for summer
    I like to wear caftans pretty much all summer long.
    We have TK Maxx here and I just got onto it they have so many amazing bargains.
    I love the colorful shots in your pictures the contrast of the clothes and the color for walls really make them pop.
    Natalia k

  13. Love Belle's skirt and seeing you in more colorful outfits lately. Colors are more fun than monochrome specially in NYC. Good finds as always!

  14. There is no such thing as too much pink! I absolutely love this look on you, and it is so perfect for summer. Those Sophia Webster Lacey Heels add such a fun pop to this bold outfit. Congrats on finding such amazing deals!

    ~xo Sheree

  15. Hi Michelle,

    I totally agree with you that pink is never enough. I’m absolutely obsessed over this color. You girls did a great job of styling these super amazing looks. I love how you paired a pink dress with these wonderful Sophia Webster Lacey heels (gosh can’t believe they cost $95!) :)


  16. I love the contrast between your outfits! Both are incredibly stunning and like you, I'm all in for pink but I go through phases! What a great TJ Maxx find! The clutch is super cute too! You just reminded me that I'm in desperate need for some new slips! Her black skirt is super cute too! I'm totally rocking something similar during FW! This wall is so unique! I have to say that this one may be my favorite I've seen. Simple yet such a statement! I didn't get too much at the Zara sale either. Just a couple of shoes that I'm not the biggest fan of in person!

  17. There is never a thing as too much pink! Especially when its this beautiful rich colour! These bargains from TK Maxx are all lovely, especially that cute pouch. You look beautiful as always.

    Rachel xx

  18. You look stunning in pink! I especially love it teamed back with the printed heel and matching pink accessories. I'm in love with Belle's black sheer maxi skirt. Both you girls are stunning.

    J. x

  19. I'm one of those people who think too much color is actually good! Though I rock neutrals most often these days, my heart still lies with color. You definitely picked the right wall to showcase against that gorgeous, pink dress! I'm surprised you took a break from the sales, haha!

  20. Its never too much pink babe!!! Its a pink world lol Absolutely love your kaftan and I can easily see it wearing in the beach too. Love how you style with the clutch and earrings= Very cute.
    Love your friend outfit too and those walls are so pretty and colourful.


  21. Definitely not too much pink!!! Love this outfit!! I love blocks of colours for summer outfits!! OMG, and your heels are taking my breath away! I love them so much!! They are so stylish and definitely a statement pair!! Cool outfit girl!

    xx, Jessie


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