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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Every day is Black Friday for me :)

While most shoppers scurried around town seeking out $5 PJs and deals on big screen TVs I spent most of my day at home. Other than popping into Nordstrom Rack in the morning for a price adjustment on stuff I purchased a few days earlier, I sat this Black Friday out. Black Friday just isn't what it used to be. My siblings and I used to wake up at the crack of dawn and wait outside Best Buy (or the like) to get a crazy deal on the latest electronic gadget of the moment. These days most deals are available online and sometimes better deals are offered on Cyber Monday - all from the comfort of your home. Plus I shop almost every day so I find deals all the time...so really every day is Black Friday for me :)

At the Rack found a few refurb tops for next to nothing after the 30% Black Friday discount. My daughter has a Rolling Stones top so I figured I would get one to be twinsies :)

Plus after discount is was only $3.50!

This Topshop sheer lace top is so pretty - plus it comes with a black cami (not pictured). I thought it would look pretty over a tank dress.

And it was about $9 after discount :)

I actually went in that day hoping to find a pair of Hunter boot socks on clearance and instead I found them for a penny LOL. And I was willing to pay a whole $15 bucks for them :)

I confess, I did buy one item not on sale...

You know I have a thing for their cheap BCBG pieces. For $25, I figured I'd get a lot of use out of this cropped sequin cardi - perfect for the holiday season! Check out the ruffle detail :)

And on this week's episode of Fashion Hunter - I found this cute leather patchwork skirt for $42 after discount. When I saw the Yigal Azrouel tag I got excited and took it even though it was a size 2 - I figured someone needed it :)

When I got home I googled it to see what the original retail was...but strangely enough I couldn't find it. After dozens of searches, I kept typing in different descriptive terms and nothing was coming up! Just as I was about to give up I found a picture that looked similar so I pulled it up and figured out why it was so hard to find....

It's a Tibi skirt!!??!!

Then I looked closer at the tag and saw it was sewn on a little crooked. The tags were switched - or it fell off and they just slapped on a tag that they thought belonged.

Even if it wasn't a Yigal Azrouel, I still got a $595 Tibi skirt for 42 bucks :) And then I realized it may not even be a size 2...so I tried it on and it's probably a 4 and I can just squeeze in! This fashion hunter is victorious once again!!!

After the Rack I popped into Target to see if there was anything good left and when I saw that the line snaked up and down the isles - all the way to the back of the store - I left.

And that was my Black Friday this year. For Cyber Monday I plan on shopping the American Girl Doll sale for my girls - it usually goes live at 3am EST so I'll be setting my alarm :) It's their best sale of the year (no dolls just accessories) and it's when I stock on on dolly gifts :)

I did pop into the thrift store last week and came out with a bunch of beautiful coats! I actually finally did a holiday look photoshoot last week and used two of them with a bunch of my other recent finds - stay tuned! This Soia & Kyo fur trimmed down jacket is one size too big but not too bad - plus it's an upgrade from my GAP maternity down coat I've been wearing for the past 10 years LOL.

According to their size chart I need a medium but this is a large.

These coats retail for $500+ so I was pretty happy to pay $30 :) This similar style is available for $520 online at Revolve.

Soia & Kyo Delphie Brushed Down Coat with Asiatic Raccoon Fur in Black

That's all for now. I would love to hear about your Black Friday scores - please share!

A always, enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy shopping :)




  1. I went to Rack on friday and found a cute Nordstroms blazer, exactly what I was looking for, and my daughter found some TopShop items. They were good deals. I also got 2 items on my wish list from Kohls and Ann Taylor. I shop alot too and would love to know which thrift shops you frequent in NJ.

    1. That's the best - finding exactly what you are looking for! That rarely happens for me which is why I buy when I see it so I don't have to look for it when I need it :) Have you checked out the Value Village/Unique thrift chains? I've picked up some great pieces there :)

  2. That leather skirt is to die for. Love it! And that coat looks the coziest. I love the Hunter socks too, especially for a penny! Haha. Love anything for a penny.

    I boycotted actual Black Friday this year (in solidarity with the Ferguson protesters) but popped into the Rack (lol I couldn't help myself) today. Was delightfully surprised by how quiet it ended up being. In addition to some shoes and a dress I picked up there, I also did some Costco shopping.
    Do you go to Costco? I find that they often have pretty good deals on stuff that may not go super on
    sale elsewhere (I've found Chanel nail polish and YSL lipstick for 40% off retail, etc.), not to mention their organic food is really well priced (and in bulk, which I love, I only have to shop 2x a month for food). It may not always be the BEST deal, but it's consistent which makes it a time saver if you don't want to be couponing/checking out a dozen stores every week. (I also got my wedding set there...their diamonds are unbelievably well priced as well as conflict free. I definitely value a good deal over romance, haha, but my husband was a little horrified by the fact that I wanted a Costco ring.)


    1. Thanks Victoria :) Good to know I wasn't alone in sitting it out other than the Rack. I recently cancelled my Costco membership. Unless you're having a party the quantities are just too large for my family of 5 - plus I coupon and shop on sale so other than milk, I can get it cheaper elsewhere. They do have some nice luxury items from time to time. Last year some stores had Chanel bags. My engagement ring actually came from Ebay - it was a vintage piece that I picked out and I sent the link to my husband LOL. I love that your wedding set came from Costco - sometimes you gotta think outside the box :) Thanks for sharing!

    2. I LOVE that you got a vintage ring. It's so much less expensive than new, I definitely would have guessed that you weren't the type to demand a shiny new Tiffany.

      I am on my parents' Costco membership so I don't have to pay for it, or else I definitely wouldn't be as enthusiastic about going. I think couponing is a bit harder in the city, since there aren't many big supermarkets. I do my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (cheap no matter where you live, thank goodness), Costco (frozen organic stuff and nuts is especially well priced and also so convenient--if I buy 5lbs of organic broccoli it will live forever in my freezer and I don't have to trot down to the market every week, though you're right that the fresh food is often too much for a smaller family), and then Whole Foods for the organics I can't find elsewhere (like marshmallows lol, I can eat a bag of them a week).

      blech, everything is just so expensive in Manhattan. But at least there's good shopping! I lived in the Midwest last year and my rent was basically free, but I had to drive forever to get to anything good. Next year I will be 3.5 hours away from the nearest Nordstrom Rack (SOB). I will just have to live vicariously through you, and also send you my wishlist to shop for me.

      Are you going to Sophia Webster this weekend? Weekends are generally no shop zones for me, but I desperately covet the butterfly stilettos so I might stop by.

    3. I borrow people's Costco membership from time to time too - it's only fair b/c everyone used to borrow ours :) I lived in Manhattan for 14+ years on the cheap - as long as you don't shop for food at the local stores it's not so bad. We used to head to NJ to shop for food - some of the Shoprites give you $6 toll money if you show them your NY license. I also used to shop at Pathmark on 125th (I think the 4/5/6 train goes right there) and have them deliver (if I didn't have a car or feel like shlepping everything upstairs).

      I MAY go to Sophia Webster Sunday morning - I'm going to check the shopping reports Sat night and see if it's worth it. If you go LMK what you find!

  3. I need to tell you that I am obsessed with your finds! I am living vicariously and it is making me want to shop. I've been on a bit of a hiatus (not sure why?), but you might make me change! Love your blog.


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