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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summertime Sales and Reflections

I love summer. No homework (I hate kids homework!), I get to live in flip flops & beachy dresses and everything seems to go just a little slower. My kids are in camp for a couple weeks so I have lots of time to organize, shop and hang out with family. My husband has the summer off so every morning after we drop off the kids we do a little happy dance LOL.

Last week I scored my Chanel bracelets, went to the beach, did a little thrifting, my son fell out of a tree, and had a BBQ for my Grandmother's birthday. Thankfully my son is fine and just walked away with a few scrapes and bruises. Now maybe the kids will finally stop climbing that stupid tree at my BIL's house. The beach was fun - nobody drowned (always a plus with the kids) and I've always loved the feeling of the sand under my feet. I finally pulled out my Kate Spade sunhat that I found at the Rack last year for $5...and of course it blew into the ocean. It shrank a little :(

Love my Peter Pilotto tote!

Before camp started I had to take kids with me to the thrift store which is always a challenge. They get a bad case of the gimmies when everything is so cheap. My American Girl Doll lover was thrilled to find Felicity's Scenes and Settings for just $6! This is a hard to find retired item - it's basically a backdrop for the dolls and it goes for around $50 on Ebay and we found it just sitting on the floor by the books. Score!

It's half her size!

Grandma Rhoda is my last living grandparent. She's also my first style icon. As a child, Grandma always got me the latest European outfits and she was light years ahead of the fashion curve. I had tailored plaid skirts and leather neckties when all the girls were wearing frilly Jessica McClintock. She's 92 (but claims she's still 89 LOL) and she's a real character. Her mom lived until 103 so I figure she's not going anywhere just yet. In her youth she made friends with several NY clothing manufacturers. She would check out the windows at Saks and Bloomies then get the same designer pieces (custom cut) from the factories for close to cost. I've raided my grandmother's closet several times over the years and her stuff is amazing. Sadly I get my pear shape from my mother's side so there are many pieces that just don't work for my figure. I just wish she liked expensive bags. She said she never spent more than $100 on a bag. When I showed her my Balenciaga she thought I was nuts for spending $300 (I didn't even tell her it was an $1,800 bag). I'm sure she has some interesting pieces hiding but gone are my hopes for a vintage Chanel or Hermes.

Grandma just got out of the hospital after being trapped there for a week. When I visited her she was going stir crazy. As always, she insisted on doing everything for herself so when she had to go to the bathroom she unplugged herself (refusing to call a nurse for assistance) and went dragging her IV along with her LOL. She's been recuperating at my parent's house in NJ but I know she's itching to go back to her apartment in Brooklyn. Poor Grandma has lost so much weight that her clothing just hangs on her tiny frame. On Mother's Day we took her to Jersey Gardens Mall to shop and it was just too much for her. Here she is with my silly little Ella who is posing with a dollar from my dad and a paper bow she colored. Yes, Grandma still styles her hair everyday by herself. I'm happy to say she's been doing much better - I even saw her hobbling around without her cane.

Grandma Rhoda and Ella :)


On the shopping front I've been hunting for clothing for my niece who is visiting from out of the country. She calls me rich Aunt Michelle. I keep trying to explain I'm actually thrifty Aunt Michelle who likes nice things. I was hoping to take her shopping so she can see how I operate and get her some pretty things but someone decided I was a bad influence and I'm not allowed to spend time alone with her. Instead I'll be bringing her bag loads of things for her to try on for her party on Sunday. I'm not going to share all her finds in case she reads this - I want to surprise her :) So now she's just going to keep thinking stuff just falls out of the sky and magically lands on her doorstep. Sigh.

Amidst my shopping travels I picked up a few goodies for me too :) H&M has more markdowns and $4 specials for the 4th of July. I grabbed a couple of these tunics. I wore the pink one with a slip (they are VERY sheer) and it's the cutest dress.

Stock pic of green print - very Missoni

Wore this one this week without the belt.

I also spotted lots of stuff for kids for $1-4. Take a peek at your H&M if you have the time :)

I'm closely watching Century 21 - things are now 30-65% off. That means 75-90% is coming soon!

Today started Clear the Racks at Nordstrom Rack - take 25% off all red ticket clearance now thru Saturday! I scouted the store yesterday to keep an eye out for what I would be taking home today :)

I picked up some gorgeous shoes for my girls and posted them on my Facebook page. So far the Blahniks are pending but the Fendi and Jimmy Choos are still available :) PM me there is you're interested.

Jimmy Choo size 39 Kafta

Fendi Size 39 Slingback Peep Toe Pump

Manolo Blahnik Size 38 patent leather Campari PENDING

I scored these Puma by Miharayasuhiro 'My 66' wedge sneakers for less than $40 (Retail $120) and I think they may be a little too big :( I'm a solid 9.5 in sneakers so I was sure these would fit. I've been looking for a wedge sneaker for a while and I was very excited to find these. I'm going to try with thicker socks so we'll see...

I also picked up a few odds and ends for 25% off. The polishes were around $1.50 each, The earrings were $5ish (they are jeweled lace and so light!), bracelet was less than $4 and the rose gold stack rings are so pretty - and only $12. I'm not even going to wear the ugly skull ring it comes with.

Oops - forgot to take a pic of the $1.50 blushes I got.

 Pre-Clear the Rack I scored a couple cute dresses - I'm really excited about this 94% off A.L.C. 'Ree' dress :)

She's even wearing my Fendi shoes!

Less than $40 from $635!

And for $15 I figured why not...

I was excited about this size 2 $675 Phillip Lim dress until I tried to get it over my bum. It's a little snug so PM me if you're interested. It would probably work best on a size 4 - it has a lot of stretch and a boxy cut. The patent collar is fraying a little at the edges but it was 91% off.

I also picked up this beautiful Dolce & Gabbana dress in size 40 (US 4/6?) for 85% off from $2475. It's too small for me so PM me if you're interested.


And finally, new Julishland leather bracelets came the other day and they are so pretty! These are a little tighter than my last size small but still wearable. Here's my little model showing them off :)

Happy 4th of July folks! Enjoy all the weekend sales :)

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