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Friday, May 9, 2014

My NYC photoshoot

If you look to your right you'll see a brand new button. I've officially joined IFB, Independent Fashion Bloggers. I kept seeing that little button on other fashion blogs so I decided to join in. After I applied I hadn't heard back for a week so I was beginning to think I was rejected because my blog wasn't fashion-y enough. I thought I would get an email or something, but I was able to sign in so I guess I've been accepted. I don't really have any blogger friends so I'm navigating blindly and always trying to figure out what to do next. For now I'll just keep telling my story :)

It's been about three months since my last color and my hair just hasn't been working for me lately. My last Bumble and Bumble cut wasn't so great. I guess that's the downside of being a hair model. The previous cut was great but this time they cut too many layers. I have hair that just hangs around my face and there is this disconnect between the top layers and the ends. I need a little clean up right now - even chopping a couple inches off would be a major improvement.  For now I decided a little color would brighten things up. Months ago I signed up at Frederic Fekkai online at and I just never heard from them. Monday morning I got an email with openings for highlights so I jumped.

I headed to the 5th avenue salon and I'd forgotten how fancy it was. Upon arrival they offered complementary drinks and I felt like a lady when I was presented with my tea. Later I had some lime infused water and it was delicious. Color is only $20 cash which in NYC is the bargain of the century. They also had a presentation of green apples by the waiting area so I grabbed one on the way out. I'm hoping they weren't just for display :)

I'm a little teapot..

Their sofa was so pretty I just had to take a pic of my new lovely Balenciaga. I'm a little obsessed with it at the moment (I did wait almost 20 years to get it) so get used to seeing many, many pictures of it LOL.

Love how it picked up the purple from the pillows :)

My new color is pretty good - I wish she (I think her name was Jessica - I do remember she's from Dallas) put in a few more highlights but overall I'm happy with it. When I was done I called my niece Meira who is a budding photographer to take some pictures. It's been a good 10 years since I've let anyone photograph me but she has a really good eye. If you're in the NY area and you need an inexpensive photographer for a photo shoot or an event, she's your girl. Message me and I'll put you in touch with her.

First stop was H&M - both of our closets needed a little refresher for spring. I grabbed a bright yellow dress that's super sheer and may have to go back - I'm undecided. (ETA - I'm keeping it.)

Dress with ruffled sleeve $34.95

I did spy the dress I got last week on sale for just $10 (marked down to $30, was 50% off and I had a $5 off coupon). At this store it was still full price for $70. It has a very Chanel-y tweedy look - I got it for my girly girl moods.

close-up of fabric - and I didn't take a size 2

I have to admit, I'm a little spoiled by the H&M in my mall. In the mall office they have coupon booklets and there is a 20% off one full price item that I never shop without. Last week I used it to buy this cute $13 dress.

I saw this dress online last night for just $18 so I was hoping to get it today but they didn't have it :(
Also comes in blue
Needless to say I'll be checking again next week.

Anyway, back to yesterday. After H&M we popped into Sephora. For some time I've wanted to learn how to do my eyes better. I have such sensitive eyes that I have a hard time finding cosmetics that don't irritate me. When I go into a Sephora looking for someone to play with I always check out their makeup. If I don't like their makeup, I'm not going to let them touch me. I looked around and I noticed Cliff and I had a good feeling - and luckily I was right. I told him I wanted 'crazy eyes' thinking I would get a smoked out eye. He had an entirely different vision.

Getting started. I thought the green on his hand was for concealing. Little did I know...


In the mirror - this is an unfiltered pic, similar to the photo I posted on Instagram.
Instagram version
Me and my reflection.

I'm so impressed that he was able to do this look in 15 minutes. I love how editorial and on-trend the mint liner is - plus it was perfect for our photo shoot. It did temporarily blind me (I've never had liner on the inner eye) but Cliff said to blink it out and that I would get used to it, which I did. He also strengthened my brow with the Anastasia powder in medium brown which really did make a difference. My skin is pretty good so he didn't use any base but I wish I paid more attention to what he used to the concealer he used - it was a highlighter and concealer in one and I don't see my dark circles at all. I think it was Guerlain - I'm going to have to email him to ask him. Thank goodness I got his contact info!

After Sephora, Meira and I stopped at the NY Public Library on 5th and 4nd as it's one of her favorite places to shoot. Unfortunately her battery died but we did manage to get this one before it did. I never realized how square my face could look just by leaning forward. There really is something to knowing your face and your angles. I'm still learning mine.

Me and my Bal :)

After I dropped M off (she had a study-date) I headed down to my mothership, Nordstrom Rack. I actually walked past the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale and didn't even notice it. For all of you who didn't go, it's not too late as in NYC it goes on thru Saturday at 5 PM. There also is a sample sale online right now if you aren't lucky enough to live close to one :)

At the Rack I saw a Lanvin wallet in the display case but it was $175 and I didn't love it. I passed and it was snatched up moments later. I didn't get anything but I did see these great YSL & L.K. Bennett refurbished boots by the 9.5 sale section (they are both size 40). If they were cheaper or they were Louboutin I might have grabbed them. If you're interested call the NYC store and see if there are still there.

Saint Laurent booties $250


L.K. Bennett boots $180 - they fit my skinny calves but I really want a boot with a chunkier sole so I can wear them to death.

And now I really have to exercise and tidy up before my niece comes for the weekend. Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there! I don't really expect my husband to get me anything (he keeps telling me I'm not his mother LOL) but here's to hoping...




  1. Michelle - This was one of you best posts. It was so fun to read. Thanks for the break amidst all of my Friday cooking!

    1. Thanks Debbie! I probably should start cooking LOL...

  2. Balenciaga Bags are my absolute favorite!!! I have a tan and gray one and they're literally my most prized possessions :)



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