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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm so fancy...

Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' lyrics have been running through my head since I scored this adorable Rebecca Minkoff Tokyo pouch for just $15 bucks (retail $95!) this morning at Nordstrom Rack. Normally I would have been thrilled with just this find...but there was so much more :)

I'm so fancy. You already know. I'm in the fast lane. From L.A. to Tokyo.

So if y'all remember my wishlist, you should remember this beauty!

Balenciaga Velo in Anthracite, retail $1835

FINALLY! I've lusted after a BBag since I saw SJP with one in her Sex and the City days. For years I've regretted not buying one way back (pre-kids when I had money, a job and a cheap NYC apartment). And now I have this lovely - and all of her smooshy, fringy goodness. Did I mention the price? I used my $200 in Nordstrom Notes so it was just $324.27 after tax! I was literally dancing in the isles when I found it. I'm still in shock.

I found these two for my friend "S" - she's been asking for a MAC for a while and this mini MAC is perfect for her. The Tory is great because she wanted something small for going out. It should fit her ID, a couple credit cards and her giant phone. Probably won't fit her massive hey ring but maybe she shouldn't carry around 50+ keys when she's out on the town.

Tory Burch $34.97 & Rebecca Minkoff $49.97

I probably don't need this next bag but it's hard to pass up Marc Jacobs for $50 KWIM?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon - Natasha bag

OK so it's actually $55.97 - so sue me :)

It's actually still on Nordstrom.com for $198. Do I need it? Probably not. But I'm not letting it go to "S" just yet. 

Nordstrom was kind enough to give me a bonus gift hiding in my black Marc Jacobs bag. 

If you've ever been lucky enough to score a refurbished anything from the Rack, I'm sure you've noticed their silver Sharpie writing on the inside. This time they left me the cap LOL.

Good news - I do have a couple extras that I'm going to let my friends fight over :) 

I picked up this Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini crossbody bag at TJ Maxx and I probably would have kept it had I not found my new Balenciaga. It has a few light marks, nothing serious. I believe it has the dustbag.You want it? $70 local pickup, $85 priority shipped in the US.

SOLD Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini crossbody bag, retail $225

I still have the purple box - I can't believe nobody wants it. Last call before I return $100 local pickup, $115 priority shipped in the US.

Rebecca Minkoff large watersnake crossbody box bag, retail $350

I found this other mint Marc by Marc Jacobs today. I was going to return it because it has a few light marks but I figured I would offer it here first. You can see it here on the Nordstrom's website. $100 local pickup, $115 priority shipped in the US.

SOLD Minty Mini Natasha Marc by Marc Jacobs, retail $298!

Last but not least, I have this Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wingman phone wallet, retail $148. Get this one for $36 local pick up, $45 priority shipped in the US.




Thrifting hasn't been too exciting of late but that's ok because the Rack has more than made up for it :) Last week I popped in on my old favorite thrift shop and I remembered why I stopped going. All I found was this Vera Bradley makeup case for $1.99. 

Although I should say that my current favorite thrift shop isn't so hot either. Most exciting find was this $6 upcycle Mickey Mouse dress that my DD loves :)

Gotta get some sleep - I have to be up early in the morning for my next adventure! Watch my Twitter and Instagram tomorrow to see what I'm up to...


ETA - all of my finds today were refurbished items from Nordstrom Rack. Please note that these do NOT have regular SKUs (they come up assorted) so I can't give you a SKU so you can track them in your own Rack. Think of these as one of a kinds and I got lucky. Lucky for you, I'm happy to share my extras with my friends :)


  1. Hi! I know this post was posted over a month ago, but I just found your blog! Are you still selling the MBMJ wallet and the sunnies in the post below?? Thanks!

    1. Hi! The wallet is sold as are most of the sunglasses. I do have the Marc Jacobs sunglasses left - LMK if you want them :)


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