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Friday, April 4, 2014

Exciting news!

So I finally did it. You'll notice the URL no longer has blogspot in the name. I decided to take it to the next level and I purchased lehoarder.com! I also started on Instagram - I'm lehoarder there too :)

For some reason I've been in a funk this week - I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the crappy weather. I've been stuck with a case of the blahs and I'm trying to break free. This week my friend Daphne sent me a picture of herself in a bright blue pea coat and a cute mini - and she inspired me. I hate to say I've fallen back into my uniform of knit dresses. I need to bust out of my fashion rut. Despite the weather, I've decided to celebrate Spring with a 7 day fashion challenge - and I invite all my readers to join in the fun.

D having fun with her wardrobe :)

Starting Monday, April 7th thru the 13th, I'll be posting my daily outfit on Instagram and Facebook. I may cheat a little and post just the outfit but I promise to post a picture of me wearing at least one outfit next week. I love clothing and it's time I got a little creative again. I figure I need to start putting together some ensembles for Passover anyway :)


I did do a little shopping this week and I've been posting some pictures on Instagram but here is a rundown in case you haven't seen them.

I scored these Gucci loafers at the thrift store - I was going to sell them on Ebay but my 13 year old nephew saw them and swiped them LOL. He's so excited for his first pair of designer shoes :)

$10 thrifted Guccis

Got some cheap kicks at Nordstrom Rack for my girls. I couldn't resist the ruffles on the Cons and the matching Twinkle Toes were exactly their sizes.

$13 & $15 sneakers

All the Peter Pilotto for Target collection has finally gone to 70% off. I've been stalking my Targets looking for returns. Dress was around $20 and the skirt was around $10.

Lucky me!

I has already purchased this tote at 50% off but I kept the receipt so I could re-buy it if I found it for 70% off - and I did!

70% off baby!

I've also picked some other Target goodies this week including:

$7.48 gold-plated earrings. Ones on the left went to my SIL A and I actually returned the ones on the right - they looked cheap on.

70% off Calphalon

$11.98 and $5.68

I just wanted to thank All Things Target for another shout-out and sharing my pics. If you're a Target bargain hunter like myself you NEED to check out her Facebook page and her blog! She shares all her amazing finds - as well as her readers finds :)

Looking forward to my 7-day fashion challenge next week! Please join in by getting creative and posting your Spring outfits on my ShoppinggalNYC Facebook page. Have a great weekend!


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