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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It snowed I went to the mall again :)

After an hour and a half of digging out my car and shoveling my walk all by myself (yeah it was intense due to the heavy wet snow but I do T25 so I it was no biggie) I dressed the kids and headed to the mall. I got there at 10:30 and it was closed till noon???!!! If I can do a little shoveling then so should the people working at the mall. It's not even my job and I managed to get to the mall before they did. LAME.

Luckily JC Penney was open early (as was mini Sephora) so we spent a little time there, hit the new play area and took silly pictures all over the mall. Spotted this cute dress that's on my wishlist for when it gets a better markdown.

Allen B. dress - now on sale for $49.99
My son lost his phone (it's DH's old one - no data plan, he uses it for wifi and games) and after 45 minutes hunting we found it at the security office). Much easier to look in an empty mall LOL.

I specifically went to that mall to go to Neiman Marcus to check out the pre-sale for an extra 25% off sale shoes. Last year I scored Loubs for under $300 so I just wanted to see what they had - and they had NOTHING. I should clarify, they didn't have a single sale Louboutin in my size :( And before you ask, unless you are a size 6 or smaller, they didn't have your size either.

I headed to the outlet mall to follow up on a tip that the Saks outlet has buy one, get two free on sale stuff. Great sale if you can find anything. I couldn't :(

So that's really it for my mini report. Stopped at Target on the way home and nothing exciting there either. So for the cost of a few Dunkin Donuts and Ben & Jerrys (50%) from Target I kept my kids busy all day :)

Oh well, there's always tomorrow...

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