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Monday, February 3, 2014

A little retail (sale) therapy for a snowy day...

Today the kids were home due to the crazy snow but luckily DH was too - so this morning I ditched them and braved the treacherous roads to visit my favorite mall down the road. I've only been really driving for two years now (even though I've had my license for years - you really don't need it in Manhattan) and I have to say I truly enjoy it. So much so that I enjoy the challenge of crazy City drivers, bad weather or even just pulling out the GPS and popping in an address to a store I've never been and just going. I'm kinda proud to say I'm really not afraid of driving anywhere. A little snow and wet slippery roads were not going to keep me home today.

Anyway, I just picked up some sale odds and ends for my brother in Century 21, a few groceries in Target and did a few returns before heading back. I did slide a few times and I got stuck in the street trying to get back into my driveway, but otherwise I think I did pretty well. I love shopping in bad weather - the stores are empty :) I'm so lucky to have four different malls within 15 minutes of my home.

I spent most of the afternoon going thru my closet and putting stuff on eBay. I have a lot of stuff. I don't believe in the rule of getting rid of things I haven't used for a year but I do believe in letting go of things that were completely off my radar. If I didn't even pull it out to try it on or admire it -  then it's time to go. Like most hoarders I binge and purge. After last month's Amex bill it's time for a purge LOL.

As I was listing a pair of shoes that are too small for me I googled a stock picture, which I found on Nordstrom. And then I noticed a cute skirt and I decided I needed a couple minutes to share my favorite sale picks and blog about it so all of you stuck at home can do a little bargain shopping too :)

Pick #1:
Here is the skirt I ordered that inspired this post :) Cute pencil skirt with good reviews for 50% off - just $13.99! It's junior's sizing so they tell you to size up. I got a medium and large because I'm not sure of my size these days and I wanted to make sure all my bases were covered.

Frenchi high waisted midi pencil skirt

Pick #2:
Rebecca Minkoff (love her!) leather pouch for 65% off - just $16.99. They have it in black and scarlett red. 6"W x 4"H x 1/2"D. I didn't get it because I won't die without it but when I saw the letter M...I had to share :)

RM Cory leather pouch.

Pick #3:
Minty animal print midi dress 60% off, now $14.97. I know this isn't for everyone - and in this case it's only for you if you fit a junior's size XS or S, but I love a cute cheap dress and I love the length (43" long!) It's a great modest layering piece if you're not brave enough to wear a body-con dress.

Minty animal print boy-con dress

Pick #4:
At $99.97 (60% off from $248) this skirt is a little spendy for me but lately I've been thinking about leather skirts. They only have a size 6 left (my size!) so if you want it - hurry! I have a feeling it's too short for me but if it ever shows up at the Rack for less I'll be trying it on :)

Halogen leather A-line skirt

Pick #5:
This dress is only left in XS but I think it's so cute! The models butt looks a little weird which does concern me (if that's what her little behind looks like what would mine look like?) but it's a nice shape for less than $50. Click on the link to see her weird derierre and you'll see what I mean.

Felicity & Coco contrast panel sheath dress $44.97 from $118

I could go on and on but I gotta get back to work :) LMK if you find any online goodies!


  1. I bought that leather Halogen skirt last year at Nordstroms Anniversary Sale and I was super excited for a leather skirt that wouldn't break the bank. Unfortunately the cut was awful and the skirt felt like crap. Curious if you feel the same way. Also, did you ever get good hi tops? I decided I wasn't too old for a pair so I am searching.

    1. Whoa - the online reviews weren't that bad LOL. I have not tried it so I haven't a clue - I just like the look of it. Hi-tops as in sneakers? Like Chucks?

    2. You are the second person that has mentioned Chucks to me today - I have to google that. The shape of the skirt in real life is nothing like the picture,

    3. Thanks for the intel. They had cheap Converse on sale at Target last week for $10-11. They might have some left :)


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