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Thursday, February 20, 2014

And to think I almost didn't make it out today...

I've been a little under the weather and I decided to take it easy this morning. At around 10 AM I got the itch so I called my favorite store to ask what came in. After waiting on hold for over 16 minutes I hung up, got dressed and ran out the door and it was a good thing I did :)

First up - kids shoes. The Rack often sells refurbished items at a discount and they often look new - that's what I look for :) 

Refurb kids Uggs for $26.95. More than I usually spend but they were so cute...

Primigi loafers for my son $10.97

My favorite shoe associate pointed out this crazy deal. Good thing they were too small for her...

My size!!!

Yep, $10 Frye boots!

And then there were bags. I initially grabbed this $55.97 Longchamp (was $255) for my niece but it's growing on me and I think I may need it - especially now that my $3 thrifted Kate Spade overnighter has gone missing...

It's HUGE!

Picked up this black leather Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for my friend S - not sure it will work for her (on the heavy side) so be sure to place dibs on it :)

Who doesn't love 70% off Marc Jacobs?

I was pleased as punch with my Rack finds and then I headed next door to Century 21 to make a few returns. As I stepped thru the door I saw the markdown girls with 90% off stickers. Unfortunately it seems 90% started two days ago but I still managed to do OK :)

Sorry for the awful pics - for the upteenth time, my camera is broken.  I just ordered a new one today - hopefully it will come fast because it really hurts me to post these horrible pictures.

Ralph Lauren, Umi, Primigi, Kenneth Cole, Sketchers, Enzo, Ninas...

I did the most damage in the kids shoe department - it was the one department that had tons of stuff left at 90% off. Most of the shoes pictured were less than $3 a pair!!!!!

Got DD these Stuart Weitzman boots for less than $3.50. She's obsessed with them.

More cheap boots...

And I thought the other Uggs were cheap LOL. Check out the prices on these. Insane!

Uggs for less than $10!!!!

The only thing I got for myself was this pair of metallic blue leather studded gloves for 75% off. The smart gloves are the only thing I got for my son - they were $1 & he LOVES that he can play on his phone with them :)

Do the math :)
$.30 tights :)

They were unmarked but both were 90% off :)

I could go on and on the but the pictures really stink. I got the Cole Haan shoes I've been watching for my husband for 75% off as well as a leather jacket for 75% off. I got both of them for my brother as well LOL.

Overall I'd say I cleaned up for my girls - I can't even imagine what I missed and I'm trying not to think about it. The $2 shoes in every size for my girls (for the next few years LOL) were by far my best deals.

If you have a Century 21 nearby it's worth a peek. Check EVERY tag - it's worth it :)

Happy shopping!


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