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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday looks (and deals!) part 2

This time of year is shopping insanity. There are crazy sales left and right. I've been running into the City several times a week for sample sales and I have a few more coming on the horizon.

On Sunday I ran in for day two of the Sophia Webster sample sale, which broke my cardinal rule of always get to a sale on the first day and be first in line. She's a quirky UK designer with colorful, unusual designs and she did all the shoes for the Victoria's Secret runway show this year. Sophia has exploded recently and all I was hoping for was one special pair. When I got there an hour early I was second in line (in the freezing cold). The first person in line flew in from Texas just for the sale...and she was dressed for Texas, sans coat and winter clothing. The organizers were kind enough to let her wait inside for the last 20 minutes while the rest of us froze outside. Somehow she managed to find three pairs yet I walked away empty handed. I even negotiated prices down for some of my fellow shoppers (slim pickings, mostly damages) but I couldn't bring myself to buy something that didn't fit right or meet my expectations. I wanted something just under 4 inches and really interesting - like one of her butterfly pumps or a strappy, colorful cage heel. I really didn't think I would walk away empty handed because it's not like I wanted anything basic or neutral - I wanted crazy!

I would have LOVED to get anything similar to any of these:

Lacey Strappy High-Heel Sandal, $695 at Neiman Marcus

Electra sandals, now $509.37 Farfetch

Sophia Webster Riko High Heel Mule Sandal, $675 Intermix

Evangeline Angel Wing Sandal, $560 Neiman Marcus

We had to check all of our stuff and I left my camera and phone in my bag so I don't have any pics for you but there really was nothing left to photograph.

They had several pairs of the Aldora for $100 in the yellow that were all damaged (black marks) but they didn't have my size anyway.

Love anything of hers with a butterfly!

They also had a bunch of the espadrilles for $100 and I ALMOST got a pair but they didn't have them in my size in the colorway that I wanted so I passed because they weren't special enough anyway and you all know what I can buy for $100 LOL.

The most interesting pair of shoes that had left were these Carries for $240 (which I bet I could have negotiated down to $155) - but they only had them in 38 and 38.5 :(

The only good thing about my sale experience was that I learned her shoes are actually (mostly) pretty comfortable and that I take a 40 in her closed heels and 39.5 in anything open. And then I went to the Rack afterwards and scored 11 pairs of penny shoes LOL.

The night I had my friend's daughter's Bat Mitzvah party - I've known this girl since 6th grade. Her parties are always a blast because they play tons of Persian music which is so much fun to dance to. In college she used to drag me to Persian parties and I always stood out. I was always the only (real) blonde in the room LOL. Plus we'd dance all night and I LOVE to dance.

Instead of going for the obvious choice of my Tom & Linda Platt fringe dress I went for my newly thrifted Talbot Runhof "Voltaire" dress that I picked up last week. It still had the tag on and it retailed for $1400...and I got it for $13!

Personally, I think I fill it out way better than the model :)

I'm also wearing my hammered gold plated silver Argento Vivo drop earrings ($25, Nordstrom Rack) and my House of Harlow bracelet ($17, Rent the Runway sample sale) - not pictured are my Rent the Runway sample sale $41.50 DVF clutch and my $80 (retail $745) Fendi Fendista black pumps that I scored at the Rack before the prices of refurbs went up. I pulled out a couple pairs of my Louboutins but I decided to go for comfort so I put them right back in my closet LOL.

Fendi Fendista Platform Pumps, $745


I still have a couple more looks from my Thanksgiving shoot to share. Thanks again to my photographer Meira, my super talented niece :)

By now, I'm sure you noticed that I have a thing for animal prints. How cute is this BCBG leather and faux-fur jacket? It was just $39.97 (retail $598!) at the Rack. I'm wearing it over my $20 thrifted Ava & Aiden black dress, my Rebecca Minkoff Love bag (sample sale score, $50) and I pulled out my favorite Chanel cuff and bangle (both 75% off, Neiman Marcus). The camellia cuff was recently repaired after splitting open the first time I wore it - and now it's crooked. I refuse to return it because I'm not sure I'll be able to find another cuff for 75% off! I also stacked my spiked penny (as in $0.01) bangle from the Rack and a silver bracelet that somehow broke that day :( Me thinks one the kids found it and cracked it in half...

Yeah, I know my eyes are closed...

Check out my Mellons! Scored these aptly named Trouble Makers in gray leopard for just $55 (retail $995) at the Tamara Mellon sample sale. I love the ponyhair leopard and the contrast snakeskin heel - the mix of materials makes them look so luxe.

It was getting dark so everything started to get blurry.

I actually wore two different earrings - one was this leaf drop (Nordstrom Rack, under $20) and the other was one of my Dannijo studs from Rent the Runway - you can see it in the full body shot :) Lipstick is Pheromonal (sheer magenta) from MAC. It was given to me for my birthday by one of my friends who is a makeup artist and gets a MAC discount. Thanks Cynthia!

The day I found my amazing orange thrifted coat I also found this wool cape for $20. It's a vintage Gloverall (an English brand) and it has a fun plaid lining. Current similar Gloverall styles go for $300-500. I got this hat a year or two ago at the Eugenia Kim sample sale - before pom pom hats were all the rage. That year was buy 3 get 1 free so I'm not even sure how much it cost LOL. She has another sale this Friday if you're interested :)

Closeup of my vintage leather and fur trimmed Halston thrifted gloves - pretty sure they were around $10. They really don't make things like they used to. The sweater peeking thru is my $15 Rag and Bone refurb from the Rack. Yes, they sell refurbished clothing too.

I love the drama of this cape - plus it's pretty warm. Wearing my favorite Sergio Rossi boots again...they really are the most perfect black boot.

I think next time I need someone to do my hair and makeup (any takers?)...or I have to start watching YouTube video tutorials to step up my game LOL. Stay tuned for details on my next giveaway! I'm probably due for a blog sale as well :)

As always, happy shopping!




  1. You sure do fill that dress better than the model. Can't wait to see the Penny shoe finds.

    1. Thanks :) I suspect the model is wearing a size too big - in fact the description said she's wearing a 38 which is the same size as mine LOL. I'll be sharing some of my penny haul next time!

  2. You look unbelievably lovely in that blue dress, but the rest of your outfits are nothing to sneeze at either.

    I am so bummed Sophia Webster didn't work out for you. I wish I had been able to help out more somehow, since they had those Riko mules in a ton of sizes the first day. The angel shoes were never available though, and the Electra was only a sample in 37.

    I think being able to walk away from sample sales is the toughest/most important thing, because when you've waited long enough you feel like you should get something for your time, but in the end you're still wasting money if you're not getting something you want. I couldn't do it at Alexander McQueen and bought a pair of python pumps for $200. They are stunning and amazing and were marked down from like $1000, but I never wear them because they are 6 inches tall. Seriously regret buying them.

    I can't decide if I want to go to any of the sales left this year. Thought about Alexander Wang but he's not really my style, though so many people covet the Rocco, and for a lot of the other designers I generally get a better deal at NR or TJ Maxx.

    11 penny shoes is amazing. The best thing I've found recently at the Rack is some $1100 Dior booties for $220, still debating keeping them because I don't really wear heels anymore, which is a laugh, since I used to live in them. But living in New York and all the walking makes heels really impractical.

    Btw, has Alexis Bittar resolved your issue? Because they definitely have not for me.

    1. You win some and you loose some. I've learned there is always another sale and it may even be better. It's very rare that I walk away empty-handed but there was really nothing good left. You should try selling your McQueens if you're not gonna wear them. I also skipped Wang because overall it's NMS either...though his bags are cute but heavy. The Dior booties sound cute but if you're not wearing them - just take them back.

      I've been calling and emailing Alexis Bittar and I even tweeted them. I am NOT happy - they sent the wrong bracelet and didn't send one pair of earrings. I can't believe their CS has not gotten back to me yet. The way I see it they stole from me - they should have contacted us to pick something else if an item was OOS. I'm thinking of reporting them to the Better Business Bureau of they don't respond by the end of the week. So disappointed and so embarrassed that I shared the sale and they screwed up so badly.

  3. Oh my goodness, you look incredible in that dress. The model looks so lifeless in it!

    (P.S. If you're interested, I'm giving away a couple of pieces of jewelry from Gerard Yosca:

    1. Thanks so much! I actually already signed up for your giveaway :) I went to the Yosca sample sale yesterday and I stocked up on more goodies just in case I don't win.

  4. good evening. what is the exact process to purchase from your site. is there another link? thanks


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