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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Altuzarra for Target 50-70% off finds & extras!

Because I'm not the typical fashion blogger I'm reviewing the Altuzarra for Target collection now, weeks after everyone else. I do this because I wait for markdowns before I really look at a collection so I don't get too attached to something I'm not going to pay full price for.

When I was hunting down the horse bedding for my daughter last week at Target I noticed that some of the Altuzarra pieces hit 70% off. (I had already purchased a few pieces 50% off.) I noticed the pricing was all over the place and at every location different items were different percentages off. I have my eye on a few more pieces but I'm waiting to find them at 70% off at this point.

My 50% off pieces and thoughts:

This green and black trench was the only piece from the lookbook that I REALLY liked. I was lucky to find a rack full of them at 50% off ($45) but they didn't have any smalls (and the medium was too big) so I'm squeezing into the x-small. It closes and It's comfortable but I can really only do sleeveless (or fitted short sleeves) under it. I would love to try on a small to compare the fit. When I wore it last week a guy complemented me on it on the subway and he wasn't even hitting on me. Yes sir, it is a "cool jacket." :)

Check out the back!

I love animal prints. This is the blouse you wear when you want to look like a lady. It's a little sheer but not as bad as the other sheer tops because of the print. I took the small and the fit is perfect. I wore it last weekend with my brown faux fur Neiman Marcus vest (I got it almost 20 years ago) with a tan Lola fedora (sample sale), vintage black leather skirt (recent thrift find) and my black 'bad girls' from Tamara Mellon (sample sale). That's the problem with Saturdays - I dress up but never take pics LOL.

ETA- I was able to find one for 70% off so I returned the 50% off one :)

I think this was around $17 at 50% off

This black ponte flouce skirt is a cute basic skirt and for $17 I can always use another one of those.

These are the 70% off pieces I'm keeping:

This black dress ($16.48) is OK but like a few of my 70% off pieces, I suspect I'm keeping it because of the price. I wanted to love the red dress in the same cut but the black was more flattering on me. The sequins on the arms cheapen it IMO but with a wide black belt I think I can make it work. I took the size 6 but honestly I didn't try it on in a 4.

ETA - I found a 4 and returned the 6. I'm still not sold on this dress though...

And you know me and black dresses...this one was only $11ish and I took the 6 because all I found was the 2 and the 6. The lace looks funny - it's almost too delicate for such a heavy fabric. No matter - it's cute and cheap :)

For some reason I really wanted to like this one but as you can see even the model looks unflattering in it. I'm keeping the medium b/c the small was too snug on my bum. It was $11.98 so why not?

Another animal print :) This dress reminds me of either Roberto Cavalli or a cheap knockoff at Forever 21. I can fit the 4 but it pulls at the bust so I'm keeping the 6. It was only $13.48.


I'm selling everything for way less than eBay pricing. It's all NWT unless noted. US shipping only and all sales final. Prices are cheaper for local pickup. If you're buying more than one item I can reduce your total by combining shipping. You can also combine shipping with the items I have for sale on my Instagram selling account, shoppinggalscloset. Feel free to ask any questions as needed. Contact me here or on my Facebook page :)

"The" peplum blazer in size medium (I would need the small). Sold out online. Asking just $40 US shipped.

I really wanted to love this dress but the fit is not the best for anyone who has curves. The slit is indecent on me and I would need to have it sewn down. I still may buy a larger size and have it tailored. Selling this size 4 for $31 US shipped.

Shown styled with belt - not included.

Sheer black sleeveless blouse with bow. Very sheer (needs to be layered with a cami) but cute. I have the XS and S - $18 US shipped each.

The faux leather belt in brown - I have both the S/M and the L/XL. Sold out. Asking $30 US shipped each.
Another one I wanted to like but the pleats in front show off my belly (and not in a good way). Selling a size 6 (NWT) and 8 (NWOT) - $30 US shipped each.

Pretty color but sheer and too bohemian for me. I have the small and X-small - $26 US shipped each.

I think I like the idea of this dress (I kept grabbing it in every store LOL) but it didn't work on me. $33 US shipped each - I have this in size 4 (x3) and 6 (x2).

Pretty satin blouse but not my style. $21 US shipped each. I have size small (x2) and an XS.


I almost took this to the tailor to take in but I decided I wouldn't die without it. $30 US shipped.
Shown belted - belt not included.

Size small sleeveless shirtdress, $23 US shipped.

I have the size 4 (NWOT) and the 8 NWT. $29 US shipped each.

Size 2 (x2) black ponte dress - $26 US shipped each. Holding one for my nieces. T&M LMK if you want one...don't worry you guys pay cost :)

I'm not sure why I got this - I'm really not a scarf person. $18 US shipped.

Size 6 black dress - $33 US shipped.

What did you guys think of the collection? What were your must-haves? LMK if you are still ISO any pieces and I can keep my eyes open :)

Happy shopping!


  1. I love the black dress with the slit!

    1. I really wanted to love it too but the fit is terrible. I ended up buying a larger size and bringing it to a seamstress to re-shape it for me :) I'll be sure to post pics when I get it back!

  2. I have been looking for the black and green trench in size xs but it's sold out everywhere. If you see one please buy it and sell it back to me. Please please. Thank you

    1. LOL I actually decided that the XS is a good fit - I also lost a couple more pounds :) But you better believe if I spot any of the trench coats in any size, I'll be snapping them up!


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