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Thursday, May 10, 2018

My $15-30 Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Scores!

The Rebecca Minkoff New York City sample sale is back and it's no joke. I attended the sale at the VIP opening and it was the best it's been in years. $15-30 samples made a comeback and there are killer deals to be found. Sale is on thru Sunday so I suggest to take a trip and see what you can find!

Everything above was $15 other than the sample boots (this year they had size 6 thru 10!) and the pink mini Love and the satin embroidered Love - which were all $30. Not bad considering the satin Love retailed for $345!!! Love me some 90% off Loves!

Don't worry, I clearly didn't take everything. I tried to edit down and I'm thinking maybe I over edited. I thought I would return but this week has been cray and I'm not sure I'll have the chance. Sample bags have been $50-75 at opening for a while (with discounts on beat up leftovers at the end) so I was thrilled to spot tons of cute cheap bags as well as $30 leather pieces on the clothing sample rack. For samples, green tags are $15, yellow is $30. They had a round of markdowns today (no more $50-75 for samples!) and I'm sure at least one more round will happen before it's over. Right now everything at the sale is $175 or less with exceptions of the furs for $425.

Everything in the picture below was just $15. Insanity!

The leather jacket is tiny so Ella stole it - she actually stole the vest as well and decided to wear it inside out. I swear my daughter is a fashion prodigy. Both of these yellow tags were just $30 :)

I'm linking up some of my finds that I found online too (not as cheap, sorry!) should you need them too!

And now on to sample sale land. Tis the season, baby! There are tons but these are my favorite picks...

Last day of Choo is tomorrow! You know the drill! (For more tips see my previous post.)

Jimmy Choo
May 11, 8-8
Metropolitan Pavilion 
123 W 18TH ST, 2nd Fl

Minkoff is on thru Sunday - plenty of time to pick up lots of cheap gifts!

Rebecca Minkoff
May 11-13
F 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-4
260 5th Ave

If you watched my Insta stories this week you saw that they had cheap samples! Not sure of they are restocking any more but if you're in the hood it's worth a pop in. 

Elizabeth and James 
May 11-13
F-Sat 10:30-7, Sun 10:30-5
Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave (Prive Sales)

This is the first time 260 is getting CO so it's hard to say what the prices will be like. When the brand ran the sale it wasn't all that cheap so I'm worried it's gonna be even more now. That said, I plan on checking out the preview so stay tuned...

Charlotte Olympia
May 22-27
T 9-8,W-Th 10-7, F-Sat 10-8, Sun 10-5
150 Greene Street

Always worth checking out the Modo sale for designer sunnies on the cheap :)

Modo Eyewear 
May 22-24, 11-7
594 Broadway, Suite 801

Not sure what pricing will be like on this one but I saw a pair of their sandals at Bloomies that I have my eye on so finger crossed! 

Sensi Studio x Avec Modération 
May 15-17, 10-5:30
611 Broadway, Suite 321

Any other sales on your radar? Please do share! 

Happy Shopping and Happy Mother's Day to all! I just did a Mother's Day Collab with the beauty brand Amaranthum - you can see the short version here. I'll link up the whole video soon. 




  1. Are you kidding me?! These are all incredible scores! Those Rebecca Minkoff bags are amazing and so perfect for summer. Dying over those boots too and love the silver! That plaid vest is to die for as well. Needless to say you scored! xoxo, Christine

  2. Every time I read your posts, I just want to be on the next flight out to New York so that I can go shopping with you. You have seriously scored such amazing deals, I love the leather jacket and all of the bags. It's so sweet how your daughter takes in interest in fashion too, I hope my daughter will also love Fashion as much as me :).


  3. Yay RM sample sale haul, my fav! ;) I think that was how I initially found your blog lol!

  4. Hey Sweetie,
    How are you?
    You always make the best Deals Darling:)
    Sooo nice Stuffs, Those Booties.... ohhhh to die for and the bags:)
    In Love with Everything:)
    You are the Best in this :)
    Wish you Beautiful Day
    Kisses Love
    Happy Week

  5. It’s really great how you know all sales and where find them. I would like to be at NY drinks some coffee and make shopping with you . Nice the Ella’s jacket and how she’s interest about clothes. My 14 year old daughter taking away my clothes . Grrr. You will see ;)))

  6. Such a great news!
    I really need buy something for myself. Can't wait to do this.
    Thanks for info:)


  7. You are the queen of finding the best deals. I don't own any of her bags yet but I have always seen this bag all over Instagram. I love the flower booties and the jacket that Ella stole:) Thanks for sharing your links, now is time to shop!
    Aurela x

  8. You can find the best sample sales and the best stuff from the sale. I am loving that leather jacket and I can't believe it is only $30. Lucky Ella!!

    xo Sheree

  9. Seriously the best steals! It sounds like the Rebecca Minkoff sale was one for the books. It's also so cool that you are VIP and got to be one of the firsts to shop. The jacket for your daughter is a steal too! Love your picks!


  10. Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favourite brands. Can't believe you got those items for only $15-30!! What a bargain!!!! You can always find the best deals in town! Great work!

    xx, Jessie

  11. What a steal Michelle! I can't believe those beautiful bags only cost $15. I think I definitely need to make a trip to New York during the sale season. That leather jacket is a show stopper and your daughter has mom's fashion genes. I am so jealous of your scoring!

  12. It really doesn't surprise me that you found so many amazing deals at the sample sale, but what really shocks me is that you found all those items in the below image for under $! I just wish I lived closer to NYC to take more advantage of sales like this. The flight may just be worth it in the future!

  13. Wow! Girl, thanks for sharing this! Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorites and I own some bags from her. I will definitely stop by when I go to NY to see if I can catch one of these amazing deals. You're so lucky!
    Have a great day!


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