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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Statements on Statements

I keep reading magazine articles about buying a single statement piece to transform your wardrobe. And I laugh. So what do you do when your whole closet screams statement? I'm a hard-core maximalist who believes more is more. Minimalism is just not my cup of tea. As far as I'm concerned, gimmie all the trends. And then put them all together. And repeat.

At the recent Nordstrom Rack opening in NYC I picked up these statement Prada sunglasses - I thought they were a fun twist on their classic Baroque style. I did end up returning them because they kept sliding off my face. My kids thought they were too weird but honestly the fit issue was my only problem with them. If you haven't already checked out the new Rack at 31st and 6th - it's three floors chock full of discounted designer merchandise. On my Insta stories from the grand opening preview I shared all the "deals" I spotted. Unfortunately the prices were high but the selection was pretty good. It's actually pretty close to the new Target. Midtown is totally getting a shopping upgrade! Speaking of the Rack, yesterday kicked off the latest Clear the Rack. Take 25% off all red ticket clearance in-store and online. I struck out at my local store but I'd love to hear about any amazing deals you score!

I collect statement shoes, coats, bags and sunnies and play around until I find the perfect combo. I love my medium Drew but kinda wish I found a smaller version. At 75% off it was too good of a deal to resist. I actually scored it a while back at a previous Clear the Rack. And I feel like I practically stole this jacket from Marshalls for just $25. When I found it I was on the hunt for an oversized denim for a while already. Such a lucky find! Don't even get me started about my Zadig boots - they are so insanely comfortable. Wishing I grabbed more at their showroom sample sale a while back when all their current season shoes were just $75! Their last sale was at 260 and prices and selection were just not the same.

I think the trick to wearing multiple statement pieces is keeping the colors more neutral. I usually do a color overload (or at least a pop) but I decided there was enough going on. As always, I'm breaking it down for you - bargainista style :)

From head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Prada, Nordstrom Rack, $99.97 (RV $365)
  • Jacket: Marshalls, $25
  • Dress: Topshop, $32, Nordstrom - on sale now at the Rack - linked below!
  • Bag: Chloe Medium Drew, Nordstrom Rack, $510 (RV $2,050)
  • Boots: Zadig et Voltaire, sample sale, $75 (RV $498) 

You can shop my style here:

Thank you to my girl Lakeisha for this round of photos - and standing out in the freezing cold with me. The weather here in NYC can go from hot to cold in a flash and that day started as denim jacket weather and made it's way to winter coats and umbrellas. How cute is her new Gucci bag? She got it right before the price increase - and used a cash back site to save a few hundred dollars. Color me impressed. Good Gucci is so hard to find at a discount these days. And it most definitely makes a statement!

What's your favorite statement piece in your wardrobe? Don't bother asking me - I have too many LOL

Sample sale season is in effect! Wooo! Jimmy Choo was last week and I killed it on the last day. I'm trying to figure out the best way to share my hauls. Do I continue to share bits and pieces as I wear them, go back to haul posts, or move it to YouTube? Would love to hear your thoughts.

As for the next few weeks, there are a TON but I'm only gonna mention my faves. Be sure you're following me on Insta where I share sales as they pop up - both in my feed and stories.

LeHoarder approved NYC sample sales:

Just got word that L.K. Bennett has additional markdowns.  Read about my epic haul from several sales ago here. You're supposed to book at appointment for this one but at this point I'd just drop in.

L.K. Bennett
November 9, 10-7
595 Madison Avenue, 13th Fl

This Clothingline can get a little crazy but they just announced markdowns for today. Expect lots of crazy deals - sample sizes only thou.

Vince Camuto
November 9, 10-6
261 West 36th Street, 2nd Fl

I've actually never been to this kids' sale but with prices of $6-20 (girls? sizes infants thru 16) it's worth checking out!

Sugar Plum
November 9-10
Th 9:30-5, F 9:30-4
463 Seventh Avenue, Suite 602

The Botkier sale has been historically great for gifts! Lots of $30 bags...and some years they have $10 samples.

ETA 11/10 Prices went up and resellers got their hands in this one. May not be worth it...

November 9-12
Th-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-6
65 Greene Street

I usually pop in the kids' sale to score cheap hair accessories or cute pieces on the cheap for the girls. Note that they usually start previewing today (11/9) so if you're in the hood I would pop in and check it out.

The Best Kids Sample Sale
November 13-17, 10-5
34 West 33rd Street, Floors 3, 9 & 12

260 sales haven't been all that for a while but I need to mention MJ just in case. A few sales ago the shoe situation was epic. Last sale, not so much...but you never know...

Marc Jacobs
November 15-19
W-Sat 9-8, Sun 10-5
150 Greene Street

I'm a HUGE Teri Jon fan and their dresses are my go-to when I need to be fancy. Sample dresses usually start at $75 which is a great deal considering they retail for $500-1,000 easy. You can read a past sale report here.

Teri Jon
November 19-20, 9:30-5
241 West 37th St, 2nd Fl

Happy shopping!




  1. Totally with you going for maximalism haha! And loveeeee her Gucci!

  2. This outfit is on trend but also not overly do. I love the oversized jacket (what a fab find) and these statement snakeskin boots really make the outfit pop. I am all about fabulous, oversized sunnies too so these Prada ones are AH-MAZING. This entire look is so effortless and also can be taken into winter with some layering. xoxo, Christine

    1. After all the positive feedback on these darn sunnies I'm gonna have to go out and hunt down another pair that doesn't fall off my face LOL

  3. Hey Darling,
    How was your Weekend?
    The Oversized Jacket so Amazing with the Dress:)
    And those Boots, Can I have them,please?
    Just In Loveeeee:))))
    That Sunnies, Ohhhh Lovet it so much:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  4. You have WAY better NR items in NY then we do in SC. I remember I found a pair of LV one time for like $150 and was feeling like the luckiest gal on earth but that's the only real designer Ive seen in ours! Love the shades but I totally get retuning them because of fit. I have a pair of ray bans that I should have returned because they fall and I never wear them now. I really love statements too and like you, I definitely can't pick out just one! It's funny because sometimes I try to be more minimalistic but the extra in me always shows! lol I absolutely love your boots. I'm really loving that print right now! I'd love for you to do Youtube videos! I always adore anythings style on there!

    Manda |

    1. Thanks Amanda! I find that NR brings out the gems for grand openings. But I think the Seattle and Texas stores get the better designer stuff. I'm hopeful NYC keeps up the high end - and for better discounts!

  5. I love this stylish outfit! the oversize jacket looks so great on you and love the way you styled it. The sunnies are so fabulous and artsy! hope you can find a new pair again that doesn't fall. love how the boots elevate the outfit. Happy week ahead Michelle! xx. Gina

  6. The jacket is so cute and such a great deal!

  7. love your boots!!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  8. I don't know why, but I absolutely adore your hair on this shooting! They go absolutely perfectly with your new Prada sunglasses. And that jacket adds a little twist to the whole look. I've always loved the way you style things, and this look is one of my favourite!

    Cheers, Eliza |

    1. LOL - it's funny because half my hair is dry shampoo here. It was third day hair and the wind was going crazy.

  9. Your Prada sunglasses are so unique and awesome, I'm a huge fan of the brand. Those boots are gorgeous! Different and quirky.

    Laura xo ♥

  10. I love everything about this outfit! The denim jacket looks so nice with your simple black dress. It totally transforms the look. Plus, adding those gorgeous sunglasses to the mix really pulls it all together. I could totally see myself wearing this!

    ~xo Sheree

    1. Thanks! Sometimes a few not so basic, basics can transform your wardrobe :)

  11. I miss the haul posts! Loved seeing what you scored shopping.
    And this look is totally on point 😎

    1. Thanks May! I'm gonna try YouTube for hauls soon! Maybe I'll share some of my Jimmy Choo haul in my Insta stories today...

  12. I love this post! I am such a minimalist and my statement pieces are usually my shoes and bags. I love a good statement bootie! I The trick to wearing multiple statement pieces is keeping the colors more neutral. I love the Prada sunnies as well! Too bad they didn't fit properly.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hey beautiful,
    How are you? I love your look. I actually saw that dress at topshop when I was looking around the store. My eyes were definitely drawn to it because it was very trendy and I felt like it was a perfect statement piece. The boots are my fav I love their gorgeous style and the way they tie together the entire look. I really want a pair for myself! Thanks so much for sharing babe, I loved it you look stunning!

    xoxo, vanessa

    1. Thanks! I grabbed it for NYFW at half price and now it's even cheaper!

  14. Man, when I watch your insta stories, I wish I could transform to be in NYC and spend all my money to buy designer pieces haha. I wonder how huge is your closet?! To keep all the finds you get. I think, it is right that you returned the sunglasses, I hate when glasses keeps falling out from my small face ;) Love the denim jacket on yoU!

    1. Hahahaha. Thanks! My closet is basically my while house - All 4 floors LOL

  15. I really wanted those Prada sunglasses when they first came out and they are seriously amazing !
    I do hate it when sunglasses don't fit properly or hurt your nose that sucks.
    I'm so jealous you have Nordstrom rack when I'm in the US I always go shopping at the outlets the outlets here are pretty bad and definitely don't have designer items.
    That distressed denim jacket is so rad I have one very similar.
    Your friends Gucci bag is seriously stunning totally need this in my closet.
    Natalia k

    1. I always have that nose issue too - sometimes they are too heavy and end up giving me a headache. And yes, I need some Gucci ASAP!

  16. 'Statements on Statements' such an eye catching title, and it made me instantly want to read about this blog post. This pair of Prada sun glasses of yours is definitely a statement piece to have!!! In general I quite like Prada and Mui Mui's sun glasses and they always have nice design! Looks like time for me to get another new pair.

    xx, Jessie

    1. Thanks Jessie! And I agree - they make killer sunglasses and shoes!

  17. I used to always like a fun statement piece in my outfits--preferably something fringed or with a fun texture. But lately I've been feeling very boring and dressing more simply with maybe just a nice bag or something to spruce things up. I don't think this look has too many statement pieces at all! Nothing here is really too over the top. The sunglasses are really cute and fun! It's a shame they kept sliding off. I often have that problem with sunglasses too so I know how annoying it is. Such a great steal you got on that Chloe bag and those Zadig boots!! I feel like those are pieces that will continue to be trendy for a very long time too.


    xx freshfizzle

  18. Omg you kill me! I've never heard the word "maximalist" used before, but you are definitely it babe, in a good way! I am not full on minimal; I'd say I'm a mix of the 2. I always love a chance to throw in color and a fun print when I can :) On another note, I have a longer denim jacket just like that and I just love the way you're wearing yours here!

  19. I totally feel you! Sometimes I feel like I might be a bit over the top with my outfits, but then again, what the heck! Fashion is about having fun and feeling comfortable with what you're wearing.

    Loved the look!

  20. Haha, I did out laugh out when reading this, as if there's something I don't recognize you as, that is a minimalist and you DO have a closet full of statement pieces, which I love! As always they're chosen with uttermost care and at an affordable price level which makes them not just affordable, but sustainable as well.
    Thomas xx


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