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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week in review; Herve Leger and other designer deals, boots for a penny, $199 iPads, H&M sale & cheap/free beauty products :)

With the pre-summer sales picking up I've been doing pretty well. So much that I've probably been over editing because how much stuff does a girl (even a hoarder) really need?

I listed a bunch of extras in my blog sale - check it out if you missed it on Friday :) Lots of goodies left! I also dumped my shoe closet last week and I plan on having a sale to clear out some space as soon as I have a spare moment.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram I'm sure you noticed my new Herve Leger dress that I practically stole for $198.

It was $238 but I put my $40 Nordstrom note to good use :)

On Monday my Rack had shoe markdowns so I got there bright and early and turned over every shoe in the women's section LOL. I spent a whopping two cents.

And this is what I found :)

I miss the days when they marked stuff down to $5 and $10. These days I just have to work a little harder to find the penny shoes they forgot to pull.

I finally caved and purchased a mini iPad for $199 on sale at Target this past week. So on Tuesday, lo and behold, this refurbished Kate Spade case showed up for $20! I'm so obsessed - I think I love my polkadot case more than the actual iPad LOL.

Other recent Rack finds include several refurbished clothing items. They look new and for these prices...

My favorite is this $20 Halogen striped satin skirt. I'm still not sure how I'm going to wear it but I'm thinking along the lines of pointed neon pumps and a fitted black top, maybe denim. Still not sure but I'll post a pic when it comes together :)

I wasn't sure about this Kate Spade wallet but I'm a sucker for pink and the price was right ($32). I've been using my thrifted $4 red Versace wallet and enjoying it so I'm not sure I need this but it's so cute - plus easy to find in my black bags LOL. 

Plenty of card slots plus there is a zippered compartment for change on the back.

This sweet lace a-line dress was just $5! It's a size too big but I figure I'll belt it.

Cute $5 top, enough said :)

I figure I can use this black top for layering or maybe with my new striped skirt. For 8 bucks it was a no-brainer.

I'm not sure of this is a strapless dress or a skirt but I love the color and price :) I still can't figure out how to wear the long belt thing. I keep wrapping it around but I can't find a way that suits me.

I picked up this cute skirt for my niece who loves pencil skirts. My SIL and family is coming to visit this summer so I've started pre-shopping for them. 

I'm not really into St. John but if you're a size 14 you may want to pick up this red blazer for 92% off! I actually found the matching skirt which was also super cheap - I put both pieces together on the rack LOL. If you're interested they are on the designer rounder at the Bergen Nordstrom Rack. It was still there on Friday.


H&M had a crazy sale this week. It started on Monday but I didn't stumble upon it until Wednesday so I'm not even going to think about what I missed. I filled up a bag for around $100 but I edited down to just a few pieces. These are my final contenders:

I found this dress in a size 6 but it was marked $50 at the first store I went to so I left it. At the next store I found a size 10 for $20. Then I ran back to the first store and did an even exchange :)

There is something so retro and 70's about this dress - I can't wait to wear it! I just have to figure out how to keep the skirt from opening up in the front. I may just tack it down.

I keep hoping to find this H&M dress on markdown. Fingers crossed!

I also picked up this chiffon dress for $15 from $35. I LOVE the color but I wish the neckline dipped more. I have broad shoulders so I really need to break that horizontal line. Maybe I'll wear it with a long necklace.

This dress or coverup was only $15 and not on sale. I'm not really into tunics and I don't want to layer it but the sides of the skirt practically show your bum. I'm not sure if I'll buy a second dress and add to the skirt - or I'll just return it.

This basic dress was just $5 so I got it this heathered blue and a solid kahki color that I was actually wearing as I took this picture. Not the most flattering but it's easy and comfortable and five bucks each.

I really like the drape on this rust colored top - plus again, only $5! I'm only showing the back because it's the most interesting part. The back splits open and has a sheer panel underneath.


On the Target front, those cubby organizers went to 70% off. Good thing I grabbed them at 50% because as predicted, I couldn't find the ones I needed with the additional markdown.

I only found sale makeup this week. I've been meaning to try Sinful since I shared that article from Glamour on my Facebook wall. It seems Consumer Reports tested a bunch of polishes and Sinful tested better than more expensive brands. Go figure! I've been looking for a new coral/red color and this one was just $.67! I'd picked up a Revlon colorstay at the last CVS 75% off cosmetics clearance and it wears well - so for $1.67 a nice neutral is always a welcome addition to my collection.

Red, white and blue! (L-R) Revlon Pale Cashmere, Sinful Colors Hottie & Energetic Red.

I stocked up for my SIL who loves long-wearing lipsticks. Don't worry V, I got you multiples of colors I thought you'd prefer. And yes, everything in this picture is for you :)

Speaking of beauty products, my free Beautybox5 arrived! It came with shampoo samples, a mini mascara, full size nail polish, travel size vitabath and some skincare samples. Get yours too with code FREE614 at beautybox5.com

Should you choose not to continue, just don't forget to cancel your subscription via email after you get it - because your next one won't be free.


And last but not least, I randomly searched for leather cuff bracelets on eBay and I came across the seller Juliagoland and ordered a couple - she's also on etsy as julishland. The one on the right is size medium and the left is a small. They both fit but I prefer the size small for my tiny wrists. With shipping they came out to about $10 each. I love cuff bracelets. They make me feel powerful - like Wonder Woman and her awesome gold cuffs. My favorite leather Yosca one that I got years ago in the dollar bin at their sample sale finally died so I went looking for replacement. As soon as I received these two (took about two weeks as they came from Israel) I actually ordered a couple more. Can't wait!

This is one of the bracelets I just ordered. The prices and selection vary on both sites (shipping is the same) so be sure to check both eBay and etsy.

And that was my week :) Don't forget about my giveaway and my blog sale!

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