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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

75% off discontinued cosmetics at CVS!!!

Amidst the flurry of designer sales I've been keeping a low profile because I don't have the funds to splurge this year :( Every time an online friend posts their new sale Chanel bag I sigh a little. Maybe next year...

Luckily there are lots of cheap things to be found so I've been keeping busy with lots of budget bargains - which after all is my specialty :)

Last week I got a tip that there were markdowns at CVS and some items had been marked down to 50-75% off. After I hit the thrift store yesterday (nothing exciting to report) I passed a CVS and I figured why not? The key is finding a large CVS with very little foot traffic - that's where you can find markdowns several days into a sale. I grabbed a basket and went a little crazy. Here are some of my finds :) Everything was under $4 - the lip glosses were $.55 each!

Oh and don't worry V - I got you some stuff too!

So yesterday I got dropped from one of my Facebook designer BST (buy/sell/trade) groups. Honestly I have not a clue what happened and the mods won't even tell me why. I only sold one thing on that group a while back and I mostly chatted and shared my bargains there. Maybe they didn't like that I shared my blog? Maybe someone got upset that I mentioned I saw the same Balenciaga bag a woman was selling...earlier that day in TJ Maxx, probably for less. I don't know, but if you're reading this please take a minute to comment below - just so I know someone out there is reading (and hopefully enjoying) my blog. On the flip side I've had more time for some of my other online groups that I've been neglecting...but maybe it's time I make my own group/page :)

Anyway, hope you find some good stuff too! Happy shopping :)



  1. Doesn't make sense they would drop you if you were posting good deals-this should just motivate you to start your own group!


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