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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Game changers

Last week I hit my favorite thrift store and walked out spending just $4. I got an American Girl Doll tote, a Hanna Anderson girls dress and a belt for myself. I usually load up my cart and edit 99% out. For a while I took anything for myself that would fit - these days I'm finally at a point that most things do fit so I look for items that are really special. I ask myself "will this item reinvent my wardrobe?" or "is this a game changer?"

To me a game changer is something so special that I need it despite my already busting at the seams wardrobe. It's expensive looking, a unique color or cut, or just something that inspires a new look.

I've been trying to bust out of my little black dress phase but it's so hard. In the morning I can wake up and pop on a dress, pair of Uggs and I'm out the door. I'm trying not to be lazy and stop wearing my "uniform" but it's a challenge. I've been looking for color and different shapes because I finally can again...which is why I was drawn to the Peter Pilotto for Target collection. I went to Target Monday morning to try some stuff just to see the fit.

I tried on this dress and this bikini top because they were the only interesting pieces they had left.

The dress was shorter than I expected - it went mid-thigh (as pictured - I guess all the celebs I saw sporting it are super short) and I was hoping it would go longer. I grabbed the 8, 6 and 4 - and yes, the 4 fit :) It was cute but not worth the $44.99 price tag. As for the bikini top I was very excited after seeing Instagram pics of several girls in it but I'm too busty for the small and the medium was big. So no game changers in Target - but I will grab a bunch on sale. I would feel much better about spending $15 or less on any of it :)

I feel a slump coming on. Sale season is pretty much over so I can resist the urge to shop because there isn't much out there. I'm going to start some organizing and DIY projects to keep busy. I also have my kids birthday parties coming so maybe I'll get a little creative. I'll be sure to share if I do anything more exciting than shoveling snow...which is all I seem to be doing these days.

Can't wait for Spring already! I saw pics of several insane women wearing summer attire in sub-freezing weather at NY Fashion Week. Maybe they have the right idea - maybe I can will the snow and cold away. Or maybe I need a vacation LOL. There are 6 foot snow piles in my front yard and I'm just over it.

Stay warm and stay safe!


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